The Birthnight

The Birthnight
by Manoucher Avaznia

Let's rejoice friends; it is Night of Birth

Rebirth of the Sun, to the face of Earth.

It is longest night, all around the year

That has good news, for you to hear:

"Herald to the world, the light is reborn,

Long domain of night, has again been torn.

Starts tomorrow, until New Day

Sunshine's expanding, its new sway".

At New Year's Day, they will equal

Ninety days let pass, in gradual.

From that time on, days expand in size

That is the reason, flowers arise.

If you presume, this fact an error;

You need to consult, Persian calendar.

This blessed Night's, heralding that Day

That's why it's esteemed, in a certain way.

For the longest time, we are vigilant

As much as we can, we are jubilant.


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Orang Gholikhani

So Far, So long

by Orang Gholikhani on

Time seemed too long for the moon

She whisperd softly :  will Sun be there as soon

I don't want miss our Rendez vous

Our dance should continue for our soul


Happy Yalda Manocher jan