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April 2002

* Music: Lili Afshar in San Francisco
* Palestine: March on Washington DC
* Conference: CIRA in Atlanta
* Women: Annual Iranian women's conference in Denver
* Rights: Mehrangiz Kar in DC
* Art: "Cross-Cultural Expressions" in New York
* Art: Evolving Perceptions Exhibition in Washington DC
* Music: Novin Afrouz in San Francisco
* Music: Desert Dreamsn of Light, San Francisco
* Festival: Iranian arts and literature festival
* Film: "Maryam" in San Jose
* Documentary: "Sir Alfred of Charles de Gaulle Airport" in New York
* Play: Mohsen Yalfani in Paris
* Afghanistan: Taghi Amirani and Roxane Zand in London
* Music: Sima Bina in Toronto
* Music: Fariba Mizban in San Francisco
* Play: Antigone in Australia

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* Palestine: March on Washington DC


The "War on Terrorism" Breeds More Terror

The White House promises a war without end. Under the pretext of strengthening security, our democratic rights are being further eroded, hundreds of people have been "disappeared" into jails and prisons, and corporate interests are shamelessly trying to use this crisis to their advantage. It is clear: unless we, the people of this country, rise up and come together now, the future for us and for people around the world is very bleak. But united, as we have done in the past, WE CAN MAKE CHANGE! There is an alternative!

Join us on April 20th to demand:

* A U.S. foreign policy based upon social and economic justice, not military and corporate oppression.
* An end to racial profiling and military recruitment targeting youth of color and working class youth.
* Government funding for programs to benefit the economic victims of the 9-11 attacks and the recession.
* An end to the degrading and secret imprisonment of immigrants.
* Increased funding for non-military-based financial aid for education
* Full disclosure of military contracts with universities.

10:30 AM Rally at the Washington Monument

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* Conference: CIRA in Atlanta

20th Annual CIRA conference which will be held at the Emory University in Atlanta Georgia during April 26-28, 2002

The 20th Annual Conference of the Center for Iranian Research and Analysis: Human Rights Discourse and the Prospects of Change in Iran

April 26-28, 2002
Emory University
Atlanta, Georgia

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* Women: Annual Iranian women's conference in Denver

Click here to get full program in PDF format

Thanks to Elham Gheytanchi

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* Mehrangiz Kar in Washington DC

Alliance for the defense of human rights in Iran present a meeting in Washington DC on Human rights in Iran

Speaker: Ms. Mehrangiz Kar, a prominent human rights activist in Iran

With the presence of a representative from Amnesty International

Date: April 20, 2002
Time: 7:00 pm

Location: The Ward Building, American University
4400 Massachusetts Ave., NW Washington DC
At the intersection of Nebraska Ave. and Massachusetts Ave.)

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* Art: "Cross-Cultural Expressions" in New York

CIMA Presents:"Cross-Cultural Expressions"  April 20 through May 25, 2002
Opening reception : Saturday, April 20, 2-5pm

Organized by Center for Iranian Modern Arts, New York (CIMA), "Cross-Cultural Expressions" features four talented Iranian-American artists-- Zahra Farmanfarmaian, Amir Fallah, Roshan Houshmand, and Reza Kassai -- whose work is focused on issues of hybridity, transglobal identity and multiculturalism.

Zahra Farmanfarmaian creates mixed-media projects designed as  three-dimensional travelogues. Each piece of work is a record of the artist's site-specific experiences and interactions. Through the use of locally available resources and culturally familiar materials, her experiences are depicted in what becomes a journal or travelogue.

Amir Fallah produces works influenced by the narrative power of comic books and characterized by underlying humorous commentary. Gated suburban communities, strip malls, graffiti-like text phonetically sounded out in Farsi, Abstract Expressionism, Middle Eastern patterns, logo designs, and Islamic architecture are combined together in images that leave traces of a story without revealing the end.

Roshan Houshmand collects samples of real life; real objects such as flowers, strips of fabric, postcards and maps ... remnants with which to reconstruct, in plastic form, the memory, the poetry and the spirit of her reality. Collecting and reconstructing layer upon layer of fabric, texture, color, image, object, and memory, her work becomes a poetic response to life.

Reza Kassai's whimsical and humorous paintings depict a bridge between the two dynamic cultures that have influenced him. Kassai's "Random Thoughts" is an ongoing project that takes different directions with the flow of time. His work has a childlike whimsy and flair which suggest comments, opinions, and the use of words in several languages.

M.Y. Art Prospects, operated in New York City's Chelsea district since 1999, is please to stage this new exhibition following our first collaboration with CIMA last September.  At that time, in the immediate wake of the 9/11 tragedy, the CIMA-organized "Alchemy" exhibition became a focal point for cultural dialogue.    

Gallery hours: Wednesday - Saturday, 11-6 & by appointment

M.Y. Art Prospects
135 West 29th Street, 10th Fl. (bet. 6th & 7th Ave.)
New York, NY 10001, USA /
Subway: 28th St. (1, 9, N, R) and 34th St. (B, D, F, N, R, Q, S, W)
Tel. (212) 268 7132 Fax. (212) 268 7147

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* Art: Fifth Annual Evolving Perceptions Exhibition

Call for Art

Fifth Annual Evolving Perceptions Exhibition
Opening: Fall 2002/Winter 2003

Washington, D.C.
Evolving Perceptions' annual exhibition was developed in 1996 in order to promote works of contemporary art by talented Iranian and Iranian-American artists living in the United States and Canada.

If you are an artist, living and working in the U.S. and Canada, we invite you to submit your work for consideration. We welcome all subjects and themes especially interested in works that deal with healing, identity, concepts of peace. The following media are welcomed: Painting, drawings, printmaking, small ? scale sculpture, mixed media, photography, computer-based works, installation, animation, video. Please note for works that require video and computer equipment that these must be provided by the artist. All installations will need to be thoroughly explained, including total space requirements and any use of electrical equipment.
Please submit the following:

1- At least 10 slides (labeled with title, medium, size)
2- Resume
3- Artist Statement (please talk about either your relationship with
art or the specific body of work you are submitting for entry- 500 words or less) 4- SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) to return your slides

Please submit information to:
EP Annual Exhibition
Maryam Ovissi
P.O. Box 70954
Chevy Chase, MD 20813




Evolving Perceptions (EP) is an artist run organization based in Washington DC. EP is dedicated to promoting art by Iranian and Iranian-American artists, offering educational opportunities to learn about visual culture, integrating artists into the community at large and creating a support community for Iranian and Iranian American Artists.

Please inquire for more information.


Maryam Ovissi at 202-607-0754

Sara Barzmehri at 301-610-5260

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* Music: Novin Afrouz in San Francisco

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* Music: Desert Dreamsn of Light, San Francisco

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* Festival: Iranian arts and literature festival

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* Film: "Maryam" in San Jose

Media Contact: Grace-Sonia Lee
(408) 998-3022
A Film by Ramin Serry

San Jose's Debut Screening of MARYAM
April 18, 2002 at 7:30 pm
Camera 3 Cinemas, 288 S. 2nd Street, San Jose
Admission is Free

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* Documentary: "Sir Alfred of Charles de Gaulle Airport" in New York

We are having a screening of "Sir Alfred of Charles de Gaulle Airport" at Anthology Film Archives April 17th at 6pm. If you didn't get a chance to see last month at the Arab/Iranian FF, this is your chance! And please tell your friends to come.

Hamid and Melissa

Sir Alfred of Charles de Gaulle Airport
© 2001, 29 minutes, documentary
A film by Hamid Rahmanian and Melissa Hibbard

Synopsis: Mehran Karemi Nasseri, who now goes be the name "Sir Alfred", has been living in the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, France. For the past twelve years he has been waiting for the document that would allow him to leave. Unlike the story that has been told in the world press of a man trapped in the underground terminals of an airport, dubbed the, "strangest case in immigration history", this documentary examines the life of a man whose only aspiration is to be somebody else.

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* Play: Mohsen Yalfani in Paris

(Trilogie d'une révolution)
de Mohsen Yalfani
Traduit et mise en scène par Tinouche NAZMJOU
du 2 avril au 11 mai 2002
Théatre Clavel
3, Rue Clavel, 75019 PARIS
Réservations : FNAC, Virgin, 01 45 27 16 64

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* Afghanistan: Taghi Amirani and Roxane Zand in London





WEDNESDAY 17 APRIL 2002, 6.15-8.30pm

105 Piccadilly, London W1J NJ Tel: 020 7499

In the last few months we have been inundated by media images of bombings in Afghanistan. One image stood out, those of the dispossessed. We have invited Taghi Amirani, an Iranian film-maker, and Roxane Zand, a writer and translator, to present this evening looking at the subject.

On the 9th November 2001, Taghi Amirani entered Makaki, a Taleban-controlled refugee camp near the Iran-Afghan border. Within four days Kabul fell and ripples of change reached Makaki. What was to be a film about the day to day lives of refugees turned into a remarkable record of ordinary Afghan people caught between the Taleban and American bombs. Using selected clips, Amirani will talk about his experiences of making this film.

APersian Requiem is a novel set in the Persian town of Shiraz in the last years of World War II and chronicles how the occupying army upsets the balance of traditional life and throws the local people into conflict. It helped shape attitudes of a generation that contributed to the Islamic Revolution in 1979. Roxane Zand was born in Tehran and studied at Harvard University and Oxford University.

The current exhibition at Leighton House is Aneh Mohammad Tatari: A Dance for God - Raqsi Baray Khoda.

At Leighton House, 12 Holland Park Road, London W4.
TEL: 020 7499 1287

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* Music: Sima Bina in Toronto

SIMA BINA & DASTAN ENSEMBLE - Persian Folk Music -
Saturday, April 27, 8pm

Small World Music presents an evening of Iranian folk music featuring some of the genre's finest artists on Sat., April 27, 8pm at the George Weston Recital Hall, 5040 Yonge St., Toronto, Ontario.
Tickets are $30-$50, at Ticketmaster 416-870-8000.

SIMA BINA was born in Khorasan, in northeastern Iran, an ancient cultural
crossroads where Afghan, Persian, Turkish and Kurdish customs and music have co-existed for centuries. In the heart of this multi-faceted folk tradition, Sima Bina started her career on Iranian radio at the age of nine, under the direction of her father, Ahmad Bina - a master of Iranian
classical music and poet. After graduating from Tehran University in 1969, Sima Bina continued and perfected her knowledge of classical Persian radif, under renowned master teacher Davami.

Since 1979, alongside her classical studies, Sima Bina has focused on extensive research on Persian folk songs, collecting, recording, writing and re-interpreting popular regional music. By travelling to remote places throughout Khorasan, Sima has been able to gather and revive a collection of almost forgotten songs and melodies. Rejecting the notion that a professional vocalist must leave popular music to folk singers, while devoting their career to 'serious' music, she has gained a unique position in the history of Persian music.

Since 1993, Sima Bina has been invited to present her folkloric repertoire in festivals all over the world, including the 1997 Varlden Norden in Norway, ´99 WDR Weltmusik Festival in Bonn, the Raza 2000 Festival in Utrecht, and Músiques del Món 2000 Barcelona. After thirty years of devotion and dedication to Iranian folk music, Sima Bina can now see the rewards of her meticulous work, as her music becomes increasingly known worldwide.

With melodies that reflect the stark, beautiful landscape in which they originated, the music of Sima Bina and Dastan Ensemble is a rich and timeless experience. The simple, heartfelt songs, which have been sung for generations in praise, feast and mourning, have the ability to reach across cultural boundaries and touch the contemporary listener.

Since their founding ten years ago, the DASTAN ENSEMBLE has established itself as one of Iran's most distinguished musical groups. The ensemble includes some of the country's finest virtuoso instrumentalists and have performed at major festivals worldwide and have numerous recordings to their credit. The group's instrumentalists include HAMID MOTEBASSEM on tar, the lute which is the primary melodic instrument of Persian music, HOSSEIN BEHROOZINIA on barbat (oud); kamanche (spike fiddle) player SAEED FARAJPOURI; and percussionists PEJMAN HADADI and BEHNAM SAMANI.

"Dastan Ensemble found an elegance that made the music levitate Everything they played had a transparency and delicacy." - New York Times, December, 1997.

Alan Davis
Small World Music
29 Gwynne Ave.
M6K 2C2

416 536-5439
fax: 536-2742

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* Music: Fariba Mizban in San Francisco

Oganice Groove, the psychedelic funk band from San Francisco, featuring Fariba Mizaban, spontaneous singer and dancer, will have an album debut party in Last Day Saloon on Wednesday April 17th. So, come one, come all, and let's have a great time.

Last Day Saloon
406 Clement St.
San Francisco

Wednesday April 17th
9-9:45 PM

Our segment starts promptly at 9 and is continued with other bands performances.

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* Play: Antigone in Australia

Directed by Jamshid Malekpour and Shala Mirbakhtyar, Shiraz Theatre, National Multicultural Festival, Kingston Bus Depot Markets, 13-15 February.
Reviewed by Christa de Jager

The Shiraz Theatre's adaptation of Antigone gave the audience a rather heated and intense take on this 5th century BC Greek tragedy by Sophocles.

Directors Jamshid Malekpour and Shala Mirbakhtyar staged this play in the Kingston Bus Depot Markets, where the mostly bare surrounds were a perfect background for the 'collision' between Kreon and Antigone and underscored the angry, cold and unsympathetic tone of the production.

Collision is exactly the right term to use for the confrontations around which this production is built. The conflict between the various characters has the same brittle, sickening quality as steel impacting steel. The outraged dialogue evokes the same sense of inevitableness as that moment when the crash becomes a certainty.

In this production's opening scene the audience was transported by minibus through a wilderness of human waste. Peering through the side windows we caught a glimpse of what is never shown in the play: Antigone hanging by the neck, a woman wailing, and Haemon's body lying to one side, pierced by his own sword. The audience then made their way to long rows of seats, to watch this powerful classical tale.

What followed was a series of strong and innovative images which were a curious mixture of the cinematographic and theatrical. The beginning and ending of the play worked particularly well, with the opening image very reminiscent of film. The last image was, on the other hand, very theatrical, with the chorus unrolling metres of red material, covering the remaining players and, symbolically, the whole city of Thebes with the blood of the victims. No one is left untouched as this great tragedy unfolds which, in the end, destroys not only Antigone and Kreon, but also Kreon's wife and son. But of course, with the destruction, comes the purge to restore the balance and harmony of the city of Thebes.

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