I Witnessed Two Murders

I saw it with my own eyes a man being killed


I Witnessed Two Murders
by Feshangi

It was two in the morning and I was the last customer left in the bar. I decided it was time to leave and head home. Since my car was parked in the rear of the building, I decided to exit from the back door and use the alleyway as a shortcut. It was very dark out there except for the full moon that gave a silvery hue to everything it touched.

As I walked toward the main road, I heard a faint cry coming from somewhere to my left. I was afraid to get involved but my inborn curiosity was too strong to overcome. Very quietly I headed toward the sound. I saw two men bending over a body which lay on the ground in front of them. I tried to stretch open my eyes as wide as I could in order to see better what was going on some fifty yards away.

Suddenly my whole body started to shake and stiffen, when I realized what I was looking at. I thought my heart was about to stop. I could not breathe and the muscles in my throat were pushing inward trying to suffocate me. I knew if I continued looking I would also end up on the ground. I sat down for a moment and tried to collect myself.

The two men had placed the nude body of a man on a tarp and with surgical instruments had opened his abdomen. Now with the careful attention that only a surgeon could muster, one of the men was removing the organs one by one and very carefully covering them and placing them in a large Igloo icebox. From what I could hear, the man on the ground was still alive but was heavily sedated.

Now that I had seen the icebox, I knew what I was witnessing. The murdering duo, like two archaeologit old timers, were carefully excavating the poor man's interior, cutting and removing anything they deemed useful and saleable on the black market. Most likely they already had their clients in place, knowing exactly who needed what. They had received half the money in advance and will soon recieve the other half on delivery of the goods.

Very soon the two vultures would move to the victim's face, removing his nose and both his eyes. What a ghoulish sight! By the time they leave, the unfortunate man will look like a half eaten turkey on a Thanksgiving dinner table, torn into pieces. What a horrible sight. I could not take it any more. I had to leave. I was too afraid to turn on my car engine, so I decided to run home, even though I lived five miles away.

I can not remember how long it took me to get there, but I thanked God when I finally got to my house. My safe haven, my sanctuary. It was only then I realized that I was missing my jacket. I could not concentrate. What did I do with my jacket? My wallet as well as all my keys were in it!

I went around the building to the back and carefully climbed in through the kitchen window. I had to call the police and let them know about what I had just witnessed. I landed in the sink which was full of unwashed dishes. With a lot of effort both my feet were finally on the kitchen floor. I felt a sharp pain on my head as I fell to the ground. I was conscious and could hear voices but I was unable to move. I heard one man profusely swear at me while pointing out how stupid I was for leaving my jacket in the alleyway. They had heard me walk away and had found my jacket with all the necessary information to direct them to my house, long before I arrived at the kitchen window.

I could hear another man constantly talking on the phone to different people. It sounded like he was negotiating and haggling on the price of different organs. I remember the silence after the phone calls had finally ended. I was glad to have the peace and quiet. My head was throbbing so bad that I thought I was going to die.

I faintly heard one of the men approach and kneel beside me. He then rolled up my shirt sleeve. I felt a sharp needle pain in my upper arm and in no time I fell into a state of semi sleep. It was a type of sleep that is not too deep. The dreams you see and hear are not actually dreams but are what is happening around you. I could hear and feel everything but my body lay still and unable to move. I could feel the swollen tongue in my mouth, but could not talk or produce any kind of sound. I cried of pain and tears quietly rolled down the sides of my face. I knew what these bastards were doing to me. I could hear the skin and the fat and the muscle layers of my abdomen being cut open and separated. I could feel the warmth of my blood bathing my outer cold skin as I lay there being butchered by the murdering duo. I could feel my lungs and my heart and my kidneys being pulled away from where they had been since they were formed so many years ago. I felt every pull and I heard every cut. What a way to lose weight, I thought to myself. Soon they will move to my face. They will remove my nose and both my eyes. I will remain dead but my body parts will live on in or on some other bodies. That is a weird thought.

This, I think, is the part when I shall cease being.


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Dear Rostamdastan

by Feshangi on

I have heard of people going through surgery and being awake, feeling the pain, but unable to communicate with the surgeons. Very scary indeed. But my little story was not inspired by this phenomenon.  



Dear persian westender

by Feshangi on

I just read your piece. I loved it. Pretty powerful stuff. Thanks for the link. 


persian westender


by persian westender on

Dear Feshangi, I went through an experience of dying too. //iranian.com/main/blog/persian-westender... but I was involved in a more personal process of dying and it was by bullets in my skull; so it was fast fortunately! Witnessing removal of your organs is a unique experience indeed. Thanks god they didn't cut your fingers and you could type this story for us!:-)


Were you inspired

by RostameDastAn on

... by the stories of anesthetized patients waking up in the middle of surgeries? :-)). Good one, anyway!


Dear IRANdokht

by Feshangi on

Thank you for your comments.  Yes I am alive and kicking.  They cut off my nose because it is an Iranian nose: nice and BIG!  :-)



oh boy

by IRANdokht on

I am so glad you are stll alive and smiling in your picture.

You have a vivid imagination my friend, I guess the story is plausible if not told in the first person narrative ;-) but I still don't know why would they cut off the nose?

I'd rather see a funny story next time, this one was a little unsettling especially right before lunch!