This is new

This is new
by Baharak

From collected poems
The Lover by Baharak Sedigh available at or a bookstore near you.

i see you in my dreams

like a lover returning to his beloved

without warning

but with the assurance that his presence

will evoke nothing but joy

your voice shakes my heart

surpassing my expectations

making me hold on to your gaze

for only then can i replay its essence

over and over again

in your presence

i remain centered in my soul

for no thought or prayer

seems more worthy of my attention

than that of the present

filled by all that your being evokes in me

i have talked of love before

i have tasted desire

and wanting has been my companion in the past

this is new

i want to last in time with you

nov 21, 2006-10:45 pm





by Mohammad Ilyas on

A nice show of desire and passion.