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From Khomein
A biography of the Ayatollah

By Baqer Moin
June 14, 1999
The Iranian

I.B. Tauris has published a second major biography of an Iranian leader in less than a year. Last fall, we ran an excerpt from the first: Cyrus Ghani's Iran and the Rise of Reza Shah. The following are excerpts from Baqer Moin's Khomeini: Life of an Ayatollah. Moin is a specialist on Iran and Islam and is Head of the BBC's Persian Service. Also see related photos by Jahanshah Javid.

Khomeini's family are Musavi seyyeds; that is they claim descent from the Prophet through his daughter's line and the line of the seventh Imam of the Shi'a, Musa al-Kazem. They are believed to have come originally from Neishabur, a town near Mashhad in northeastern Iran.

In the early eighteenth century the family migrated to India where they settled in the small town of Kintur near Lucknow in the Kingdom of Oudh whose rulers were Twelver Shi'a - the branch of Islam which became the official state religion in Iran under the Safavids and to which the majority of Iranians adhere today... GO TO FEATURE


Sarkuhi honored at paper forum

By Ernst E. Abegg
Associated Press Writer
Monday, June 14, 1999

ZURICH, Switzerland (AP) -- Iranian editor Faraj Sarkuhi, who was imprisoned both before and after the country's Islamic revolution, received the Golden Pen of Freedom award Monday from the World Association of Newspapers.

Sarkuhi, former editor-in-chief of the banned monthly magazine Adineh, told 1,100 editors and publishers from 88 countries that ``international support and world pressure'' saved his life after he was condemned to death three times ``during the tyranny of the Islamic Republic.'' ... FULL TEXT


Soot soot!

June 6,1999
Iran Weekly Press Digest

Iran's Culture Ministry put its first-ever X-rate on a home-made feature movie after the 1979 Islamic revolution, the Tehran daily Entekhab reported Sunday.

The film Massaeb Shirin (Sweet Problems), which deals with the sexual problems of the young generation and suggests the controversial Siqeh (temporary marriage) as alternative, shall only be allowed for people over 18, the daily said.

"The culture ministry discussed the public screening of the film and it was decided that only people over 18 should be allowed to watch the movie," the film's director, Ali-Reza Davudnejad, told the daily... FULL TEXT

Thanks to Laleh Khalili

More Letters

* Childhood memories

Morteza Anvari writes: What a delectable account of memorable childhood experiences ["Those summer days"]! No wonder I have never heard an Iranian say he/she would never go back to visit.

We all have stories to live with and to reminisce. Only a few of us are eloquent enough to put it in words.

Thanks to xAle for sharing her love story with us. And thank you for providing the medium.

* California's Gol Aqa

Yasaman Mottaghipour writes: Hamid Taghavi's article "L.A. wedding" was humorous and to the point! I think his style is similar to Gol Aqa writers or Ebrahim Nabavi in Iran -- of course with the Californian flavor. Interesting enough, it gets the same reaction from the hard-liners in that part of the world! Thank you for writing.

* Radio: BBC expands online service

The BBC's Jaam-e Jahaan Namaa -- the oldest radio current affairs program in Persian, is now available online, on demand, every day. The first program was broadcast more than 50 years ago... GO TO

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The Subject Tonight Is Love
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    For centuries Hafiz has been called, "The Tongue of the Invisible." Through his sublime works he continues to sing beautiful and wild love songs ... GO TO BOOK

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More news

Iran says more than 13 arrested in spy network

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Iran's U.N. mission indicated in a press statement Monday that more alleged spies were recently arrested than the 13 already accused of espionage for Israel and that they included some Muslims. It appeared to be the first indication that the number of those arrested went beyond the 13 believed to be Iranian Jews and that they included Muslims ... FULL TEXT

'Hoviyyat-e Kheesh' banned for "insults"

June 13, 1999 (Kayhan - BBC Monitoring) - The fortnightly 'Hoviyyat-e Kheesh' ['Self-Identity'] has been banned and all copies of the latest edition have been taken out of circulation ... FULL TEXT

Khatami: Jews are safe in Iran

June 14, 1999 (BBC) - President Khatami of Iran has made a strong defence of the rights of religious minorities after the arrest of 13 Iranian Jews on charges of spying for Israel. Tehran radio quoted him as saying that he was responsible for the protection of all religious minorities who live in Iran ... FULL TEXT

Iran Jewish leader seeks justice for 13 jailed Jews

TEHRAN, June 12 (Reuters) - An Iranian Jewish leader called in remarks published on Saturday for ``true justice'' for 13 Jews arrested in Iran on charges of spying for Israel. ``As the representative of (Iranian) Jews, I demand true justice for the suspects. If the results of investigations prove them guilty, they should be punished ... FULL TEXT

Montazeri defends election choice

TEHRAN, June 13 (Reuters) - Iran's top dissident cleric, whose influence reaches beyond the confines of his house arrest, has denounced attempts by conservative theologians to determine who may stand for key parliamentary polls set for next March ... FULL TEXT

Mujahedeen vows to retaliate inside Iran

BAGHDAD, June 12 (AFP) - The Iranian armed opposition People's Mujahedeen vowed Saturday to retaliate inside Iran for this week's attacks on its fighters in Iraq ... FULL TEXT

Japan plans to resume loans to Iran -paper

TOKYO, June 13 (Reuters) - Japan plans to end its six-year hiatus in yen loans to Iran, encouraged by the reformist stance of that country's government, a Japanese daily reported on Sunday ... FULL TEXT

Iran keeps tight reign on liabilities

London, june 14, irna -- during the last quarter of 1998, the islamic republic of iran reversed the recent trend that has shown an increase in its short-term liabilities with western banks ... FULL TEXT

Basketball gets exciting

Tehran, (Donya-ye Varzesh) - Tehran's 24 basketball teams have transformed the sport. The richer teams have made some major changes but the poorer ones haven't even had a court to practice. Nevertheless, there's plenty of excitement ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


BBC expands online service

The BBC's Jaam-e Jahaan Namaa -- the oldest radio current affairs program in Persian, is now available online, on demand, every day. The first program was broadcast more than 50 years ago... GO THERE

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