Nothing, nada, zilch

Giving credit to the Islamic Republic


Nothing, nada, zilch
by Faramarz_Fateh

In reply to Dariush Abadi's "Iran stones 1 person and you call that backward?".

I apologize for starting off like this but if you take your head out of your rectum for a few moments and take a deep breath, you'll realized that stoning someone to death is in fact savagery, no matter what the reason.

Over the past few years, you have attempted to defend the out dated Islamic laws and actions of the so called Islamic Republic of Iran on ""; and to this end, you have failed miserably. The reason is that unjust and inhumane actions by anyone, any government or any religion cannot be justified. You would have failed as badly even if your IQ was 50 points higher that its now. (shall we say 130?)

Most humans in this day and age are hypocrites. We say we are law abiding but we drive over the speed limit every day. We say we are law abiding and we cheat on our taxes. We say we are religious and we lie, cheat, gossip and "do it onto others before they do it to us".

For the past few centuries, Islam and cultures dominated by, have objectified women and used religion to oppress and enslave the poor. How you ask? By busying the masses with religious based hatred of Jews and Bahais, demonizing Israel and America, worrying about entering the toilet with the right or left foot. While the illiterate masses were worried about this, the top and the connected to top were stealing money, building "borj"s and investing real estate and oil profits in Dubai and Canada. And yes, let's not forget contributions to the Palestinians.

To America, Iran is nothing more than a tiny mosquito on an elephant's ass. The reason there has not been an attack on Iran is not as you claim; that Iran has played her cards right. It's because a good percentage of the American people are decent human beings and don't like to see a bunch of innocent Iranians bombed to death. If a higher % of Americans were like the typical pick-up truck driving red neck in Texas or Oklahoma, you can be sure Iran was viraan.

Making Iran into a parking lot is a 24-48 hour task for the U.S. They can even do it from Florida, without any soldiers ever setting foot into Iran.

Iran has a GDP of less than $2000, $1200 of which is from oil. For the past 30 years, the Islamic bastards did not do a damn thing to build any type of an industrial or service base. Nothing, nada, zilch.

South Koreans or Japanese, without a liter of oil or a cubic meter of natural gas built world class industries and became industrial power house in 30 years. What did the Islamic Republic or Iran do? Japan is #1 in auto and consumer goods industry. Korea is #1 in semiconductors & ship building and fast approaching #1 in electronic consumer goods. Korea's bioengineering industry is ahead of the U.S.and France.

Iran however will run out of Oil in 35-50 years. It still imports 66% of its gasoline. Has chronic shortage of electricity. Has minimal tourism. Has very minimal incoming foreign investments. Frankly speaking, other than carpets, saffron and pistachio, Iran is not #1 in anything else. And I doubt if the Islamic Republic can take credit for these 3 things.

What it can take credit for is an 11% rate of prostitution among women of 18-34.
What it can take credit for is 30% unemployment among men of 18-40.
What it can take credit for is its wish for removing Israel from the face of the earth. And I almost forgot, it can also take credit for stoning its citizens to death and morons like you who support such actions.�


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