I will love once again

Courage is not to hide your wounds but show them as soldier wears his medals


I will love once again
by Cameron Batmanghlich

Courage is not the absence of fear.

Courage is when you shake in your underwear and still face the melody.

Courage is being numb of pain and still not surrender.

Courage is to see the last light of your aura being drained and consumed by the invisible and faceless pain and still stand there and smile.

Courage is to never let them make you a victim.   

Courage is to know that as long as you fight back, you are no victim and act upon that knowledge.

Courage is never to surrender, and when down to the wire, your being then uses your spirit to hit back.

Courage is TO BELIEVE and never ever give up … till the very end.

Courage is to bring your death to your side and use him as your advisor and most faithful companion.

Courage is to turn yourself into ice so as to not feel any yearning during your battle.

Courage is to develop the ability to transfer the sound of your screams into another realm to not show any sign of weakness here on earth.

Courage is wanting to know … even knowing too much, and in that despair, coloring the truth and finding a place of peace to lay down for a moment or to rest ... even in the eye of the storm.

Courage is to willingly open the gate and walk into a place, out there where your emotions and feelings echoing into last frontier of our breathing universe, bordering the next.

Courage is a fight for love.

Courage is not to hide your wounds but show them as soldier wears his medals - earned during a war.  ‘Cause you know that those medals only add to your beauty and when you finally find your soulmate, she will kneel in front of you and give you the reward for your struggle…. sincere love.

Because she will know that you never gave up, fought intensely, long and hard and survived … only because you did not lose faith.

And so … I keep on going … like a fucking energizer bunny.   Numb, dizzy with a lost mind and heart like a stone with my death sitting on my right side … I will go on and on in this tunnel where no light at the end seems to appear – for now.

But my angel is whispering into my ear … that he sees the end of the tunnel and so I trust him and use my warrior hands …big and brutal and my sharp teeth and will fight with my teeth and claws till blood loses its taste and tears no longer find any purpose of pushing themselves out of my hazy eyes.

Because my angel is whispering…

My angel is whispering in my ear that the end is near…the end of the tunnel …and that he sees her …with arms stretched out and heart pounding … kneeling to receive me.

And so … I keep going …because I am going to love once more again.




by rana (not verified) on

you gave me hope that one day i will see the light at the end of tunnel. Beautiful poetry. Inspire us always with your writing. You have a gift.

God Bless.



by Hope on

I love this piece. Thanks for sharing.

Hope ~ always



by moveurhead on

that was a beautifully written piece of poetry that has really given me some hope. i feel that it was exactly written about me and what i am goign through...its good to see i can relate to someone else on the indescribable pain and torture of the evil side of love.


so well written... and so

by oprbxk1 on

so well written... and so right on. only those of us who have suffered (or in my case, are currently suffering) from true hearbreak could fully comprehend.



by Rostam on

Those who have been there can understand every word of your article. Very nice!