Newton's 3rd Law

Newton's 3rd Law
by Tina Ehrami

With the force of my small hands,
With the passion of my zealous goal,
I pushed forth the carriage of life

Along the way there were bumps
There were numerous turns and
There were times my vision was blurred
By the mist that like white cotton cushions
Came between my hands and the carriage

But I moved on
Not knowing any directions
Or what would await me when I’d arrive

Would you be there waiting for my tired body
To hold and comfort me
Or to kiss my hands and cheeks
And send me back on my way
And promise to see me at the end?

I carried on
Pushing forward the carriage
With my small hands and
Tired legs longing for
A place to pick dandy’s under the sun

It was somewhere between yesterday and tomorrow
When I heard a sound
I turned and saw
My zealous goal approaching

How? I wondered,
Was I pushing the carriage,
But moving in an opposite direction?

I now question nature and reason
For the more I pushed, the more I was pushed
To an opposite direction!
With my every action an equal and opposite reaction
Had brought me closer
To where I was dreaming of going

I know not why
I thought it was I who pushed the carriage
When in fact,
It was the carriage
That was pushing me.


~Tina Ehrami


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by Mehdi on

Man is a stimulus-response animal (object). The more you believe it the more you become one! And the Newton's third law applies to objects, doesn't it? Psychology is a cult not a science.


To my ears

by amirkabear4u on

Please whisper to my ears until I fall sleep. Very good. Beauty and brain together.


beautiful flowers just 4 u

by Anonymoos (not verified) on

nice poetry, please continue. U R cute.



Nice poetry .... Must see

by Must See (not verified) on


I love it, Tina.

by Tehran (not verified) on

I love it, Tina. Everything is connected.