by Manoucher Avaznia

News were reaching


About arrival

Of great concepts

In the great heads

Of the statesmen.


Words were hurrying

Between lips and ears

In whispers; aloud,

And the shining cars

Of a long train

Were gliding in

Among the uproar.


Crowds were amassed

In town square,

With hats in their hands.


Cheecks were red apples,

Smiles were on lips,

Big and rich, indeed

Eyes were by thousands

Upon a thousand;

Sheen of reverence

Pouring our of them.

Tears were being shed,

Pleasure ran high,

Emotions higher,

In the veins, in words

Of an ovation.


I shaded a hand

On passing windows

To peek in the cars,

To see someone's face,

To shake someone's hand,

To send greetings,

To show a smile,

To admire a thought.


Statues were nice.

Lovely products

Of dull factories

Were sitting inside:

All clean and neat,

With great smiles,

Without any life.


What happened to thoughts?

Where did they escape?

Where did their life run?


Hand of what ravage

Has robbed them of the boughs

Of tree of sense;

Of grass of life?


Sweet statues,

Wrapped in their honors,

Had delved in silence

With their eyes affixed

To newspapers.


Mirror looked at me:

"The one you look for

Is not among them."


Who was envious

Of my closeness

To great brains,

Mavelous plans,

Great prospects?


No one was around.

Mirror ran away.

Cars were empty.

Thoughts had run away.


Noises were running

From every side.

Void applauded void!


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