by Baharak
i can feel the string of your palm

against my skin

the delicious moment of connection

like a perfect brandy

in a hazy

always remembered night

more intoxication

the burn as intense

lost in a moment

forever engraved in the contour of my body

your cross laying against my chest

the bitter taste of its rosary

lost in this place

that i have no other words for

but us

your kiss ripping passion

through the depths of my soul

dragging its entity

through every street and corner of my body

to remind me

that i am always woman

always capable of fire

contingent on the company

aug 28, 2006-10:28 pm


persian westender

Afarin..vary good!  

by persian westender on

Afarin..vary good!



I found your poem sincere ...

by Cameron Batmanghlich (not verified) on

The greates gift in life is the ability to feel.

You seem to have that ... Happy for you.

Keep the fire burning :)