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Dec 11-15, 2000 / Azar 21-25, 1379


* Racism:
- That's not racism, bro

- Everyone has some prejudice
- Turn off your computer
* Satire:
- Bee adab


* Religion:
- Chashm

* Bush:
- Demeaning to monkeys
- Iran-Iraq similarity irritating
- Homosexuality & Islam
dAyi hamid:
- Made me very happy

* Sadaf Kiani:
- Nothing special

- Wish it was a different topic
- Read Freud
- He's a fan
- Iran has seen worse throughout history

- Controversial opinions open eyes
- Unfairly burnt
- Balmed for holding a mirror
- Pedestrian ignorance
- Make something good out of it
- Guess who's coming for dinner
- Enjoyed it, but...

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December 15, 2000

* That's not racism, bro

... Now, any common sense, informal, non-scientific survey taken of Iranians on the subject of marriage to Blacks would reveal an overwhelming disapproval. There's no question about that -- it's not even something you can argue. You could do a completely randomized survey and you'd get the same results...

There's nothing wrong with wanting to preserve one's Iranian culture and Iranian racial characteristics in one's offspring. That is absolutely not racism. It is human nature and it is normal >>> FULL TEXT

Nariman Neyshapouri

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* Everyone has some prejudice

I have now been witnessing the arguements about this "controversial" picture ["Maryam & Daryl"] for the past I-don't-know-how-long and frankly, I am getting pretty tired of it...

... Everyone in this world has some prejudice towards something or someone. Some people are more bigoted than others. Yes, racism is alive and well, but all over the world. So let's just ignore these idiotic and ignorant folks that can't handle even a picture of a bi-racial couple, people, and move on.

Lastly I just want to say one thing that no one else has said, and that is CONGRATULATIONS! to the lovely newlyweds. I hope you have a wonderful life together and 'paayeh ham digar pir beshavid'. Keep your head up and good luck! >>> FULL TEXT


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* Turn off your computer

I am writing in regards to Mr. Yamini's letter to the editor.

Mr. Yamini writes: "What will come next in your photo gallery? The picture of an Iranian gay homosexual couple OR the picture of an Iranian gay homosexual couple who have adopted a Black little girl OR "

YES! I hope The Iranian DOES continue to challenge our views by presenting the beliefs and lives of all Iranians. And if you are offended or disturbed, then turn off your computer!

Shokooh Miry

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* Bee adab

My initial reaction to your pictorial comparison between President-Elect Bush (or anyone else whom you may have treated thus) and the chimpanzee was one of a deep sense of outrage, and disgust, which very quickly melted into a heap of sadness (to the brink of tears).

I had to ask myself the question "What would cause an Iranian - assuming you are one - turn the back on all the morals, 'adab', discretion, integrity, temperance, and depth that is such an integral part of our culture, and give way to such defilements of the soul as you have partaken of?" >>> FULL TEXT

Mehryar Tabib

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December 14, 2000

* Iran has seen worse throughout history

We Iranians have an ancient and rich history that is not going to fade away just because of an isolated case of an Iranian girl marrying a Black man ["Maryam & Daryl"]. Iran throughout its histories has been exposed to worse kinds of situations.

I think that the Iranian girl who has decided to marry an African-American has absolutely every right to do as she wishes but she cannot impose her choices on others. What will come next in your photo gallery? The picture of an Iranian gay homosexual couple OR the picture of an Iranian gay homosexual couple who have adopted a Black little girl OR ... How much more absurd can it become? >>> FULL TEXT

Mohammad Ali Yamini

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* Nothing special

Thank you for Shahriar Zahedi's "Daastaan-e anbeh"!!! Up to this moment, and through reading other people's cheering reactions to Sadaf Kiani's articles, I have been thinking is it only me who doesn't see anything special about them? Now I see it's not just me.

Faramarz Kaviani

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* Chashm

I was looking at the photo-cartoon titled "Seasons Greetings from Kheineken", where a hijab-wearing Iranian woman is displayed with a distorted male face and a beer bottle tucked under the garb.

It may appear funny to some, with it's computer graphic software-generated image using a photo of an actual person, what appears to be a Muslim woman in Islamic garb.

I personally find this "piece of art" to be very offensive and is a complete mockery of hijab-wearing Muslim women in Iran and elsewhere! Please do not post such insulting art work on your website in the near future.


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* Demeaning to monkeys

Regarding the comparison between George W. Bush and monkeys in the Anyway section: Very demeaning to monkeys.

Dana Jalali

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December 13, 2000

* Controversial opinions open eyes

I read your squabble with Termeh Rassi ["Drawing the line"]. I agree with you that controversial opinions open our eyes to the wrongs that sprout in our community. Whether or not they are signed is irrelevant. You reminded us by publishing the letter that indeed there are Iranian racists that are alive and thriving in cyber space. That reminder, however hurtful to the people, involved is rendering a service.

Now if someone did not ask the persons involved permission to publish their picture that is another problem ["Maryam and Daryl"] >>> FULL TEXT

Setareh Sabety

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* Unfairly burnt

I was very surprised to see the print that letter from iraani ["Married a Black man?!!"]. Although I completely agree with both T.R. and J.J.'s points of view ["Drawing the line"], I do hope that the letter was first brought to the attention of Maryam and Daryl before it was published >>> FULL TEXT

Keyvan Kazemi

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* Balmed for holding a mirror

With enormous respect for Ms. Rassi, I think she has set a bad precedent by what is basically a manifesto condoning censorship ["Drawing the line"]. Why is Ms. Rassi punishing the messenger for the message?'s editor is being blamed for holding up a mirror in front of the Iranian community and exposing its racism ["Married a Black man?!!"].

Ms. Rassi states that "It's often very difficult to straddle the line between freedom of expression and censorship - and in most cases we should err on the side of freedom of expression, but not in this case." Why not this case? >>> FULL TEXT

Ramin Tabib

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* Pedestrian ignorance

Just finished reading your back and forth with Termeh Rassi about someone commenting on an Iranian woman's marrying a black man ["Drawing the line"]. Then I reread the comment ["Married a Black man?!!"] and my first thought was: how disgusting. The dry and vile sentiment stopped me but for a moment. What shocked me is that somewhere within I could understand where all that hatred was coming from. I think we're all trapped in that understanding, men and women, all of us...

I don't feel sorry for Maryam and Daryl for being a subject to all this unwanted exposure. They knew what they were getting themselves into when they crossed the boundary. It is the warped, twisted and vicious that deserve my pity >>> FULL TEXT

Massud Alemi

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* Make something good out of it

I enjoyed your comments about racism among us ["Drawing the line"]. I have no doubt that we Iranians are racist, not only against Blacks, but also against Arabs, Afghans, Indians, Turks, Usbeks, and....

Why don't you use this opportunity to interview some Iranians about this issue and write about it? I know a family who disowned their daughter because she married to a Black man! I recently met a young Iranian who has no relation with his family in Los Angeles, because his girlfriend is a Black-Hispanic.

JJ might have made a misjudgment in publishing that picture ["Maryam and Daryl"], but let's turn the table and make something good come of it. Let me know, If I can be help.

Ali Sajjadi
Par Magazine

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December 12, 2000

* Guess who's coming for dinner

In response to a letter by Mrs. Ynaky,"Bunch of Hypocrites". Back in the 60's there was a famous and controversial movie called "Guess who's coming to dinner?" In that movie a White girl from an upper class family falls in love and decides to marry a highly-educated Black surgeon from a hard working Black family.

Both the parents of the boy and the girl had concerns about their marriage. Their concern was not because the parents were racist but because the young couple had to face all the ignorance and hostility of the society they had to live in >>> FULL TEXT

Max R.

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* Homosexuality & Islam

I don't know where you get your concept with regard to Islam's position on homosexuality ["Adam & Eve, not Adam & Adam"].

Homosexuality is not mentioned in the Sharia as transcribed by Mohammed (there are many modified versions) and during the whole of period of the Khalifate Empire, when Arab Islamic culture was at its height, homosexuality was quite tolerated, and there is much great Arab literature describing love between men that is testament to this >>> FULL TEXT

Laith Al-Doory

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* Iran-Iraq similarity irritating

The fact that Iran's name is very similar to that of Iraq is really irritating to me. As long as you live in Iran you may not have any problem with it but once you go abroad you will find out that we Iranians are considered Arab just like Iraqis...

I think it is high time Iran changed her name to Persia and let the world know that Persia is not a name of a country in myths. It is a second name for Iran and we Iranians are not Arabs and do not speak Arabic. This is a matter of natinal identity and it should be given due consideration >>> FULL TEXT

Siyamak T.

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December 11, 2000

* Wish it was a different topic

Sadaf Kiani's response to Shahriar Zahedi's "Daastaan-e anbeh" >>> FULL TEXT

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    * Read Freud

    I read some of this gentleman's other writings ["Daastaan-e anbeh"], and, they are all concerned with similar issues. I wish he would read some of Freud's work. He might find the answers to his problems in the pages that deal with sexual pleasures caused by bowel movements.


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* He's a fan

"Daastaan-e anbeh" was so funny. I first thought Sadaf Kiani wrote it herself! I also read Sadaf's reaction. She's right: he must have read many of her works! He's so affected by her style! I think he is a fan of her works too.

Sepideh Banihashemi

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* Made me very happy

I am a guy from Iran who lives in Sweden and I do not have much contact with other Iranians because I live in a small community and I am the only one from Iran here.

The other day when I was online I saw your article ["Khob... digeh chetori?"] and it made me very happy. It is great to be able to read your articles in Farsi.

Mohsen Karrabi

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* Enjoyed it, but...

I enjoyed your poem but what did A to Z have to do with your poem? I may be illiterate about modern poetry and I need to be educated. Remember that we are all ignorant except along different lines. Apparently you don't like traditional Persian poetry like the one I sent you. That is my guess unless you tell me otherwise.

Ali Parsa

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