My Dreams

by Feshangi

every night i hurry
to go to sleep
so I can be with you
in my dreams
the world where there are
no limitations
in my
nightly hallucinations
where we play and play
our bodies so close as if one
we touch and laugh
as if there is no morrow
then I look into your eyes
and I see the pure beauty
that god meant to create
and he did so splendidly
but I know soon I will awake
and have to put up
with the painful pause
that day brings
till I live again
in my reverie
to be with you again. 


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Thank you..

by Feshangi on

Ebi jan for your comments. Just a touch may be.

shahab3 jan i am glad you liked the poem. My farsi is very poor and I don't dare to express anything in it for I'll be laughed out of this site.

Nazy jan thank you for your comments. I agree with all your statements. It is very sad that one should satisfy ones need for closeness through imagination and words instead of real warm flesh and a genuine beating heart. The way I see it is that we tend to enter a relationship with an established agenda: what can I get out of this relationship? Instead of: I love this person and I am going to give him or her all the love I can give. Until this happens, we have no choice but to put up with shallow relationships that come and go.

Azarin jan, thank you very much for your wish. I hope all YOUR dreams will also come true. 




Azarin Sadegh

I wish...

by Azarin Sadegh on

Dear Feshangi,

I wish that all your dreams come true! Sweet poem!

Thanks for sharing, Azarin

Nazy Kaviani

Dear Feshangi

by Nazy Kaviani on

Welcome back! I missed you!

I love your poem. It is so sweet and so sensitive. I can only imagine what kind of a sweet love poem you would write if you had the girl.

I mean the unattainable lover is a recurring theme in so much that I read these days. Is there no one out there who has the guy/girl, kisses that person for real, makes real and passionate love to that person, and feels jubiliant enough to write a poem about it?

I miss "vasl" Feshangi, I really do!


Nice Poem!

by Shahab3 (not verified) on

Feshangi why don't you write in Farsi!

ebi amirhosseini

Feshangi Jaan

by ebi amirhosseini on

A touch of Harold Robbins in it?!

Loved it.


Ebi aka Haaji