Welcome home

I knew I was at the cross roads


Welcome home
by bfellini

I was back to my home after many years I was filled with excitement. From the looks of the buildings and construction it looked as though there were certainly more people in the city then before. As I approached the gate to the city I noticed something was weird about my surroundings everyone was frozen, they were not able to move they just stood like ice sculptures frozen in time. I drove through the Main boulevards and realized that this phenomenon was apparent across the city. Everyone was a wax sculpture.

I pulled over and walked out into the street to examine the situation more closely. I walked up a man in his mid 30s that was in a suit and walking with his briefcase and tried to talk to him “HEY” I yelled but he looked as blank as when I first noticed him, so then I got more gutsy and tried to push him over but it was like pushing a marble statue. “HMMM?” I said what the hell is going on here. As I was pondering this thought someone said “hello.”

I turned around and saw a man. “Hello” He looked me over for a sec then said “what are you doing here” I thought I should be asking him the same thing but I told him how I grew up here many years ago and I was feeling nostalgic for the past and my youth so I came back to see what happened to my town. “OH I see” said the man, “well as you can see nothing has really changed and its business as usual” I thought to myself “ok you must either be blind or an idiot” he quickly responded “I am neither.” I said “How did you know what I was thinking” he looked at me for a few seconds and said “because I know everything.”

“Whatever” I thought, “So who are you?” I asked. “I am a representation of all that you see” he said “You are God?” “Well, not exactly” he paused for a few seconds then he said “I am not God I am an angel of God, God really doesn’t appear all the time I am only a representations of the coconscious of God so I appear to you like this.” I stood there for a few minutes frozen not knowing what to do thinking I was dead. So I closed my eyes thinking I was having a nightmare when I reopened my eyes nothing had changed the man was standing in front of me the people where still frozen. I looked at the man and asked “if you are such a good angel where are your wings?” he looked back at me and said “look the whole wing thing was your creation; we never had wings were angels not birds”

“Before we get any further, am I dead” I asked, “no you are still alive” replied the angel. The air was stale time was frozen without explanation and I was starting to get worried “what happens if I stay in this state and can never leave” I asked the angel “what happened to this place?” the angel looked around and replied “what happened to this place is what happens everywhere people forget who they are they start being something their not they forget what they believed then they forget their culture then they start to fabricate what they think is right what they think is suppose to be who they are, Meaning my friend they get stuck they are still stuck on what happened in the past and still look for answers in the past instead of looking forward instead of thinking freely with the soul and mind God gave them they look for others for answers they have sold there souls and wait for people to think for them”

Now the angel with his head down said “what happened here did not start when you left it started when your leaders lost control of there egos they started to challenge the sanctity of their positions they started to put themselves in front of their people they killed for fear of losing there own importance and slowly they were evaporated and replaced with the same despots instead of learning they all made the same mistake over again.”

I looked at the angel and said “what about me, what should I do?” he looked at me and said, “You have three choices you can go back to where you came from, you can start moving and begin different from everyone and slowly people will realize that there is change and you will see a remaking of your society or you can stand and join the others as they accept what they perceive to be the only true way.”

After a pause the angel looked back at me and said “let me warn you if you accept to be different and move where others stand think where others fallow resist where others accept the pain and suffering is one hundred times more but as a whole the group will start to heal its wounds and the culture will grow again.”

I knew I was at the cross roads I could be the catalyst for change or I could be like so many others who have accepted and sold themselves and created there own ridiculous interpretation of this culture. I stood there and watched the sun go down amongst the mountains not knowing what to do after a few hours I realized the angel had left and I was alone amongst the frozen.



Lucky dog! you met an

by asdollah (not verified) on

Lucky dog! you met an angel!...
I know... even a fallen one is an angel anyway... And not too many people get that privilege...
But wait, you should have asked for a second meeting before leaving Lucifer.


The article needs editing!

by farrad02 on

Jahanshah, are you editing these articles? If not, you may want to label as such (unedited)!