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Veiled pose
Kourosh Salehi's paintings

January29, 2001
The Iranian

Born in Iran in 1963, Kourosh Salehi trained under his father. At the age of twelve, Salehi joined the studio of a local painter to study classical persian painting.

In 1977 he won Iran's "Young artist of the year" award and a scholarship to study in Europe >>> GO TO FEATURE


Our demands
We'll give Mr. Pahlavi a chance, if...

By Kobra Khanom
January 29, 2001
The Iranian

I believe we should give Reza Pahlavi a chance. I believe he is sincere and honest. Let's face it. The guy will never be caught stealing raincoats from department stores. I can vouch for that. And as for the wealth his father, mother, aunt and others stole, he could and would be willing to pay it back with community work for the rest of his life >>> GO TO FEATURE


His red-robed highness
Exposing Iran's dirty secrets

By Akbar Ganji
The Iranian

Fundamental reforms and direct democracy >>> GO TO FEATURE


Iran Acts Quickly to Close Case of 4 Slain Dissidents

By Geneive Abdo
International Herald Tribune
January 29, 20001

TEHRAN Iran's powerful religious conservatives were quick to declare on Sunday that a military court's decision to impose death sentences on three Iranian secret agents convicted of killing four dissidents in 1998 meant that the case was closed.

The warning, issued through the conservative daily newspaper Resalat, brought into sharp focus the clash between religious conservatives and reformers, who have charged that as many as 80 dissidents were slain in the last 10 years on orders from the highest ranks of the Iranian government >>> FULL TEXT

MP says his parliamentary remarks led to his arrest

BBC Persian Service

Hossein Loghmanian MP, who was arrested on Sunday and then released, says his critical remarks in parliament in of the Judiciary over a month ago led to his arrest. The arrest provoked the legislators' criticism over the breach of MPs' immunity. Here is a report which includes Mr Loghmanian's remarks in parliament >>> LISTEN

Conservatives bear down on reformers with more arrests

TEHRAN, Jan 28, 2001 (AFP) - Iran's conservative-led courts stepped up the pressure on President Mohammad Khatami's reform movement Sunday with the arrest of a pro-reform MP and a second journalist in as many days.

The arrests came as reformists still reeled from Saturday's verdict in the closed-door trial of 18 secret agents for the 1998 murders of four dissidents which they charged left many questions unanswered >>> FULL TEXT



Los Angeles, January 29, 2001 -- Cyrus Javaheri, 40, and Tina Louise Dezerne, 29, were charged Friday in a 19-count criminal complaint involving two former students. The girls, now 18 and 19, were students at John Muir High School. Javaheri was charged with six counts of oral copulation, one count of sodomy, four counts of unlawful sex and three counts of sexual penetration with a foreign object >>> READ

Thanks to Ramin Tabib

More Letters

* In all fairness

Aliya Kiani writes: You have raised various points in your editorial "Citizen Pahlavi", which need to be addressed in the spirit of judiciousness.

1. "No politician or political group outside Iran can have a major impact on what goes on inside. Iran is very different from 1979." You are right in so far as change has to finally come from within Iran. However taking into consideration the repressive and violent atmosphere within Iran, it would only be prudent for any organisation to develop and initiate plans in safe havens outside of Iran's borders >>> FULL TEXT

* Don't ignore the message

Nazenin Ansari writes: The opinion you have expressed in ""Citizen Pahlavi" completely ignores the message, which was delivered by Reza Pahlavi. Instead you have focused on the cons of monarchy, which in all honesty is not the issue at this point in time >>> FULL TEXT

* Like any other king

Fereydoun Taslimi writes: I could not agree more with your article ["Citizen Pahlavi"]... Mr. Pahalavi is no different than other kings looking for subjects that drawn them in flattery and blind admiration. Iranian people have arrived at the same conclusion as the great English man Thomas Paine who expressed his views in Common Sense: "The palaces of kings are built on the ruins of the bowers of paradise.">>> FULL TEXT

* Too much ghormeh sabzi

Banafsheh Zand writes: Amoo Sam ["One more wake-up call"] seems to have been around kitchens where ghormeh sabzi's been being prepared for too BLEEDING long! Someone ought to inform him that the days of the salon "pseudo-intellectuals" is over and time for action has come >>> FULL TEXT

* Logical, powerful

Mehran Azhar writes: This must've been the most logical and powerful political article I had read regarding Iran's future ["Citizen Pahlavi"]. Kudos for the author, whoever s/he may be.

Event: Iranica gala 2001, Washongton

A benefit gala for the Encyclopaedia Iranica is to be held in Washington, D.C. at the elegant Four Seasons Hotel on Friday, March 2, 2001. The theme of the event is "East and West: A Cultural Celebration." There will be both a live and silent auction run by the Christi's auction house. Seven distinguished individuals will be presented with the following awards >>> DETAILS




Arab-Iranian Relations
By Khair El-Din Haseeb



Gozideh-ye manteq-o-teyr
By Dr. S. Shisa

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    Harmony itself creates our discord.

    The teasing smile inside creates my scowl.

    This royal falcon wears an owl's face.

    The very jaws of death hold life's long grace.

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Rumi: The Life Teachings and Poetry of Jalal al-Din Rumi
By Frankin D. Lewis

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More news

Murder trial clears the regime, leaves the victims dissatisfied

TEHRAN, Jan 28 (AFP) - The judiciary left the clerical regime in the clear and victims' families claiming justice was not done in a secret trial that saw three former intelligence agents condemned to death for the 1998 murders of dissidents. "What matters is that we find out the truth," said Parastou Foruhar, daughter of nationalist leader Dariush Foruhar and his wife Parvaneh, who were found stabbed to death in Tehran in November 1998. "And that hasn't happened," she said, speaking to AFP from German >>> FULL TEXT

No more political murders in Iran: minister

TEHRAN, Jan 29 (AFP) - Intelligence Minister Ali Yunessi said Monday that there would be no more political murders in Iran, following the sentencing of 15 former intelligence agents by a military court. But he admitted in a television interview that the verdicts handed down Saturday, including three death sentences, "are a problem to us >>> FULL TEXT

Top pro-reform party denounces ruling in shock murders case

TEHRAN, Jan 28 (AFP) - The largest pro-reform party, headed by President Mohammad Khatami's brother, on Sunday denounced the verdicts handed down for the 1998 murders of several dissidents and intellectuals. "The judge and the judiciary chief well know that one day the light will be thrown on this affair," the Islamic Iran Participation Front (IIPF) said after three intelligence agents were sentenced to death Saturday and five others given life in prison >>> FULL TEXT

Iran reformers call for probe of hardline judiciary

TEHRAN, Jan 28 (Reuters) - More than 70 Iranian MPs have signed a petition calling for an investigation of Tehran's hardline judiciary, behind the arrest of liberal activists and the closure of reformist publications in the Islamic republic. "Under the constitution, the judiciary must defend individual and social rights and freedoms," the official news agency IRNA on Sunday quoted Ibrahim Amini, a member of parliament's judicial committee, as saying >>> FULL TEXT

Journalist, father of student leader, freed on bail

TEHRAN, Jan 29 (AFP) - An Iranian newspaper editor arrested for criticising the judiciary after his student-leader son was jailed last month went free on bail Monday, the official IRNA news agency said. Naghi Afshari, father of the political head of the nation's largest pro-reform student group, Ali Afshari, was released after posting 2,500 dollars in bail, his brother said, cited by IRNA >>> FULL TEXT

Wife worries over arrested pro-reform journalist

TEHRAN, Jan 29 (AFP) - The wife of a reformist journalist arrested at the weekend expressed fears over his fate Monday, saying his family did not know where he had been taken. "We are extremely worried, because we don't know where he is and the information the judiciary gave us was incorrect," Farideh Saber told AFP >>> FULL TEXT

Conservatives negotiating to choose candidate for president: ICA

TEHRAN, Jan 29 (AFP) - The influential head of the Islamic Coalition Association (ICA) said Monday that conservatives are in the middle of talks to agree on a candidate for the June presidential elections. "We're negotiating with other groups and we will have our candidate in due time," said Habibollah Asgharowladi from the ICA, the largest group in the traditional conservative Islamic right >>> FULL TEXT

Saudi cabinet approves security accord with Iran

RIYADH, Jan 29 (AFP) - The Saudi government on Monday approved the text of a security cooperation accord to be signed with Iran, the official news agency SPA reported. It said the cabinet examined the agreement and "decided to mandate (Interior Minister) Prince Nayef (bin Abdul Aziz) or a representative whom he designates to sign this accord >>> FULL TEXT

Kharrazi to visit Minsk after Kiev talks this week

TEHRAN, Jan 29 (AFP) - Foreign Minister Kamal Kharazi will travel on to Belarus after talks starting Tuesday in Ukraine with President Leonid Kuchma, the official IRNA news agency said. Foreign ministry spokesman Hamid-Reza Asefi, cited by IRNA, said Monday that the Kiev talks would touch on economic, parliamentary and cutural relations >>> FULL TEXT

Parliament approves budget to fight US influence in Iran

TEHRAN, Jan 29 (AFP) - The reform-majority parliament on Monday approved some 20 million dollars in funds to fight US influence in the Islamic republic. The measure, passed as MPs continue a line-by-line evaluation of the budget for the next Iranian year which begins in March, is aimed at battling the influence and "cultural invasion" of the United States >>> FULL TEXT

Asseman gets OK for 400 million dollar new-aircraft loan

TEHRAN, Jan 29 (AFP) - Parliament gave the green light Monday for state-owned Asseman Airlines to borrow 400 million dollars abroad for the purchase of new aircraft for its ageing fleet, parliamentary sources said. Approval of the loan for Asseman, the number-two airline behind state carrier Iran Air, came as MPs continue their line-by-line evaluation of the budget for the next Iranian year which begins in March >>> FULL TEXT

Iranian women hold first ever indoors football championship

January 28, 20001, Teheran (dpa) - Iranian women are holding their first-ever indoors football championship in Teheran, the governmental daily Iran reported Sunday >>> FULL TEXT

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What matters is that we find out the truth. And that hasn't happened... We didn't want my parents' killers to be sentenced to death and executed. My parents did not believe in the death penalty.

-- Parastou Foruhar, after verdicts were announced against men accused of murdering her parents
January 28, 20001

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