by Tahereh Tavous

Why are you scared of me?
You say it is my eyes
But my darling, my eyes are only a reflection of yours
Why will you no longer hold me?
You say it is my pain
But what pain I have, you have given me
It dripped from you and I drank it up
It sustains me
And as I look down into the cup from which it pours
At the dark residue it leaves burned at the bottom
Of what was once untouched porcelain
Like thick ghahveh waiting to be read
And in it I see a moon and stars and sky
But know, they are not mine
Under it I see earth and death and ?
This is mine.
Your gifts to me?
But I drink from my cursed cup
Each night before I lay to rest
And each morning as I rise
Because they are all I have left
Of you.
You blinded me
Another gift?
And so I dance with the corpses you left
Mistaking them for true companions
And I caress the shell of a man you forgot to take with you
Mistaking the heaving of my sobs
For his breaths.
What hand is this that refills your cup each night?
And places it to my lips
I have come to pray that it is poison
In your cup
And it will leave me
Earth. Death. Empty.
But it sustains me
And I thirst for it
And you.
I am scared that if you do come back
You will not be able to find me
Because I broke.
My pieces were passed around
And all that is left is a single white porcelain cup
Stained with the portrait of a girl you once knew.



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by zary (not verified) on

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Thank You


The "Wonders" of "Love"

by Shaer on

"Treacherous" Though It May Be ..

It "Sustains" Us ..


Bereft of All "Responsibilities" ..

The "Passion" of The "Moment" ..


The "Beauty" Of The "Past" ..

"Galvanizing" Our "Relationship" ..


As Though It Was "Never Ending" ..

My "Heart" Still "Beating" ..


The "Scent" of Your "Ever Presence" ..

"Binding" Your "Cleavage" To "Mine" ..


My "Sweet Heart" Move On ..

Let Your "Yearning" Heart Find "Another" ..


Bind Your "Spirit" With One More "Worthy" ..

Do Not "Throw" Your "Pearls" To The "Swine" ..


You "Deserve" Better Than "That" ..

My "Sweet" Move On ..



by Faribors maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

the Wife of my eldest brother - Liuba - could read coffeecups. one day she topld me i will go somewhere it looks like a Department or likewise. there I will go to a Desk. there sits a man he may be agovernment employee. he gives me an envelop. Other day i wenk to another brother of mein. he word in a bank. I went to his desk. he gave me an envelop. it was full with mony. so i like it stil to hear what the FAL E GHAHVEHs have for me. Greeting