Albie's Last Confessions

"it has been a dog's life."


Albie's Last Confessions
by Feshangi

The doctors knew that he had liver cancer. They had done all types of tests and were certain that sixty percent of his liver was covered with cancer cells and he had only days to live. I was very sad and upset that after so many years of knowing and loving him, now I was about to lose him. He and I were very close. I knew everything about him and he knew me well too. One day he and I sat and had a long conversation. I did not know at the time that this was going to be the last time we talk.

- How are you feeling today?

- Oh, it is the pain that is killing me. I have this dull and constant pain deep in my belly. Even though I take all these pills it seems that they have no effect, the pain remains and eats away at my patience and willingness to live.

- You should not give up. They will find a way to cure you and ease the pain. Just have patience and hang on. There is always hope.

- Hope? Ya sure. Just like when I hoped your children would grow up fast and stop pulling on my hair. I lost a lot of my hair because of them.

- Yeh you did but they were young and did not know what they were doing. Besides, they grew up and stop bothering you.

- Sure they did but you did not. You kept bothering me and telling to do this and to do that and stop doing the other. Always ordering me around and kicking me.

- I only kicked you once and have not stopped kicking myself ever since. I did say that I was sorry, didn't I?

- Yes you did but the damage was done. My ass is still hurting. I wish I was big enough to kick you in the ass so you would know what it feels like.

We both looked to door on our left when Natalie entered. She was all in black and looking grim. But no matter how sad or upset Natalie felt or looked, her long shiny black hair gave a seductive beauty to her narrow face. Her light honey color eyes were bright and invited you in. She had a very sultry way about her and when she walked it was impossible to miss the way she moved her bottom to the left and right, very similar to the pendulum of the grandfather clock that stood in the far end of the room.

- The bitch is among us!

- Albie stop it! it is not very nice or proper to talk like this. You and Natalie have been together for many years. I know your relationship has not been rosy but it does not make
it alright to talk in this manner. Try to be nice for a change old man.

- Nice? If I act any nicer I will be elected as the next Pope!

- Stop it! That is sacrilegious!

- Sacrilegious? What are you talking about? Do you know what is sacrilegious to me?

- What?

- Well, let me tell you buddy! I was there and I saw you. To me what you were doing to her was sacrilegious. You call that a doggy style? That was seriously sacrilegious. That was more like camel style than anything I have ever seen! Even the French poodles don't do it the way you were doing it. It was a disgrace and you know exactly what I am talking about.

I was flabbergasted! This must be cancer talking and not my sweet friend Albie. The cancer must have traveled to his head and damaged his brain to the point of no return.
I waited until he had calmed down and as Natalie looked on I asked him if he wanted to sip on some water. He shook his head.

"It has been a hard life my dear Albie, has it not?", I quietly whispered into his ear. His white long eyelashes half opened revealing his love filled eyes as he looked into my eyes and I heard his last breath on this earth carry his answer to my question, "it has been a dog's life."

That day I lost Albie for ever. He was with me since he was six months old. He was an amazing dog who was very intelligent and human like in many ways. I miss him terribly and I think about him often. Now my dear Natalie remains and she is receiving all my love and attention, as any dog should.


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by Feshangi on



Dear Azarin

by Feshangi on

Thank you for reading my story.  I am very happy that you liked it.

You have a very good memory, I envy you. Albie was a very good friend and companion and I was very lucky to have known him.  



Azarin Sadegh

Sad and sweet with a final punch!

by Azarin Sadegh on

Dear Feshangi,

I really liked this story, and specially the big surprise at the end! Very well done!

Unfortunately, I think I know it's a true story about your beloved dog... I am very sorry for your loss, but I am happy that your grief has motivated you to write such a lovely piece.



Thank you

by Feshangi on

My dear friends Mojgan, Ebi, Nazy, and Kaveh thank you for taking the time to read my story and thank you for all your encouragement and kind words. You guys are great!



Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Your story is very sweet and moving.

Nazy Kaviani

Dear Feshangi

by Nazy Kaviani on

How sweet and how clever! You are a wonderful storyteller!

I still have a heart full of love and sadness for my dog, Gorgi, and my cat, Asghar, who are not with me anymore. A dog lover, I thought I could never love a cat, but this cat forced his way into my life and made me love him just as much. I never thought I would cry for a pet as much as I did when I lost each of them. Animals could be just as giving as humans. Heck, some animals are a lot more giving than some humans I have known!

Albie's in heaven now, looking down and humoring you still, I am sure. For your part, you did one heck of a tribute for him.

ebi amirhosseini

Feshangi Jaan

by ebi amirhosseini on

hope it is not based on true story!

you reminded me of Thomas Hardy.



I am sorry for your loss my friend

by Mojgan- (not verified) on

I am going to take a wild guess and say this must be either a true story or based on true events anyway...

I am sorry about your pooch! but be careful about that Nathalie, the way you looked at her was not quite kosher... was that part also in the true events category?

[I know I know... couldn't help it buddy ;-) sorry ]