Aghamoon Delbare

Unconventional song about Imam Hossein by Soudeh

Aghamoon Delbare
by Ney Nava

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' fierce, Arab tribesmen

by koroush kazemi (not verified) on

' fierce, Arab tribesmen belonging to Mussavi branch of the Prophet’s clan.'

this is complete lies made up by your self ! how could Emam Ali and Emam Hossein belong to the mousavi clan when the mousavi/kazemi are desendents of the 7TH SHI'A EMAM - MOUSA AL KADHIM!

even someone as ignorant as you would now that Emam Ali and Emam hossein were Emams number 1 and 3 and the emam Mousa al kadhim came long after them!

try 'googling' sayyids! and you'll find this confirmed!

you really DONT know what your talking what you say is kind irrelevant to anyone!


Ms. Laleh

by capt_ayhab on

you say [Never underestimate the power of a name. The ploy was effective. He was
headed towards greatness now that he had tacked the name Mussavi to

First of all, I am not even shi'a so don't even attack me from that angel. But your statement brings up a question:

why do you think Reza Mirpanj, a Cossack mercenary in Persian Cossack Brigade changed his name to Reza Pahlavi? can you kindly elaborate on that?


capt_ayhab [-YT]


No Wonder

by capt_ayhab on

No Wonder still to this date Iranian women have [sofreye hazrate abbas] o sofreye this and that. They must be infatuated with them. kind of [zire chadori infatuation]. May be all them AGHA's are delbar

حسودیم شد یهوئی


capt_ayhab [-YT]


p/s meant as joke ha, don't anyone lose their dinner over it.




ایران و ایرانیان یکتا پرست بودند قرنها قبل از اینکه عرب بت پرست خدا را پیدا کرد و تصمیم گرفت برای اسلام خون بیگناه ایرانیان یکتا پرست را بریزد. اگر چه پیغمبر اسلام بت شکن بود بعد از مرگش عربها بتهای تازه ای اختراع کردند. دوازده امام شیعه و حکومت سیدها ادامۀ آن رسم بت پرستی است... ما ایرانیان یکتا پرست بودیم و هستیم...


Religion and Iran

by Jamshid Niavarani (not verified) on

I visited Persepolis in 1998. It is located outside the city of Shiraz in the Fars province. I asked our guide what the writing said, she replied, here it says "about God...", I asked what about there? She replied, "It says about God". The Akhmanids were open to religion but the Sassanid dynasty forced Zoroastrianism on the Masses of Iranians. With the Muslim conquest Sunni Islam was forced on the Iranians. And in the 1500-1600s Shia-ism was forced on the Iranians. There was never any "Freedom of Religion" in Iran. It is just against the Iranian culture and psyche. I don't have anything against Shia'ism or Religion. Most Iranians in Iran who are Shia Muslim just follow the stuff because they were born into that religion as is true with regards to the rest of the world.
Even Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the Shah from 1941-1979 believed he was in contact with Imam Mahdi, the 12th Shia Imam. The Shah was so nutty he would visit the 8th Imam's shrine in Mashad every year. It is not hard to believe Ayat'Allah Khomayni came to power in 1979. The CIA knew the Shah had cancer and the west was scared that the Soviets would invade Iran. The only thing that could stop "god-less" communism would have to be a "Shia theocracy". And that is why Khomayni was returned to Iran is a nice "Air France" plane. And that is why the Shah ordered his soldiers to let Ayat'Allah Khomayni land in Mehr'Abad Airport. As I have always said, if there was anyone to blame for the 1979 rise of Imam Khomayni, it would fall directly on the Shah's shoulders, and 30 million would have to thank the Pahlavis for Ayat'Allah Khomayni.


Welcome to 21st Century…

by LalehGillani on

“I won't comment on your last posts on Hadith Kisa, because as usual your posts show that your knowledge on Islam in general and the Sunni-Shiite concept of divine leadership is limited to a poor source like wikipedia....”

Since Aghamoon has beheaded countless numbers of intellectuals, the voices of those who could prove the truth have been silenced. Since Aghamoon has severed myriad of hands, the pens of those who could write about the truth have been dropped. Since Aghamoon has led immeasurable numbers of book burnings, enslavements, plundering and raids, the carnage marks Aghamoon’s path leading the masses to make-believe bliss…

Centuries later, these atrocities are still on-going under the devotion of Aghamoon’s descendants and followers. In the last few decades, Mussavi Sayyeds and Shi'a faithful have burned cinemas, plunged university students out of dormitory windows, raped virgin girls before hangings to satisfy a Sharia law, dragged women on asphalt to subjugate them, and performed chain-killings to pay homage to Aghamoon…

We are left with the anonymity of this cyber space and its resources. Intellectuals from all over the world and all walks of life with different expertise have volunteered to contribute to the enhancement of the internet and the accuracy of the information disseminated through it. We continue to use this new weapon in our arsenal of minds over myth to defeat Aghamoon.

It is called technology…


Look the point is that you

by suzy (not verified) on

Look the point is that you want to democratize Iran but you are going about it is totally wrong. Remember 95% of iran are muslims and many of them believe in it. You cannot go and start critcizing their religion. To solve this problem you must preach about democracy and demonstrate to people the benefits of seperating the church from the state. Look at Turkey for example they are doing well today. The current so called regime has nothing to do with Islam so please don't dare to call them muslim.


But let me ask you one

by suzy (not verified) on

But let me ask you one question, didn't all empires rule by the sword including today?? The answer is yes, even the Persian empire which preached tolerance was known to be one of the most barbaric armies, and the crusaders tried to kill everything that is non catholic. You attempt to show me few incidents that happened during the islamic empire, I can also show you just as much if not even more references to the Persian empire killing thousands of people. Furthermore Prophet mohammad had many enemies since her preached equality among men, helping the poor and freeing slaves however many people tried to assasinate him. He had to defend himself and gods religion. Democracy in those days doesn't work its a shame but its a fact.

Mariam Amiri

Laleh :)

by Mariam Amiri on

I'm flattered to read you have been waiting eagerly for my socalled "unsolicited advices".

You seem to be jumping from subject to subject, but you still havent explained how the Mussavi's "created" Shiism as you claim. I won't comment on your last posts on Hadith Kisa, because as usual your posts show that your knowledge on Islam in general and the Sunni-Shiite concept of divine leadership is limited to a poor source like wikipedia.... and I don't really think you are interested in anything but repeating your baseless and ill informed comments. So I think I will stop here.


The Case of the Missing Man…

by LalehGillani on

A friend has pointed out to me that in my last post (Shi'a Cloak of Racism - Beyond Shi'a 101) on this thread, I named only four individuals: the Prophet’s daughter Fatimah, Imam Ali, Imam Hassan, and Imam Hussain.

I apologize for the ambiguity. I meant to convey the fact that there were five people present under the cloak. The fifth person was the Prophet Mohammed himself. Without him, the Hadith of the Cloak is worthless to the Shi'a religion.

Nonetheless, I await eagerly to receive another Ms. Mariam Amiri’s unsolicited pieces of advice to enroll in Algebra 101 in order to learn how to count.

No worries! I am already on it! The local community college has an opening in Algebra 101…


Shi'a Cloak of Racism (Beyond Shi'a 101)

by LalehGillani on

One of the most important central concepts of Shi'a is called Ahl al-Kisa which means “the People of Cloak” in Arabic. According to the Hadith of the Cloak (Hadith-e-Kisa), the Prophet Mohammed once embraced five members of his family under his cloak and affectionately referred to them as Ahl al-Bayt or the People of the House. These five individuals were his daughter Fatimah, Imam Ali, Imam Hassan, and Imam Hussain.

Years later, the Hadith of the Cloak became the basis for two central concepts in the Shi'a religion: (It is noteworthy to point out that Sunni Muslims strongly disagree with both of these concepts.)

First, the governorship of Muslims must reside only with the direct line of Muhammad through his daughter Fatimah and her husband Imam Ali. Second, the People of the House and their descendants are infallible. This state of infallibility (called isma in Arabic) includes limitless understanding of the holy book and hadith.

Translation? We, the mere mortals, must be ruled and governed by the People of the House. Welcome to Shi'a Racism 666!


Imagine Khomeini’s Disappointment

by LalehGillani on

Ayatollah Ruhollah Mussavi Khomeini was born Ruhollah Hindi. Educated at the theological seminary of Qom, he became not only a distinguished religious scholar and a spiritual and political leader but was recognized as a mujtahid: His authority on divine law was acknowledged by the Ulama.

From an early age, the shrewd and ambitious Ruhollah Hindi realized the importance of his pedigree and set out to manufacture a new name for himself to highlight his blood lineage. First he shed the name Hindi altogether to rid himself of its unpleasant insinuation. Consequently, he became Ruhollah Khomeini (after his birth place of Khomein), and then he began to sign all of his correspondences as Ruhollah Mussavi Khomeini, claiming his paternal great grandfather’s title.

Never underestimate the power of a name. The ploy was effective. He was headed towards greatness now that he had tacked the name Mussavi to himself.

However, imagine his disappointment if he had the opportunity to speak with Ms. Mariam Amiri… Perhaps this mujtahid might have invented another name for himself. Or simply, he could have googled the name “Mussavi Sayyeds” to be ensured of its existence and significance…

Mariam Amiri

Kurdish Warrior:

by Mariam Amiri on

Kurdish Warrior:

Firstly, I thank you for admitting that
everyone has a right to practice their religion as it seems many of the
posters on this site are so full of prejudice and blind hate that they
have no tolerance towards Iranian Muslims and those whom disagree with


You wrote:

However in my opinion those who travel to Karbala or even Mashhad to
see these Imams (to find peace, morn, make wish or etc) are a very weak
person. They are not a strong believers in God. I just don't understand
these people.

Just because you do not understand people who go to Karbala
or Mashhad, doesnt necessarily mean that they have a weak faith in God.
Millions of Muslims everyyear visit the tomb of the Prophet in Medina
after performing the Hajj to pay their respect and intercede to him.
Visiting saints and holy figures is not a distinct Shiite tradition.
Many Sufis go on pilgrimage to tombs of Sufi saints like Abd Qadir
Jilani for instance. Christians, Buddhists and people of other faiths
also have different pilgrimage sites. In theiropinion, these journies
help them in increasing their faith.


As for you comment about the Iraq-Iran war, I am well aware that there were patriotic people who also fought in the war and who were non Muslim etc. However
serious and clear-headed people who have studied the cultural context
of the era have all admitted that the war was seen by most Iranians as
"defaa' moghaddas" (sacred defense holy war). Perhaps you find the
songs propaganda tool, but the solidiers, the revolutionary guards, the
volunteer basij and the many fighters, drew their inspiration from the
story of Imam Hussain, and saw themselves as fighting a modern Karbala
battle against Saddam where death in such a battle was seen as

I'm ofcourse not excluding the aspect of nationalism, but one cannot deny
that during that time the masses in Iran were fired with an
extraordinary religious zeal and that is why Saddam had gravely
miscalculated the war on Iran. He thought he was in for a fast and easy war and did not expect that to be met with such high morale on the Iranian side, with fighters who would willingly
rush to their death in their fight against the "godless" Iraqi regime.

Mariam Amiri

The comments on this topic are getting more and more comical.

by Mariam Amiri on

Laleh Gillani, again I repeat my advice to you that you should read abit more before making empty baseless comments on a subject you clearly know very little about. There is no special group called "Mussavi" that created Shiism nor is Shiism about granting power to "Mussavi"s or all descendants of the Prophet (this is elementary Shiism 101).



Nice propaganda stuff

by MRX1 (not verified) on

very effective. you can't always brain wash kids with ah, naleh, zajr. I can't wait for punk rock version of this song!


The Propaganda Machine of Shi'a…

by LalehGillani on

Shi'a grants the descendents of the Prophet Mohammad political, social and economic authority over the society. That authority is presented to be the rule of God on earth. This is the ultimate display of racism.

Persian benevolence towards ethnic and religious minorities is a proud tradition established by Korosh Kabir. Most notably documented is his unparallel historical decree to set the Hebrew slaves free and to allow them to return to their land to rebuild their temple.

Racism is a Shi'a tradition that sets out to subjugate the world to the rule of Mussavi Sayyeds. This video must serve as another warning to all of us who are fighting that subjugation.

The glorification of Karbala is the propaganda machine of Shi'a at work…


Hosein and Moghtda al Sadr are very much the same

by Arash Kamangir (not verified) on

I feel very sorry for all those Iranians who see Hosein very much like jesus. Hosein reminds me of Moghteda Al Sadr in character and behaviour, a saint of Hate. Basically he was very much of a terrorist in todays standard who brought his family and freinds death and pain so his idealogy would win.

Long live Iran


How Servile!

by dailystruggle (not verified) on

Thank you Laleh Gilani and SamsamIII. It is sad that this kind of propaganda is still brainwashing servile Iranians to perpetuate the Islamic-colonization of mind and soul of colonized Iranians even after 1400 years.


all you moslem haters kinda

by ryan (not verified) on

all you moslem haters kinda sound like goerge w at his worst or more like a bunch of hardcore skinheads
at their worst!

--this music i don't like but many moslems i do.

all my family are very moderate -- sub moderate- moslems so whats your beef with them?
you sound kinda like what they'd call real grand slam hate mongers... go figure...


David ET

by samsam1111 on

Thank you . Wise words indeed & even assuming IRI is off the scene today , the status quo psyche will take few generations to transform to something even mildly more Iran-o-Centric after 3 decades of daily shaikhist propaganda . cheers !!!

David ET

Enough with AGHA mentality

by David ET on

I am not sure what else "Aghatoon" does "Miyoon beynol harame (r)hozeh Abbas" with you

But as long as we have a need for this Agha mentality, we shall remain victim of Aghamoon!

and by the way you are 30 years late...all this agha songs were sang by so many in the early days of revolution

and see what agahatoon did to us for the past 30 years

not to mention how the followers of aghatoon killed and raped Iranians  1400 years ago


aghamoon delbareh ( male version)

by seyedeh (not verified) on



by Anonymousshirazi3 (not verified) on

are you sirazi3 today . why dont you type under your correct user name. hello? .


The anti-Arab comments

by shirazi3 (not verified) on

The anti-Arab comments displayed by some folks here are just down-right scary, and frankly, quite unbecoming of Iranians (and truly khejalat-avar). If you want to make civilized comments about religion, be my guest. But such an ugly display of racism is nothing short of despicable. It resembles Nazi anti-Jewish commentary. Every Iran-doost must stand up against it.


Sexy voice

by shiia for babe (not verified) on

Folks, try to unwind a bit.
There is no disputing the sexy and horney voice of this shiia babe. Pay special attention to her raspy sexy breathing. I will bare and beat my chest if she is reciting rozeh and mourning the death of her agha. However, another example of the mullah's depriving us from hearing the beautiful voices of talented Irani women. Shame on mullas.


Just a tiny by-product of Ommatism

by samsam1111 on

Among the ocean of dual-identity ignorance . This is just a mere cultural fruit of subjugation to shaikh cause after 65 generations post-Qadesiyeh have been brainwashed & propagated by cultural agents of Ommatism virus & it,s petty by-products , Pan-Arabism(serfs for Arab cause) , Sufism & so on...

Thank you Ms LalehGillani for speaking on behalf of silenced true patriots not fooled by the big hoax which doesn,t even equate to Islam . True Iran is way bigger for these khallife imported petty ideas.

Javid True Iran va Yadmaneh 23 tabareh Javidan .


Common sense...... TO Maryam Copenhagen

by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

Every one has the right to practice their religion. However in my opinion those who travel to Karbala or even Mashhad to see these Imams (to find peace, morn, make wish or etc) are a very weak person. They are not a strong believers in God. I just don't understand these people.

And to maryam copenhagen;

Your Ali or hussein had nothing to do with Iran_Iraq war..Many of Iraqi's were Shia who fought against us. And off course many of us don't believe in these Imams..Why we fought them...Because of sense of nationalism. These songs are not only propaganda tool for the current regime but also disrespect to other none moslem/ Shia Iranians whom lost their lives....


All of our miseries come from "Aghamoon"

by aaj sr (not verified) on

Charlatanism at it's best

Re-read our history from Safavid, and Ghajar and now IRI.

This type of music (or Rozeh Khooni, Noheh Khooni) is a modern religion charlatanism, create superstitious, melancholy where bring backwardness. We have enough of mourning (zangir zani, sineh zani, ghameh zani) every day in our life, if we take away our Nou Rooz, Chaharshanbeh souri and alike, every event in our country is mourning, including the birth of Imams let alone their death, the Moharam, Safar, Tasoua, Ashoura, 12 Imams, and 14 Innocents, death of this and that Imam or Imamzadeh ( even in their birthdays, Nohe Khoon, makes us cry too). Please leave us alone, let us live our lives. We do not want any of these stuff any more, Understand?, Fahmidee? we do not need additional of these melancholic stuff. How long we have to cry for these guys ? ok, assuming they were great and they scarified a lot!!, whom they did it for? not for us Persian/Iranian, because they hated us from day one any ways. There are hundreds if not thousands like them in the world's history including our own, that doesn't mean we have to be in state of mourning for rest of my lives, including our children and grand children. This type of "Nohe Khouni" create additional stigma and hold us back, keep us away from our hope for separation of State and Mosque, it keep us away to have peace with other branch of Islam. These type of stupidity acts, specially those who have naivety toward martyrdom, create great tools for Mullahs to stay longer in power. There are very many heroes in the history of mankind that Hessian and alike are not coming close to them, do we have to mourn for them every day of our lives? Some religious people like Christians, in Middle Ages, created similar type of dogma to control people's mind an stay longer in power.
If we were Zoroastrian, or our parents converted to another religion, we would have followed our parents' believes.
I absolutely reject this type of "opium" styled propaganda.


The Islamists are present

by Fatollah (not verified) on

The Islamists are present all over Europe, mind you they are very organized and with a clear agenda! They come in many flavoures and suits! Imagine how these people proclaim to represent you and your national identity. They turn up on national TV debates in European Capitals, even discussing none religious issues on behalf of others! What a shame, we left Iran because of these psychos- a bunch of retards and here they are after laying Iran in ruins and dire destitute. It's like a bad nightmare and they just won't go away and leave the rest of us alone!!! Most if not all are on welfare but have the audacity to criticise the culture of their host nations! I have nothing but contempt to these hypocrites! And when confronted they run away and hide behind their faith!

I remember a friend telling me about an encounter he had while in an Iranian embassy. This visit collided with a Islamic religious festival, then he asked one the many none Iranians present in the embassy compound whether this was the Iranian embassy, do you know what the answer was? No, this the embassy of Islam!!!


Prophet’s Clan

by LalehGillani on

Mariam is correct to point out that the term Mussavi was not used to identify Imam Ali and Imam Hussain’s lineage at the time of their lives.

The Prophet’s clan of Hashim had many bloodlines each of which contended for political power based on their genealogy. Nowadays, the term Mussavi is used loosely to identify a particular pedigree that can be traced all the way to Imam Ali himself. As they were came to be known, Mussavi bloodline produced the Shiite cult.

At the end, it was pure, unadulterated thirst for power that brought about Karbala. And to this day, we are fed the glorified version of it.

This video is a prime example of the ongoing deception…