Being Bullied

I believe that Iran is involved in a peaceful production of energy


Being Bullied
by Feshangi

It is very belittling to me to see how some of the western countries are trying to force their power to stop Iran from having nuclear power.

Iran not only should be able to utilize nuclear technology to produce electrical energy, she should also be able to produce its own nuclear fuel to run these plants. We should not be at the mercy of some superpower deciding whether or not we can have our quota of fuel to run these plants and produce electricity.

Iran is a sovereign country and needs to be able to decide independently much nuclear energy she wishes to produce, in as many power plants as she wishes to build.

This ability is of paramount importance since the god given gift of oil under our homeland is about to run dry and we need to be prepared to produce enough energy for our citizens, industry, and security.

I believe that Iran is involved in a peaceful production of energy. As a nation, we Iranians are a peace loving nation. We only have to go back in recent history to prove this. We do not initiate wars, but we will defend our homeland if necessary.

The soul of Iranian people is enriched by literature, poetry, music, and visual arts. We are not a nation thirsty to fight others or create conflict. We are experts in negotiation and the art of diplomacy. We practice these in our every day lives, in our businesses and with the members of our families.

We iranians are an amazing people. We are also very proud and independent people. We do not appreciate others telling us what we should and should not do, or doubt our good intentions.

The countries that are trying to stop our progress do not have the same track record as we do. It is not very hard to count the number of wars and skirmishes these countries have been involved with in the past few decades.

To look at the security issue, Iran is geographically sitting next to or very close to nations which possess nuclear arms. Russia, Pakistan, India, China, Israel. Iran needs to be able to protect herself if attacked or at least be able to deter others to attack her.

We are running against time and I hope we shall meet our desired goals before it is too late.


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Russians are upset too!

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Russians are upset too, they want Iran to stop its "expensive" nuclear program .... so that they can continue selling their outdated technology to Iran, get paid for the same crap multiple times and extort Iranians like they are extorting their former republics and Europe for Gas. They are so concerned about Iranians!!!! //


War Pozzle

by Dariush (not verified) on

The fact that Iran has not given up under pressure has worried the west that maybe Iran already has nuclear weapons in her possession. The purpose of pushing precondition offers are to solve this pozzle. If accepted by Iran it will asure the west and triggers the war. Otherwise not. And a mutual agreement will not solve this pozzle, thus slowing the war.

K Nassery

It has to be 5 square ft per person

by K Nassery on

One person must take up a square foot...even a child must take up that space.  That number seems really off to me.

 I know Seymour Hersh and his sources...They have been wrong in the past.  You can't trust everything you read even if it agrees with your personal opinions.  Certainly, it can't be counted as factual without some sort of documentation or investigation.  The best sources are those willing to stand up for what they say is truth. 

As to the US starting a war with Iran, it might happen.  I just finished reading JJ's articles about the interviews in the Senate yesterday.  It's less likely if Obama gets in, but if McCain gets the knod, I would expect aggressive actions in the Middle East.

I still stand by my thought that if Israel is attacked and feels that it will not survive, they will destroy Iran as their final volley.  I think Iranians should really consider this before continuing in their campaign for the destruction of Israel.  It's not a pleasant thing to consider, but I have a gut feeling this would be the final outcome. 

I do feel badly for the people of Gaza and the West Bank.  I feel badly for Israeli children being killed too.  Human lives are more valuable than pieces of land.  If I could help them, I would do it right now.

I tried to give my thoughts and feelings rather than claim that my ideas are facts since my thoughts are based on many pieces of information from many sources.  So many times, people get upset because someone doesn't agree with their every word.  That's not true for me. I listen and discuss and hopefully come to the best conclusions possible.  I might be wrong, but I put effort into the process and many others just jump at conclusions based on air.



Anonymous sources

by Anonymouse on

Seymour Hersch is a prize winning journalist and has had many whistle blowing articles and exposes.  Just think how Watergate came about or how Clinton was impeached due an anonymous source.

Now as far as the stuff in that article coming to fruition, remember the "bunker busting bombs" and Bush-Cheney not saying anything when the whole world are screaming murder.  That should give some credibility to that article and report.

As far as Israel attacking Iran, remember Gulf War I.  US was having THOUSANDS of sorties a day in Iraq and Israel was saying we are going to use restraint and not do anything.  People were asking what is Israel going to do that US is not already doing?!

So when you have US surrounding Iran with its massive military and armada who is in a better position to go to war with Iran?! Israel is just asking for US to remember when she scracted US's back and went blindly into the war with Lebanon to appease US Air Force and now attack Iran.  She is just encouraging US to go to war, they are not going to do it themselves.

Lastly, you can't put hundreds of thousands of Palenstinians in Gaza and West Bank (like house arrest) and expect them to sit still!! Gaza and West Bank refugee camps have the highest concentration of population per land.  Something like 5 people per square foot, don't know the exact figure but I know it is the highest in the world, beating NYC with all its highrises.

K Nassery

Interesting article.

by K Nassery on

Don't ya just hate anonymous informants?  LOL...Sorry...just teasing..  That article was just packed with information from anyonmous sources.  It' makes you wonder if it's true or not.

What a mixed up world we live in!  I have no love for Israel.  I have no doubt the Bush might be involved in that mess, he certainly waited long enough for the call for  a cease fire.  That said, missiles into my cities and kidnapping of my fellow citizens would make me want to respond to the constant attacks.  I would also make plans against people I know want to harm my fellow citizens.  I have no way to know if Bush was involved in the conflict last summer.  He certainly did nothing to prevent it, that's for sure.  Iranian leaders meeting with Hezbollah leaders surely looks suspcious too.  Even if you are on the wrong side (like Zionists are thought to be,) you want to live and you want your children to survive.  Why is Iran surprised that threatening Israel might provoke retaliation against Iran?

I don't see how attacking Hezbollah targets would help Israel in planning future attacks on Iran.  The Hezbollah targets are moving and the Iranian targets are fixed installations.    Israel was game planning, no doubt.  In a real conflict, you forget specific targets and bomb whole cities into dust.  Ask the Germans.  Israel can't win a war against Iran, all they can do is kill many, many Iranians.  If they feel they are being destroyed, Israel will just kill as many Iranians as they can out of revenge.  The people living in Israel really won't allow another 7,000,000 deaths. This time, they will not get on trains like sheep.

I think that Iran is playing a dangerous game.  Some Israeli general, in recent days, warned Iran that enough is enough.  If Israel feels threatened on two sides, it will send it's planes to Iran to punish Iran for it's contribution.  I listen to Israeli rhetoric and it might be with the secret blessings of the Western nations who are frustrated on all levels with the countless, fruitless discussions with Iranian officials. I think the Israelis are sick of Iran getting off without punishment.  Will the US let Israelis fly over Iraq?  I think they would. If Bush is still there, the chances are greater.

If I could turn back the clock, I would have taken every single Jew from Europe into the USA and Canada.  They would have contributed greatly to our achievements and the Middle East wouldn't be suffering so.    I actually wish they would come here now and step away from what they think is their ancient homeland, but I don't think they will do it.

If Israel goes down, they will take Iranian cities with them.  What a great price to pay for both nations.  If it was up to me, I'd tell the leaders to look at what they are moving towards and stop now.

As to Syria,  I'm not sure where they stand.  When a Syrian guard died protecting the American Embassy in Damascus, I thanked the people at the Syrian Embassy website address and told them that I cared about the man's family.  The Syrian Ambassador to the US wrote to me and he seemed like a sincere man who wants to solve the problems of the Middle East.  I forwarded his letter to my Senator Richard Durbin because I felt that someone in our goverment should read it. 

I think a President Obama might have a better chance in dealing with the Middle East and I hope he would have lots of support from US leaders experienced in these issues. 


Sure Iran has peaceful? (to Dear Farhad)

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Dear Farhad says, "Sure its peaceful, I also belive in Unicorns and UFOs."

Farhadjan this is one of the few occasions that I hope you are right (that Iran really has some other objectives)!!
When those who attacked Iraq in 2003 based on several hundred lies, decide to attack Iran, MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) is the only thing that might prevent them from destroying Iran. One of the things that enforces MAD is ....
BUT, based on the assessment of many US agencies, Iran is not developing a bomb and you are wrong again.


K. Nassery about Israel's incursion in Lebanon

by Anonymouse on

This is a long article but if you have the patience to read it, it sheds light on the thinking of why Israel went to war with Lebanon.

 It was a test case for "surgical strikes" against Iranian nuclear facilities as pushed by US Air Force.  If you remember Israeli were using "bunker buster" bombs which brought on worldwide condemnation for being too brutal and ruthless, an overkill.

They just didn't expect the kind of resistance they would face.  Iranian influence is not going away with "surgical strikes", ignoring it, or using anti-Muslim rhetoric against it.  You start by talking first.  Obama is calling for talks first, decisions next.

K Nassery

Being Bullied

by K Nassery on

It's true that Iran is being bullied by the UN Security Council, but perhaps we should look at the reasons that the West is doing this.  This morning, I read that Iran is the only Middle Eastern country that has effectively exerted it's influence in the Middle East.  Something to be proud of if you ar a pro regime Iranian, I am sure.

I have Lebonese friends, originally from Beirut, who would beg to differ that Iranian influence is a good thing.  Arms and monetary support to Hezbollah from Iran contributed to the conflict of last summer.  The economic rise of Lebanon was simply destroyed.  There are two countries to blame for this:  Israel and Iran.  Israel fought because their soldiers were taken and they saw the buildup of a huge military threat and Iran is responsible  because they funded the huge military threat to Israel.   Surely, Lebanon and Israel both suffered in that conflict. 

It's my opinion, after  years of study and thought, that Iran's current problem in the UN have as much to do with Khomeini's deliberate exporting of "The Revolution," as it does with the development of 6,000 additional centrifuges yesterday.  In the minds of the West, all factors are considered, Unfortunately for the planners in Tehran, the chess game is looked at aa a plan, not a sinlge move. 

Iranians have long memories.... 1953...  Yes, I have listened to the outrage for 35 years.  It triggered the  American hostage taking and the support of groups willing to blow up sleeping American soldiers.  Do you really think that Americans forget so easily either?  Too bad, we couldn't have called it a draw in 1981 and stopped the contest.

It's paybeack time, guys.  Iran is being bullied and squeezed and pushed to the cliff.  The US isn't doing that to other countries so there must be a reason for us to do it to Iran.  If you just say, poor us...we are so innocent and we are being bullied, but  don't look for possible reasons, you can't survive much less succeed.

I don't think this would have happened if a secular government had survived after the Revolution.  I was no fan of the Shah because I believe my Iranian family and friends after looking at their side of the argument and doing research.  There has to be separation of Church and State in Iran.  Leaders, elected by the people and subject to the people's voice, will make better choices.  For now, Iran suffers as the world says, "No, to The Revolution."  Perhaps, the exportation of the Revolution into Iraq will wake up powerful neighbors in the Middle East to the dangers of Iranian influence directed by religious autocrats.  This won't be a good thing for Iran.  Being bullied will be the least of Iran's problems in the future.

Iranians are tired of war and they don't want another Revolution.  It was horrible, I know this from family.  Someone has to step up to the plate and say enough, though.  Modern Iran must have civil rights for all.  Women and men are equal.  It's a fact and no law can change this fact.   I think educaation is the key.  The clerics must think so too and that is why they attack students every day.  They were once the students who started the Revolution so they know where the danger lies.  I have faith that Iranians will overcome this.  I know Iranian leaders who private....know the score.  Hopefully, they will step forward like a few have done.  Every country needs brave men and women to make change.

I'm glad my Iranian niece is coming to Duke for graduate eduation.  She's going to love it in the West.  I want her to feel free and be the equal of every man. She wants to go back home, but I think she won't find opportunities in Iran and she'll stay with us.  She's absolutelyy brilliant and she will help America.  I am positive that she will.  In the battle for the brilliant minds of Iranians. the West is winning.  Just look at the Iranian communities in the West, the best and brightest of Iran are coming here. Freedom is the draw.

I think the real bullies are the Iranian clerics and Ahmadinejad's minions.  The world is just reaction to their actions.   That's my two cents for what it's worth.





by Dariush (not verified) on

This is not about nuclear bombs. Or they would start with disarming. This is about do as I say or else..... by the west and Israel and about revenge by opositions groups.


Sure Iran has peaceful

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

Sure Iran has peaceful Nuclear energy program!!!!!! Lets ask A.Q Khan and N Korea about that. The ones who claim that apparently been sleeping the last 30 years since the day 1 of this regime's takeover of our country. The inability of some Iranians to understand the nature of this regime is simply traumatizing! They have absolutely no idea what this regime's ideology and goals are, what it has done for the last 30 years and what plans it has for the world,IF IT WAS GIVEN THE CHANCE ! Sure its peaceful, I also belive in Unicorns and UFOs.

K Nassery

and Cyrus....

by K Nassery on

Lest you think that I am being too negative about the arms race that is coming in the Middle East, let me mention the reason that Saddam finally invaded Kuwait.  According the the FBI agent of Lebanese origin who spent months interrogating and befriending Saddam after the dictator's capture by the US military, the final blow was the comment by the Emir of Kuwait that he would take the oil from that field until every woman in Iraq was a prostitute.  Saddam then invaded Kuwait.  This information came from a 60 Minutes interview of the FBI agent. who appeared credible to me and my husband.  One statement/insult and thousands died.  So...beware of dicatators baring nukes.  They anger easily and Human lives mean nothing to them.

K Nassery

Dear Cyrus,

by K Nassery on

Thank your for your respectful comments. 

 Sure, China, Russia and the rest have nuclear weapons.  They are making trouble for Iran.  The question that I thought the original blogger brought up was the peaceful use of energy. My reading of his text was that he didn't think Iran was trying to make the bomb. I disagreed with that.  I stated that it was my belief that Iran was following through on the  orignal plans of Ayatolla Khomeini at the end of the Iran/Iraq was of the 1980's. 

 I agree with you that those countries have the bomb and that makes me think that Iran wants the bomb and ballastic missiles so it can be the "equal" of the others on that list.    I can see that this is a masculinity issue too.  You have it so mine should be bigger and better.  To me, this just confirms that I am correct and the original blogger is incorrect.  Iran is not pursuing the use pf peaceful nuclear power.

I communicate with Iranians both here, in the US and in Iran.  I know all of the arguments for Iran having the bomb.  I have no doubt that the announced 6,000 centrifuges this monring is a warning that soon Iran will be the nuclear equal of all of those other countries.

As to this discussion, I tried to answer the original blogger not answer the question of whether or not Iran deserves the possession of nuclear weapons.  I'm sure Iranians want to have the bomb.  If that is the superiority that you want over your Middle Eastern neighbors, enjoy the experience and be honest about it because I promise you, all of your neighbors will follow suit in days.  Everyone will have the bomb in the Middle East and someday, someone...  will use it.  Feelings about religion, rights to oil, and land run high in that part of the planet.  If someone is willing to blow up Shiites who are praying in their mosques, they might nuke a whole city.   Yes, the bomb in Pakistan and Israel is a real worry for Iran. Compound that when all nations have their fingers on those red buttons. I doubt the Supreme Leader is able to think about the consequences of his choices today and the affect those consequences will have on the children of tomorrow.  Perhaps, those who have the bomb today, really want to prevent the destruction of the planet because they know of the dangers and expense of guarding those weapons today.

If this is all a man thing....go for it... the planet will survive even if the Human population is destroyed.  I was never for the missile shield in the past, but I think we should have it if everyone in the Middle East has the bomb.  I will write to my Senators and Congressmen and tell them that we need to do something now because troubie is definately coming soon.

 Hmmmm..... maybe, it's time to start digging for a bunker too....  I wonder if that Iranian husband of mine wants some exercise. 



Aghay-e Mr. Feshangi

by no one (not verified) on

Aghay-e Mr. Feshangi jan,

You must be new here, or am I wrong?!

Inja agar movazab nabashin, 'some' Sa'ay mikonan dorosteh ghoortet bedan!

Some people have a great, big, huge, gigantic, chip on their shoulder.

"Ya ba ma'ee - Ya ZED-e ma!"

Have you heard that viewpoint somewhere before?!
Any form of opinion Moghoooooff

(Feshangi jan, not that I agree with you 100%,
but an opoinion is an opinion is an opinion!!)

Good luck.



by jamshid on

Quote from your post: "The reason west was willing to provide Iran with nuclear energy was because shah was their nokar..."

This is not a satisfactory answer. It is more a "safsateh" and I'll tell you why.

1. Shah was not a nokar. If you consider close ties with the US being a "nokar", then the IRI is a "nokar" to Russia and China, thrid rated countries. South Korea and Japan are also "nokars" to the US. This is just false decayed propoganda from the 1970s.

2. But let's assume that your "nokar" claim is true. Then why the hell would a "nokar" build nuclear plants in Iran in the first place? The west would just tell his "nokar" no nuclear technology for Iran! And the shah being a good nokar would simply say, yes sir! And that would be the end of it. But the previous regime pressed forward to obtain nuclear technology, and was doing so without any of today's fuss.

So this proves that the previous regime was not a nokar. It also proves that with a responsible regime in Iran, the West would not deny Iran nuclear technology. They were even willing to train Iranian technicians with all the "know hows".

This brings me to all the imbeciles in this site that are playing the typical Shia "va hosseina" victim role. That the West is denying Iran this and that. Bullshit. It is the IRI that is denying Iran everything that Iran is entitled to, including the most basic human rights.

Your clever diversion of the fault from the IRI to "foreign" entities does not work.



by Dariush (not verified) on

Javid I was not attacking THEM. I love to hear from THEM. I just asked THEM a question and I answered to THEM's question. This way THEM understands THEIR point of view and WE all get some results. I have been called names by some of THEM and has not ever returned the favor. Yes, WE should move on and stick to the issue.


Dear Mr Bullet

by IRANdokht on

way to go Feshangi!

Pick a sensitive and controversial subject and make them beat each other up with words! then sit back, look innocent and say: criminal? me? I merely stated my opinion....

no wonder JJ is having nightmares!



Jahanshah Javid

Ok let's move on

by Jahanshah Javid on

To A Them and Dariush... You both made personal attacks and you're now even as far as I'm concerned. If you don't stick to the issue and continue attacking each other, you can take that off site and email each other if you wish.


To: Dariush - Does ESL Ring A Bell?

by A "Them" (not verified) on

I wasn't aware that I needed to dumb-down my opinions, so that they could be understood. I suggest you head back to an intensive ESL reading class before you attempt to untangle what you regard as a cofused conundrum of grammar.

In short, learn to read before embarrassing yourself by showing to the whole world that you cannot with your babbling nonsense.


Them...../ jamshid

by Dariush (not verified) on

What is this? Them, we, you ,A. Are you teaching grammar here?
You say Iran hasn't started war in recent years, so has't United States and Great Britain.
You must be JOKKING?
Why people leave Iran? Because the same countries you defend raged war and sanctions and put pressure to destroy Iran and Iran's economy and peace in Iran, As the result people get tired and move out to have some peace and better economy for themselves and their family. Also the pressure IRI put on people for not giving them the very basic freedoms is making it worse. So the IRI should start respecting everybody's right and put humanity and equal rights first. This has nothing to do with being anti IRI or pro west or east!!!

For the 20th times. The reason west was willing to provide Iran with nuclear energy was because shah was their nokar! Iran today doesn't want to depend on west or be forced to do business with west based on their interest only! Agha zooreh? Nemi khaheeeeeeem!
Everyone agrees that nuclear bombs and chimmical must not exist. So try to disarm countries that have them! Otherwise all the other countries must have them as well. If Iran wanted, they could have just buy them from another country. Perhaps even U.S. If the pice is right they will sell.
This is not about IRI or Islam. It is about you must do as I say or else.......It is about oil!!!


K Nasseri

by Cyrus- (not verified) on

Mrs. K Naserri;

Did you ever take a moment and think why you and others never question the reason behind why Russia , China , England , France , USA , Israel , India , Pakistan posses N weapon ?
Here is the copy/paste of your own phrase;
So... I as many European governments, Russia and China..question Iran's goal in the area of nuclear development.

If it is good for them then it must be good for all, don't you think so ?


Belief "Nazis" on This Site?

by Feshangi on

I did not realise that having a personal belief (in anything) makes one a criminal!!  Even the type in inverted commas. :-)



Feshangi, Right on

by Abarmard on

Right on, you said it:)

Fred how do you arrive to otherwise. Iran could have used the WMD in Iraq war and never did. That is why it makes sense to trust that they are no threat to any country. I have said that many times before, do you remember what Natanyahu said years ago before Ahmadinejad? It's called the war of words.

Neither Iran no Israel will attack or hurt one another, so relax.


I believe that Iran is involved in a peaceful production of ener

by lucifercus (not verified) on

me too, because, well please go on reading:

مراسم روز ملي فناوري هسته اي فردا با سخنراني دكتر "محمود احمدي نژاد" رييس جمهور و با حضور مقامات لشكري و كشوري و دست اندركاران فعاليتهاي هسته اي و ميهمانان داخلي و خارجي برگزار مي شود.

We all agree that Iran Should have Nuclear power

* How GENEROUS "WE" are. We who live miles away from home
Betting Iran on a belief

* The ISLAMIC REPUBLIC of IRAN is not obliged to give anything to anybody. However with IAEA is everything all right.
Clandestine fashion

* Nothing was done secret. Only the bushy bushy and Co. propaganda means it and the ones who are not neutral or just hate Iran and the Iranians think likewise.
Isn't Iranian case Ironic!? Of course it is.


"Nuclear" issue is just a

by Ye Irani (not verified) on

"Nuclear" issue is just a playground to subdue Iran. If that is set aside, there will be other issues (I mean eshkal tarashi) will be put up against Iran. Everyone is clear that Pakistan is a more chaotic entity than Iran...and go figure.......

Yes, Bullying is the current attitude against Iran. As long as Iranian naton is humiliated, they won't give up. That is just the kind of Nation we are.

Don't you see how they deal with Mollahs and at the same time trashing the 5th column outside?


Isn't Iranian case Ironic!?

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Isn't it ironic that those who make the most noise about Iranian nuclear program (US and Israel) are loaded with nukes and have or are in the process of building the tactical nukes!
They are so loaded that as a few of their officials such as US general Abizaid and former Israeli head of Mosad Efraim Halevy have said they have no worries even if Iran does have a nuke program!


Problem are the "blood suckers", not the "west"

by Asghar Dehkhodai (not verified) on

Problem for Iran having nuke power is not really the "western powers". As we all know foriegn policy of the US in particular and west in general is being dictated by a bunch of blood suckers in Tel Aviv. Interestingly, these blood suckers have over 200 nuke weapons pointed at Iran and the rest of the world, and they are objecting that Iran should have nuke power. Therefore, we should really realize the source of the problem and then deal with it, not its symptoms.


K Nassery

I believe that Iran is probably trying to make the bomb.

by K Nassery on

I really do believe this.  Sure they want electricity from nuclear plants, but I really have no doubt that they are working on the plans that Khomeini set forth during the Iran/Iraq war.  During the election of the president last time, Rafsanjani published some documents about Khomeini's statements.

i believe that Iran is active in Basra and in other parts of Iraq. 

 I believe that Iranians who shout, "Death to America," mean that they want to kill Americans... I don't believe that it's just rhetoric as my husband claims.

 So...  I as many European governments, Russia and China..question Iran's goal in the area of nuclear development.

 I guess this shoots down the idea that we all believe Iran is peaceful in it's aims.



by Dariush (not verified) on

It doesn't matter which goverment is in Iran. Nuclear energy is their rights. No country should have nuclear and chemical bombs. Countries that do have, must be disarmed!!! Specialy Israel, United States, England, France,Germany who have used one or both of them!


Clandestine fashion

by Anonymous for now (not verified) on

If Iran's nuclear issue is for peaceful purposes then how come it was done in such clandestine fashion and without IAEA's supervision.


Betting Iran on a belief

by Fred on

You say: “ I believe that Iran is involved in a peaceful production of energy.”  How do you arrive at this belief? Are you willing to bet the nation on your “belief”.  The Islamist Republic has publically threatened another sovereign nation with annihilation and has number of proxy armies, namely Hezbollah, Hamas and Mahdi actively fighting foreign wars, where do you get this peaceful nature of the Islamist Republic?. Why is it that people who should know better use Iran and the Islamist Republic interchangeably? And that bit about being experts in diplomacy, where on God green earth you get that form, the art of diplomacy is quite different from baazari style bargaining.