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Jan 16-19, 2001 / Dey 26-30, 1379


* Discrimination:
- Fallen into ill-repute

* Women:
- Feminism for dummies

* Politics:
- Wings of the same chicken

* Sadaf Kiani:
- Harf-e del-e man


* Identity:
- I hear you
- Khomeini & Kennedy
- Not shying away

* The Iranian:
- Hmmm!
- Time is precious
- Way too nice

* Discrimination:
- They never made it back home
- Overdramatization

- Higher expectation
- Shocked & saddened

- Missing the point
- Complain to the Iranian government

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January 19, 2001

* Fallen into ill-repute

I harbor no kind sentiments for Mr. Mirfendereski, both because he has called me names before and also for the fact that he thinks those who wear #2 buzz cut are thugs (I am now a thug because of my haircut!).

But in my opinion, he is completely right in what he has put forward regarding the fingerprinting issue at U.S. airports ["Face in the mirror"]. The treatment at the U.S. airports, however hurtful, is a prerogative of the American government >>> FULL TEXT

Ramin Tabib

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* Feminism for dummies

Like many readers of The Iranian I have been a witness to the controversy that started from a simple picture posted in this webzine and rose to unexpected (or maybe quite expected) heights. I haven't got a chance to read every single one of the letters exchanged... but all the ones I saw were written passionately, and especially after reading one of the rather passionate ones, an idea hit me which I thought I would share with other readers of The Iranian. The idea is roughly as follows: writing a book about feminism for Iranian men >>> FULL TEXT

Ataollah Togha

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* Wings of the same chicken

Khatami after three years in office is a living proof of an argument which supports the notion that Islamist reformer and conservative Islamist hard liner fundamentally, politically, culturally, and in most case socially are the two right wings of the same chicken ["What rule of law?"] >>> FULL TEXT

Abbas Poursadigh
Denver, Colorado

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* Harf-e del-e man

har baar tu in website miyaam aval miram bebinam ke shomaa maqaaleh daadin yaa na [Sadaf Kiani's features]? maqaaleh-haaye shomaa keili ru man asar mizaare, va az inke in gadar saade va dar eine haal baa tajrobe va darke amig in naame haa ro minevisin , engaar ke harfe dele mane.

shaayad emshab in tanhaayi va dur az iraan va fote maman bozorgam hame dast be daste ham daad ke baraatun email bedam.

aarezuye ruzaaye khub baraatun daaram man dar Montreal zendegi mikonam be omide inke age ruzi umadin Montreal beshinim raajebe golaaye narges tu iraan va zemestun haaye sarde Montreal gap bezanim.

Maryam Jaliny

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January 18, 2001

* They never made it back home

I liked the self-critical tone of the letter "Time to take responsibility" by Mr. Ali Noshirvani. As much as I like to be fair in my judgements about others, I would like to be fair when we judge even our biggest mistakes.

While I hate to bring up old disputes in a new century when all the world is looking forward to peace and a humane co-existence but when I see that Mr. Noshirvani goes back 20 years to find us guilty of the hostage crisis and sponsoring terrorism I can hardly stop myself from mentioning that those hostages walked back home in good health but the 300 passengers of that Airbus never made it back home >>> FULL TEXT

Ardalan Vahid

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* I hear you

I live in Sydney, Australia. I have never felt like an Australian in all the years I have lived in this country ["Hell no"]. Every year that passes I lose more and more patience. I would give every thing I have to be able to go back to Iran. I want to walk in the streets, as long as it is in IRAN. I want to be in IRAN and see the sun rise and set. I want to walk in the forests in IRAN. I want to wake up and hear Farsi. I want to feel the SUN burning my face in IRAN. No other place is good enough. AND I KNOW THAT MANY OF YOU SHARE MY DREAM. I CAN FEEL YOUR PAIN.

Dianna Dalir

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* Hmmm!

This is in reaction to your publication of various emails you have received regarding un-solicited dispatch of your newsletter["Please stop"].

You are a journalist and it is probably easier for you to separate yourself from the emotional side of events and instead focus on the bigger picture. Collecting all these -mails and analyzing them as a whole, in my opinion, is a perfect example of how we should react to daily events in our lives.

You take the black and the white, put them in a bag and look at them as a whole. Instead of getting emotional about the white or the black which will clearly distort your judgment , one puts all of them together, steps back and says: Hmmm!

Great job of leading by example. The world has two sides.

Bardia Saeedi

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January 17, 2001

* Overdramatization

Mr. Kalantar ["Shocked and saddened"] overdramatizes the plight of the Iranians at the U.S. airports. For him to equate the routine inconveniences of international travel with the travails of the exterminated Jews in Germany and the detention of Amercian-Japanese in concentration camps is an insult to the memory of those who suffered and perished.

This form of overstating the case is precisely the reason why the American policymakers cannot take seriously the objections made by the Iranian-Americans such as Mr. Kalantar and delivered in such a shrill manner.

Guive Mirfendereski

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* Higher expectation

Thank you so very much for your suggestive elaboration ["Missing the point"]. Many of us in the Iranian community take pride in having been associated with Guive Mirfendereski ["Complain to..."] and would let his long fine scholarly track records and community service would speak for itself. Retrospectively, I suppose one could say people's expectation is even higher from those among us who are truly accomplished ["Shocked and saddened"] >>> FULL TEXT

Davood N. Rahni

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* Khomeini & Kennedy

Thanks for reminding us about Khomeini not believing in copyright law ["Shahr-e sholoogh"].

John F. Kennedy said in his inauguration in 1961: "My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you -- ask what you can do for your country." And in the early 80's Khomeini said: "Hey nagooyeed enghelaab baraayeh maa cheh kard? Shomaa baraayeh enghelaab cheh kardid?"

As far as I know Khomeini never paid any copyright fees to the Kennedy family.

Pedram Parsian

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* Time is precious

I find it amusing that you have taken a bunch of angry reactions and turned them into an article! Seriously, no sarcasm intended ["Please stop"].

Yes, time is a precious and rare commodity these days. Statistics say: the average person spends 6-7 seconds on a web site unless it captivates them. However, people tend to spend an incredible amount of time reading through the exact same thing if it were on paper!

Perhaps, if people took your news email and printed it, they would find the time to read The Iranian Times?!

Mariam Ispahani

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January 16, 2001

* Shocked & saddened

I am profoundly puzzled by your very recent letter in ["Complain to..."] in that you support the anti-Iranian regulations of fingerprinting and luggage searching of Iranian passengers at U.S. airports. The more I read your letter, the more frustrated and deeply saddened I feel by what you wrote.

... When a member of the board of PWC, a U.S. based "Iranian American Anti-Discrimination Council", defends so boldly the historical discrimination and humiliation of his hamvatans, then I am just speechless >>> FULL TEXT

Kamiar Kallaantar
Los Angles, CA

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* Missing the point

Being searched at the airports is very humiliating but I think most of us are missing the point Mr. Mirfenderesky is making ["Complain to..."]. I do not think he is happy about being humiliated either. From what I understand from his letter, he is just stating that these searches and fingerprinting are not illegal. He certainly is not supporting them >>> FULL TEXT

Max Rofougar

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* Not shying away

Regarding your news on Saviz Shafaii, I think it is wonderful that you don't feel you need to shy away from homosexual issues. Yet another reason to be proud of your publication!


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* Way too nice

Dear Martikeh Aldang ["Please stop"], I love you and love your emails. I love what you write about. Can't help loving your emails and your tasteful comments and your beautiful website.

I think what you're doing with is phenomenal and historic. Only history will be able to judge your undertaking. 20, 30, 50 years from now, when historians sit down to write the history of the Iranian diaspora, they have no choice but to acknowledge and it's founder. Keep up the good work and don't let the nay-sayers bring you down.

Massud Alemi

January 15, 2001


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