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Tuesday October 26, 1999 / Aban 4, 1378, No. 834

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Curzon's last laugh
There's good reason for part of our anti-British 'paranoia'

By Manoutchehr M. Eskandari-Qajar
October 26, 1999
The Iranian

One of the most interesting, bewildering, endearing, frustrating, -- choose your most appropriate descriptive term here -- characteristics of Iranians is that once they settle in for a good conversation over tea and sweets, inevitably their thoughts turn to politics, and sooner or later the topic of the British in Iranian and Persian politics takes center stage...

Yes, Persians constantly talk about the British and their meddling in the affairs of their poor country, (present writer prominently included!), but the sad part of it is that the "paranoia" is true. The British did meddle badly in Persian affairs. They overthrew governments, toppled dynasties, had prime ministers and other high officials assassinated, replaced, exiled, set up, etc ... GO TO FEATURE


Iran's Former Hanging Judge Now Sides With Reformers

The New York Times
October 23, 1999

QUM, Iran, Oct. 18 Much about Ayatollah Sadegh Khalkhali these days his simple white smock, his bare feet, his shuffling gait, his concern for his visitors' well-being -- speaks of an almost penitential gentleness. Long gone are his days as the chief judge of Iran's revolutionary courts, when his name was enough to strike terror, his word sufficient to set execution squads to work with their gallows, their shootings and their stonings.

"Drink your tea; it will get cold; it won't be good for you," Ayatollah Khalkhali said, several times, to a visitor who dropped in unannounced at his home ... FULL TEXT


Flying carpet

Proof that flying carpets do exist .. GO THERE

More Letters

* No girls?

Parham Gharagozlou writes: I was pleased to see your nice photos of Iranian kids ["Moving along"]. But I had one thing on my mind: Aren't there any girls in Iran ? Why did you only take pictures of boys?

Youth make up a major percentage of our people and half of them are girls. And we should feel responsible toward their future as much as the boys. This is more important because of the way girls are treated universally and domestically.

* World citizen

Jian Khodadad writes: I had the pleasure of viewing Bahieh Khamsi' s photographs of Ecuador ["Red orange black blue"]. As a 25-year-old, I found myself excited to see that an Iranian student had spent a year to serve humanity!

Her pictures capture the spirit and the radiance of those that she encountered. Here is an example of an Iranian who has shown herself to be a world citizen.

* Literature: Parsipour's book

Doostane azizam, Salam. Shahrnoosh Parsipour has recently published a book that she had written 20 years ago but couldn't get permission to publish it then in Iran. A few closer friends of hers are trying to use the occasion of her new book to raise some funds for her. The idea is to sell the 80 books that she has received from her publisher at $100 each to those who want to support her ... DETAILS HERE


Books of the Week

* Moraba-ye shirin (1998)
By Houshang Moradi Kermani
92 pages.

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Beh yaad-e Iran

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Iran thwarts hijacking of internal flight: news agency

TEHRAN, Oct 26 (AFP) - Iranian security forces thwarted the attempted hijack of an Air Iran plane by suspected members of the exiled opposition People's Mujahedeen movement, police said, quoted by the official IRNA news agency ... FULL TEXT

Khatami visit to France juggles detente, tension

PARIS, Oct 26 (Reuters) - President Mohammad Khatami can count on his trademark as Iran's best man to mend ties with the West when he meets French leaders on Wednesday, but he can also expect stormy protests over his country's human rights record ... FULL TEXT

Tension mounts as France prepares for Iranian visit

PARIS, Oct 26 (Reuters) - France battened down the hatches on Tuesday for a second human rights storm this week, defending its decision to host Iranian President Mohammad Khatami and closing its borders to Iranian exiles hoping to come to protest ... FULL TEXT

Hundreds of Iranians refused entry to France

PARIS, Oct 25 (AFP) - Several hundred people of Iranian origin have been refused entry into France in recent days, because their plans to protest against a visit by President Khatami present a threat to public order, the French Interior Ministry said Monday ... FULL TEXT

Nouri faces hardline clerical court

TEHRAN, Oct 26 (Reuters) - Reformist cleric Abdollah Nouri, a vanguard figure in Iran's pro-democracy camp, will on Saturday appear before the Special Court for Clergy to answer charges of political and religious dissent ... FULL TEXT

Nouri says only prison can silence him

TEHRAN, Oct 26 (Reuters) - Reformist Abdollah Nouri defied his conservative critics on Tuesday, warning Iran's hardline clerical court on the eve of his dissent trial that the only way to silence him was to throw him in jail ... FULL TEXT

Iranian and Italian companies sign 232 million dollar investment agreement

TEHRAN, Oct 25 (AFP) - Iran's National Steel Company and Italy's Danieli company signed a 232 million dollar investment agreement here Monday for a sheet steel manufacturing plant, Iranian television reported. Under the agreement, signed by the managing directors of the two companies, Italy will provide the finance for setting up the plant, to be repaid over 10 years ... FULL TEXT


Tehran (Asr-e Azadegan) - A review of Saman Moqadam's new film, "Siavash" and a critique of "Dokhtari baa kafsh-haaye kataani" (The girl with the sneakers) (PDF FILE) ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Preserving Qajar architecture

Tehran (Asr-e Azadegan) - Most of the 147 buildings registered for preservation by the Cultural Heritage Foundation of Iran are from the Qajar period ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Third Iranian in Hamburg

Tehran (Iran daily) - Rasoul Khatibi signed a contract in Tehran yesterday to join Germany's Hamburg soccer club. He is the third Iranian in the team, along with Mehdi Mahdavi-kia and Vahid Hashemian ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

Asian chess tournament

Tehran (Hamshahri) - Iran has four players -- three men and a woman -- in the ongoing Asian chess tournamenet in Malaysia ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN


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A curse on the British and particularly on Curzon for all the misery they caused us!

-- Manoutchehr M. Eskandari-Qajar
"Curzon's last laugh"
The Iranian
October 26, 1999

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