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Tuesday, December 29, 1998 / Dey 8, 1377, No. 633

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Far from Utopia
A "select elite" don't represent Iran's youth

By Ataollah Togha

"Cyber clash" is the inappropriately chosen title of a well-written article recently posted in The Iranian. The author does not seem to believe in any clash whatsoever between the Western culture and what she calls "the Iranian culture," which she clearly, if not quite explicitly, distinguishes from anything Islamic. The author also refers the reader to less than a dozen of Iranian young men living in Iran who, as she herself is well aware, cannot represent the Iranian youth in any balanced way, and time and again talks to us through "their" words, apparently trying to employ a fallacious generalization to convince the reader of the conclusions of her article, which seem to be, by and large, her own convictions regardless of the flawed data briefly analyzed in her paper ... GO TO FEATURE


Farhad sings - in IRAN!

For the first time since the 1979 revolution, popular singer/songwriter Farhad has perfomed in public in Iran ... GO TO FEATURE

Forwarded by Pedram Missaghi


And that's my lesson for tonight

CBS News anchor Dan Rather says "Arabian Gulf" and all hell breaks loose ... GO TO FEATURE

Forwarded by Farrokh Javid

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* What do they mean?

Mahin Motamedi Witkowski writes: I noticed that this week The Iranian Times web address is dedicated to "Braim" and that really made me homesick. Then I saw the picture of Alfi's store in Abadan and that filled my eyes.

I am a born-and-raised Abadani and spent my childhood not far from the Alfi Store. However, we used to call the area Beraim, not Braim. Does anyone know what the word stands for? And, for that matter, does anyone know what Bavardeh (as in Bavardeh shomali and Bavardeh jonoobi neighborhoods in Abadan) means?

I have a hunch they both may be souvenirs brought to the oil company community by Indian laborers during the early 1900s.

* Khaaterati zendeh kardi

Hamid Bahadori writes: Chaakeram, Hamid az España. I was just looking at the Abadan pictures. I din't know many of these people except the ones who moved to Ahvaz, like Matin Karbasiyoon, Marjan & Mahshid Madani Nezhad... Damet kheyli garm, khaaterati zendeh kardi. Mokhles hamishegi.

* If you read carefully

Dokhi Fassihian writes: Dear Ataollah, thanks for your comments on my paper ["Cyber clash"]. Please be assured that this article was not intended to make any generalizations about Iranian youth. If you read carefully, I have tried to qualify this research, my conclusions and my interviews, and by no means do I present this as scientific "data" on the whole of Iranian young people ... FULL TEXT

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Some 60,000 sign up to run in Iran municipal polls

TEHRAN, Dec 29 (Reuters) - Nearly 60,000 candidates have signed up in the first two days of registration for Iran's first municipal council elections set for February 26, the Iranian news agency IRNA reported on Tuesday. It quoted election officials as saying 578 women were among those who had put forward their names so far for about 200,000 seats which are at stake. Registration closes on Sunday. A potentially debilitating row over the naming of poll monitors for Tehran was averted when election bodies run by rival conservatives and moderates approved a compromise list, newspapers said ... FULL TEXT

Independent writers association to be formed, daily

Tehran, dec. 29, IRNA - almost all formalities have been completed to set up a new, but independent writers association of iran, said a prominent writer, houshang golshiri. In an interview with the english daily 'tehran times' published tuesday, he said, ''a new constitution of the association is in the final stage of preparation, and it will be presented to an interim board of directors for approval.'' ... FULL TEXT

Painful struggle for change in Iran

Dec 29, (BBC) - BBC Middle East Correspondent Jim Muir reviews Iran's year: Iran is a country where the struggle between advocates of change and the entrenched forces of the hardliners has been an almost daily feature of life over the past year. The country's moderate president, Mohammad Khatami, has faced numerous setbacks in his attempts to push forward with social and political reforms ... FULL TEXT

Oil gains appear fragile as OPEC bickers

LONDON (Reuters) - Oil prices rose Tuesday on fresh U.S.-Iraq tension, but the gains looked brittle amid signs of deepening disarray within the OPEC producer club. International benchmark Brent crude from the North Sea was trading 35 cents higher at $10.46 a barrel by late morning, almost a dollar off a 12-year low of $9.55 hit last week ... FULL TEXT

California governor appoints another Iranian-American

December 24, 1998, (Iranian-American Republican Council) - Governor Pete Wilson has announced the appointment of Dr. Badi Badiozamani, Ph.D. to the State Joint Venture Advisory Board for a 4 year term ... FULL TEXT

Iranian TV since 1979

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Iran v. Brazil

Tehran, (Hamshahri) - The Canadian football federation has invited the Iranian national soccer team to play in a tournament in Canada in June 1999. Other participants will be, Brazil, Costarica, and Canada ... FULL TEXT IN PERSIAN

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