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Feb 12-16, 2001 / Bahman 24-28, 1379



* Racism:
- Document your complaint

- He's just a child
* Monarchy:
- Monarchist fascists
- Petty little things


* Persian, Iowa:
- Barber
- Paradox

- Inspiring revolution
- It is time
- More poetic
- He's Armenian

- It's his life
* Religion:
- Peoples' religious values

* Organization:
- New proposals

- Culture clash
- Just like Judas
- Doth protest too much
* Monarchy:
- Shah's mistake: Didn't shoot rebels

- Why should we believe Pahlavi?
- Compare now and then
- Just like those intellectuals
- Referendum

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February 16, 2001

* Document your complaint

Dear Ms. Sabety ["Punch"]: There is not a day in the hallowed corridors of our schools that some kid does not bully another one. While there are a ranger of permissible reactions to this form of intimidation and harassment, I believe, you should be documenting your talk with the school officials in writing, setting forth your complaints against the students who bother your daughter, the teachers and administrators to whom you have complained and their response, or lack thereof >>> FULL TEXT

Guive Mirfendereski

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* He's just a child

Racism is nothing more than fear ["Punch"]. The boy is reacting to what he sees and hears in his home and you justify his actions by your reaction and violence. He is just another child... in the first grade!

Kids say mean things. If your daughter was in high school or a little older I would understand your concern, maybe, but shit! I can't imagine how confused and terrified your daughter must have been at your reaction >>> FULL TEXT


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* Monarchist fascists

It is obvious that Mr. Miniri ["Shah's mistake..."] has not grasped the essence of my article ["Thy father's sins"]... As for your statement that the Shah's only mistake was not to get rid of more "rebels", this shows the true face of some supporters of the monarchy whose dictionary definition is Fascists >>> FULL TEXT

Fariba Amini

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* Petty little things

It was interesting to read the response from Persian Watch Cat (PWC) ["It's official"] and their threat of lawsuit and how they think their reply should have been in the features section, etc, etc.

Do these people and others realize that, and for that matter any other site, has editors and it is the sole choice of these editors to decide where each subject fits?  >>> FULL TEXT


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February 15, 2001

* Shah's mistake: Didn't shoot rebels

I normally don't respond to a bunch of anti-Shah people who after 22 years still blame the late Shah for everything that went wrong with Iran...

The late Shah was a gift that my countrymen never understood. I will agree that he was weak in one aspect and guilty of one crime and that was not to shoot the rebels and their supporters when he could >>> FULL TEXT

Khosrow Moniri

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* New proposals

Now I understand why we had so much fuss on this very productive proposal of Mr. Mirfendereski. People just don't get it. Well, to clarify the situation, I would like to state the following supplementary proposals:

-- All Jewish Americans who have any problem in the U.S., please contact Israeli embassy in Washington, DC >>> FULL TEXT

Hamid Estahbanati

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* He's Armenian

I read your article regarding Andre Agassi ["Just don't do it"]. I thought Agassi was Armenian. I realize there are many Armenian people who reside Iran However, many people usually associate Iranians as Muslim and Armenians as Christian. Perhaps, if Andre is Christian, this may be an explanation as to why he doesn't identify himself as Iranian >>> FULL TEXT


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* Barber

I am a barber in Bettendorf, Iowa and have never heard of Persia, Iowa! Are you still there?

J. Heath

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February 14, 2001

* Paradox

Merci, Setareh Sabety, for mining the essence of the revolution, and holding it up for all of us to admire its brilliance ["Inspiring revolution"]. It has been buried for so long beneath resentment and anger and frustration- all justified. But when has revolution ever yielded instant, perfect results? Which philosopher was it who extolled the easy virtues of revolution? Of self-actualization, even? >>> FULL TEXT

S. Shirazi

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* Peoples' religious values

Your article in The Iranian is very entertaining, if not sad, because it is based on the real miseries of my countrymen ["Can't we get along?"].

However, I must say that I think you are mistaken with regards to your view of the separation of church and state. The true definition of that means that people are not given power to dictate their version of religion through state powers because only of their religious/churchly status. Otherwise, of course a society's religious values will certainly be reflected in its governmental policies >>> FULL TEXT

Reza Iranvej

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* It's his life

Regarding the article about Andre Agassi ["Just don't do it"], ... it's his life though, he can do what he wants. He can say that he is German or Australian, why should we care or stigmatize him for what he choose to do? If that is what he desires, so be it. We cannot dictate his life or make him feel contrite for how he chooses to live >>> FULL TEXT

Sasha Tooryan

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February 13, 2001

* Inspiring revolution

The chronology of the early events that shaped the revolution ["Memory lane"] ... reminded of why I first supported the revolution... The memory of the Iranian revolution should be an inspiration for the continued struggle for freedom and justice in our country, like the French Revolution in Europe many years, and indeed decades, after the Reign of Terror >>> FULL TEXT

Setareh Sabety

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* It is time

On the eve of the 22nd anniversary of the Iranian revolution of 1979, the Islamic regime is celebrating its victory while dozens of individuals-intellectuals, journalists,writers, activists, men and women are incarcerated in Evin and other prisons ["Happy anniversary"]... It is time for Iranians to hold hands and shout to the world that enough is enough. The time has come for Iran to be free of hatred, extremism, and violence >>> FULL TEXT

Fariba Amini

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* Why should we believe Pahlavi?

I think that it is very sad that after twenty-something years of struggle for independence and freedom, the events that happened in Iran have not touched some of us at all... When Khomeini came to power he did not say that he would lead the country toward another dictatorship, but in reality he did... Now , why should we believe Reza Pahlavi? >>> FULL TEXT


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* Compare now and then

"Thy father's sins" lists a series of "errors" and mistakes by the monarchy as reasons why Iranians are facing the present Islamic Republic. But just go down that list. Compare any item on that list with what has happened during the Islamic Republic. It has all been hunderds of times worst during the rule of the mollas >>> FULL TEXT


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* Culture clash

You know, I can't help but think much of the antipathy towards Mr. Mirfendereski stems from a basic culture clash. His thought processes and use of language are very Western... Because his use of language is superior, it is easy to feel he is being condescending... especially if you are insecure >>> FULL TEXT


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* Just like Judas

Mr. Mirfendereski ["Power of one"] is free to exercise his First Amendment rights in the United States. However, thankfully, his opinion does not mirror that of the majority of Iranian-Americans. He also does not reflect their interests. Unfortunately, he appears more like Judas.

Either Mr Mirfendereski is representing an anti- Iranian interest group (for unknown rewards), or seeking the media publicity (for whatever purpose).

I sent Mr. Mirfendereski a private e-mail responding to his article a few weeks ago, stating "my friend, you can run but you can't hide forever".

I strongly recommend that you see Fellini's "Bread and Chocolate". Hopefully, that may enlighten.

Masoud Neshat

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February 12, 2001

* Just like those intellectuals

It is rather sad and demeaning to see that some Iranians, despite living in a democratic society and calling themselves "Iranian-Americans", are so narrow-minded and shallow (or shamelessly self-righteous and hypocrite) that have become totally blind to the facts and realities that are abundantly clear and transparent to the entire world ["Citizen Pahlavi"].

These Iranians, including the editors of The Iranian, while claiming to be the advocates of democracy, are, contrarily, so subjective in their dogmatic viewpoint that seems incredible. Just like those so called intellectuals who in 1978/79 sheepishly followed Khomeini >>> FULL TEXT

F. Behseresht

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* Referendum

Albate bayad zamine ra faraham avard, javv-e azadi-e sokhan ra negahban bud, pishnevis-e qanun-e asasi tahye kard. Mardom mas'ulan Jomhurye Eslami ra az khod bedanand va hamkaryeshan ra jalb konand va ehterameshan ra negahdarand. Ba ishan zeddyat nakonand. Magar shomar-e ma'dudi ke bekhahand dar moqabel-e khast-e Mellat beístand. Referandom ra bayad az masúlan-e dowlat khast ke anjam dahand. Amma mardom bayad dar sahne bashand >>> FULL TEXT

Dr Shodja Eddin Ziaian

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* Doth protest too much

Me thinks Mr. Guive Mirfendereski doth protest too much ["Power of one", "Shocked and saddened"]. Warning that those who do not jealously guard their legitimate civil rights in the U.S. risk being unfairly singled out for mistreatment due to their ethnic/national origin is not "trivializing" the Japanese internment experience, it is learning from it >>> FULL TEXT

John Mohammadi

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* More poetic

Let me offer a more poetic version of Friday's (Feb 9, 2001) quote of the day (Een hameh khar hast o maa daareem peeyaadeh meereem -- There are many jackasses around but we're walking.)

The other vesion goes like this: "Piyaadeh raah ravad-o khar beh een faraavaani". This is part of a verse which I cannot remember in full right now, but will send it on to you as soon as I have it.

There's also a similar line: "Faqih-e shahr chonin goft bikh-e goush-e hemaarash (his donkey) / Keh har keh khar shavad albateh mishavand savaarash."

Hossein Shahidi

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