I am Mohsen Namjoo (1)

Five-part short film

I am Mohsen Namjoo (1)
by Mohsen Namjoo

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Our Exclusive Interview with Namjoo

by iranicanlive on

Check out our Exclusive Interview with Aghaye Namjoo:



aghaye namjou man beshakhse

by deli (not verified) on

aghaye namjou man beshakhse baraye shoma besyar besyar ehteram ghaelam ,az vojude shoma dar iran sar afrazim



by bahramf on

To, be rouhe Salvator Dali va Forugh Faroukhzad aaraamesh bakhshidi.

Damet garm.



by gülçiçek korkut (not verified) on

ben de muhsin namcu (türkçede böyle yazılır) hayranıyım. ingilizce bilmiyorum. farsçanın latin harfleriyle yazılışını da anlamıyorum. buraya,türkiyeye gelmesini çok istiyorum. muhsin buraya gelin!! biyaa incaa


im talking to you from

by shasusa (not verified) on

im talking to you from iran.i wanna say that we needed some one like namjoo here.but now days we need namjoo more than before but he left us!every where at college students are listening to his musics/we listen to his music wediscuss them and we love him .mohsen come back to iran.baba ma concert mikhaym marde hesabiiii!!!


I learned a lot from listening to Namjoo

by Neda (not verified) on

He is a breath of fresh air! We can not expect him to be flawless in all aspects of his personality. His music is great and he is a musician! That is good enough for me. Not every one is required to be a role model.


kare fogholade hastesh

by Ali (not verified) on

kare fogholade hastesh mohsene namjoo va be karet edame bede u mofagheiataie bishtari bedast miari


I bow down to your correct judgment.

by A drop in the ocean (not verified) on

Dear Anonymous Coward (apologize again in absence of your identity, I don't believe you are a coward though.)

I bow down to your correct judgment. We have no control over our past but we can always change our future. I believe Mohsen Namjoo's definition is independent of the disparoval that has received from the music department. As Saadi says


Lets hope for a bright and successful future for this talented artist.


Stand corrected

by Anonymous Coward (not verified) on

Hi drop in the ocean. You are correct that he was not humble in the Arians case. I agree with you that he should have phrased himself more elegantly than he did. I do understand him though. While he is considered a "heretic" and ousted by the system because of his difference another group which is far less talented gets the systems backing.

It is not always right to stand back and keep quiet and be humble. Some times you need to get the frustrations out too. Maybe that is this frustration and rebellion feeling that makes him such a good singer.


Music prodigy.

by DROOD (not verified) on


The music is very original and really it communicates to the soul!

Bezan Ka cha khob Mezani!
It blows the mind. THANKS.


Dear Anonymous Coward (for

by A drop in the ocean (not verified) on

Dear Anonymous Coward (for lack of better waords),
I assume your statement was in response to my posting. If not, please disregard this reply. There is nothing wrong with the criticism. As Saadi says:
"Sokhangoo ra ta kasi eread nagirad, sokhanash eslah napazirad". I strongly believe he could have criticized the Arian without calling them "who are these guys to deserve Ali?" By the way in the same video, he sings with a lady, whom according to Mohsen Namjoo's definition is SHAHRAKE-GHARBI. You see the double standard here? This statement according to my opinion was not humble and even during his video he admits that this behavior is just partial fulfillment of the unresolved matters with him. Please watch the Video one more time.

The message that you fail to induce from my response is "Lets accept all various forms of music with trying to humiliate each other." This includes, Mr. Kamkar, Mr. Nazeri, and Arain group and Mohsen himself. Humiliation is different from criticism.


No progres without critique

by Anonymous Coward (not verified) on

There is nothing wrong in Shahram Nazeri or Mohsen Namjoos critique. Without critique there is no progress. Sacking Namjoo from Tehran University is because of lack of Critique.

And talking about humble. He did not do anything that was not humble. He just shared his ideas about music with people. He was being open and frank about his music taste. Maybe he is a person that is full of himself, but that is not something that comes out of this video.

There is really no border between genius and lunatic. The only difference is that if not enough people believe in you then you are a lunatic.


What a talented artist.

by Anonymous1945 (not verified) on

What a talented artist.


I vividly remember sitting

by A drop in the ocean. (not verified) on

I vividly remember sitting in Shahram Nazeri’s concert listening to his comments during the intermission. He literally bashed the entire traditional Iranian music artists, such as Ostad Shajarian, by giving comments like

“How long should we listen to MORGHE-SAHAR? How many times should we listen to repeated melodies. Our people are incapable of digesting new forms in the Persian music.”

Needless to stay that when he finished his performance and audience requested his reappearance (Encore) he came back again and asked

“What do you want me to sing?”

The audio unanimously responded by shouting MORGHE-SAHAR. !!! I knew one day it comes that a new young talented performer would do the same to him. So what is the moral of this story? Lets be respectful and kind to all of our artists, singers while we allow the new generation to blossom.

I need more time to express my opinion about Mohsen Namjoo. I believe his is right at the edge of being genii and a lunatic character, with all due respect to him.

He has most of the figures that a genius individual needs to have in order to create a master piece. His exposure to traditional classical music is very much helping him with his work. I can see how simply he plays with audience feeling by moving them back and forth between BAYAT-ZAND and ESFAHAN. He literally manipulates audience’ feeling and this is a characteristic of a true genuine artist.

The next few years in Mohsen’s life is very critical to him. He can be a hot-shot in Iranian classical music or he can simply be another failed attempt. Only time would tell.
Regardless, you have our support Mohsen.

If I can suggest something to Mohsen Namjoo:

In your video I AM MOHSEN NAMJOO, you talked very highly about Ahmad Ebadee. If you really are his follower, try to be humble while being extra-ordinary. Respect the traditional artists that we have and remember, one day would come that a new artist bashes your style too. So give them enough ground so they respect you for who you are irrespective of how good or bad an artist you are. Be a true Ebadi follower.


Very Nicely Done!

by bebintv on

Very nice Job!!!


Persian Online Reality & Entertainment Television


You are far ahead of the crowd...

by Hassan (not verified) on

Mohsen Dammet Gaarmmmm! You are a great artist, musician, singer and thanks for sharing your work, life and art...I appreciate your courage and wish there was a way I could give you gift? Is that possible? Do you have a bank account?
I live in Los Angeles and it is so refreshing to see someone who is seeking and discovering new boundaries! There is no comparison...here.
Again thanks for sharing...


I saw him First

by manesh on

Look, here's an article about him in the New York Times:


I want credit for being the first one to compare him to Bob Dylan:


But, seriousely, I was truely jarred when I heard Zolf for the first time. 



He is a young Iranian artist

by Ali (not verified) on

He is a young Iranian artist with, probably, a lot of hopes and dreams. Let his talent and music be the only factors that will determine his success. Let's not damage his career with a bunch of labels, rumors and anecdotes.


Dear NorCal

by manesh on

From what I understand, he's been working hard for years.  He had some personal hardships recently.  So, seeing recognition in the newspaper is something that probably made him happy and wanted to share it with others.

He has paid his dues.  I wouldn't consider the incident you mentioned as being full of one's self, but that's just my opinion.  The important thing is for you and I to appreciate his work, and for him to know it, so he can go on. Also, artists are harder to get along with in general.  If nothing else, Namjoo is an artist.



by Anonym (not verified) on

Mr. Namjoo has given a new life to classical persian music. As someone who is not too fond of traditional persian music, I found his music to be delightful.
Thanks for introducing him to the Iranian.com community.


Well, I just finished

by NorCal (not verified) on

Well, I just finished listening to his new CD Toranj...the only thing is that there is a new version of Zolf Bar Bad on the cd and it isn't as good as the one you find on youtube (Zof Bar Bad ROCKS btw) The new version is different, totally different and not in a good way. Eh and the cd isn’t all that interesting.
Anyways I really liked him and thought he was cool until a friend told me that he had ran into him in Iran. I asked him question wanting to know more about him and basically he is kinda full of himself. They didn't really meet but they rode a taxi together. He said that while he was sitting next to Mohsen who was reading a news paper. So my friend had never heard of him and had no idea who he was. Well Mohsen turns to him says look at this, this is an interview with me, Mohsen Namjoo. Tells him to read the article and for him to keep the newspaper because he has other copies of it.


Mohsen jan, Ba Kamran harf

by Anonymous0000 (not verified) on

Mohsen jan, Ba Kamran harf zadi, behesh salame mano beresun. to KHODA hasti, man yeki, shakhsan hazeram barat bemiram.


Parts 3,4 and 5 ...

by YnAnomis (not verified) on


Amazing Talent

by Just Me (not verified) on

Love his music ("Zolf Bar Bad" song was insanely good) and these two short films rocked...especially loved the song at the end of Part II. Amazing talent!


I just love this guy

by manesh on

Especially since I heard his song: zolf bar baad madeh

There is something new and refreshing about him.  He seems  honest and brave.  he is a free spirit. He is also extremely talented and creative.  I am so glad he is getting recognition.  I'll support him and will buy all his works (if I can find any).

I just have one nagging worry, something that  I hope is not true: I just wish he is not addicted to substances.  I wouldn't judge him if he were, or stop following his work.  It's just that it's more fun if it's natural (like breasts).

As long as he is his natural self, it will be a delight to watch him flourish and create. Thank you Mohsen.