The fourth option

Empower the people


The fourth option
by Assad Homayoun

Over the past three decades, American policy towards Iran has drifted from ineffectual to misguided while the Islamic Republic has remained an enigma for most western strategists. The regime’s rule is defined by oppression at home and aid to terrorists abroad. It routinely threatens Israel and challenges American interests where and when it can. Yet, successive American administrations have failed to develop a coherent, decisive strategy to face-down the fundamentalist regime.

Three basic strategies are in play today — one already deployed, another being flirted with, and the third ominously hinted at. Economic sanctions have been imposed since the mid 1990s with little if any effect on the regime. Much as in Iraq under Saddam Hussein, the regime has oil to fill its trough, but it is the Iranian people that bear the brunt of the economic pressure and are ultimately hurt.

Then there is the misguided counsel of direct negotiations with the regime. The only result of direct negotiations would be bestowing legitimacy upon the reviled apocalyptic regime. Is it wise for the U.S. government to help legitimize an oppressive regime that has lost the support of its own people?

The third, and most wrong-headed option regularly hinted at in government circles is military confrontation. This short sighted, ill conceived option is another example of what ails American foreign policy today — lack of knowledge and understanding of the adversary. It fails to differentiate between the Iranian people, who genuinely like the Americans, and the Islamic regime ruling Iran, which despises all things American. Besides, who in their right mind would seriously think that the American people are ready and willing to sacrifice tens of thousands of their sons and daughters yet again?

The Islamic Republic would actually welcome either of the two misguided U.S. strategies — negotiations or war. Both strategies will strengthen their repressive control over Iran and will allow them to extend their strategic hegemony over much of the Middle East, into parts of Central Asia and the Indian Ocean region.

The Islamic Republic has a long record of using negotiations as a tactic of buying time to further its illicit policies. Besides, official negotiation means officially recognizing the legitimacy of the other side — which is something the clerical regime has longed for. Official negotiations will also be interpreted as the U.S. government’s concession to the clerical regime.

Do the prime supporters of global terrorism deserve rewarding? No matter how one considers this dilemma, the fact is that the regime is despised by the majority of the people because, besides oppressing the people, it has mismanaged the economy to the point that the per capita income of an Iranian, corrected for inflation, is one third of what it was 30 years ago.

Inflation today is 24 percent according to the regime's official figures, unemployment for men is 30 percent and for women is 50 percent. The people are on the brink and the society is ready to explode, but lack of perceived international support and a vacuum of leadership has postponed the inevitable.

Bombing Iran would be militarily ineffective, and would lead to enormous, and protracted difficulties for the U.S., including tremendous loss of life as well as loss of meaningful U.S. influence in the region. It would almost certainly lead to a much more virulent conflict in Iraq, while the possibility of a full-scale war against Israel will increase exponentially. Moreover, military attacks of any nature against Iran, by the U.S. and/or Israel, would result in the devastation of Iran and un-accepted loss of life of the people — a people who, as mentioned earlier, are not the enemies of America or Israel, but who have genuine affection for both. Bombing Iran could also precipitate the balkanization of the Greater Middle East.

War has been the great ally of the clerical regime. In 1982, after only 2 years in power, the regime was almost swept from office by a groundswell of public outrage against the clerics. Khomeini embraced the war with Iraq — a war that could easily have been avoided — and used the Iranian people’s patriotic zeal to guarantee the survival and longevity of the Islamic Republic. Ahmadinejad and the clerics in Tehran once again see the possibility of using the people’s greater hatred of a foreign aggressor to dissipate their lesser hatred of the fundamentalist regime. By taking the bait, America will guarantee the longevity of the clerical regime.

But there is a ‘Fourth Option’ forward. The Iranian people, so far pawns in this political morass, have always been there, patiently waiting for any sign of real support to mount a challenge. The political history of this people is rife with examples of a seemingly oppressed and passive people suddenly rising to challenge the powers that be, when the right leadership as well as the perception of support converged. The Iranian people are fast approaching that point today.

To help leadership emerge from among the Iranian people, Washington must take a very strong, clear-cut, unequivocal stand in support for the people. The Iranian people must be assured that the U.S. government and the American people stand with them in their quest for freedom.

As a prelude to this new approach, all saber rattling must cease so that the American people and the U.S. Government are once again accepted as friends and supporters and not as possible aggressors. Then the President of the United States — the leader of the Free World — must demand that they be treated with respect and dignity. If the Iranian people are convinced that when they stand up for their own freedom, there will not stand alone, there is little doubt that they will take decisive action. Again with history as our guide, stabilizing Iran would have a tremendously positive effect on stabilizing the region.

The reality is that the U.S. should have already been following this ‘Fourth Option’. The Option should include a comprehensive psychological strategy which would empower the Iranian people to seize the situation. To keep control of the people, the clerics have artificially created a sense of siege within Iran. The siege needs to be broken.

So far, conventional policies have been the norm. The State Department’s role is to seek diplomatic solutions and open official lines of communications with foreign powers. Some quarters are also charged with finding military solutions. But no one is charged with thinking outside the box. It is time to take action and implement this logical, low cost strategy. But it is a call to help empower the people to take charge of their own lives and to bring about the changes they desire. Also it is time and absolutely necessary for internal/ external Iranians to put away their tactical differences to come up with acceptable, untainted national democratic alternative to replace the corrupt clerical government.

Dr. Assad Homayoun President of the Azadegan Foundation, and a member of the Advisory Board of



TO: abc, aaj sr and others

by Anonymous1234 (not verified) on

You are inadvertently falling in Xerxers and his likes' trap and serving their purpose by responding to them.

The only reason why they show up in these kind of informative and useful threads is to derail it into a shouting match, thereby diverting attention and rendering the article useless.

Please, I am asking you NOT to respond to them. Instead ignore them and focus on the message in the article.

Thank you.


Excellent article.

by jamshid on

Mr. Homayoun, your article was a breadth of fresh air. I agree with your points and with your message. The people of Iran need support, a support that the world has failed to give to them.

Instead they have chosen to exploit Iran. The IRI is more than willing to oblige. Case in point, China, India, Germany and so on whom we shall not forget for their support of the most debased and corrupt group of people our country has seen.


XerXes: You are in denial,

by aaj sr (not verified) on

If you disagree with this statement, check with a few independent, neutal, grown up people.

This is in reply to your other post.

If you love IRI so much, you wouldn't be here, you mould have stayed with your other Pasdar/Basij/Lebas-shakhsi/ brothers or perhaps cooperating, helping sister Fatemeh commando. I wish you a quick recovery.

Regarding your comments about freedom in Iran and demonstration in Mashhad:

Just to remind you: last week 9 activist women were arrested just before they entered the
"Abreesham Gallery" in Tehran, other women dispersed before reaching to closed-by streets (the organizers had obtained permission for celebrating their 3rd. "one million signature" anniversary). Since there was no trust on the regime, based on their previous experience, they designated an alternative gathering place, somewhere in close-by mountain, where there is no harassment. Your guess is right, the thugs closed all roads to autos and pedesterian leading to the mountain ( all shops and restaurants were complaining for doing absolutly no business, due to closure of streets and turning people away. Thank you for Hokoomate Mardomi!!)) . Security personnel sending SMS messages to people to go home!!.
For God's sake, this a peaceful gathering by a bunch of respectable ladies.
Xer: If you want people to take you seriously and read your comments/notes, please avoid childish comments, please.

Last word: Read my previous note here asking for specefic reasons why you love the regime "what exactly IRI has done that you are proud of" please do not beat around the bush and NO RHETORICS. Just name a few achievement of IRI during last 3o years.

To: Carpenter:
You suggested that the Mashahd demonstration was fake.
If yes; then, this demonstration have taken place somewhere else, right? may be not in Mashhad, but somewhere else? Or do you think this may taken place in Japan, or China!!!?? Do you understand Farsi? can you hear them chanting in Farsi, or is that fake too?.
For your information, some of the local papers reported the demonstrations, and according to some other reports, about 200 individuals were arrested and later on majority of them released.
Mr. Carpenter, four your information, we live in technology age!!! things broadcasted/reported with a click of a bottom!!, Hello...? any body up there?? come out of your NAJARI work shop and have a glass of dough for God sake.

P. S. As some of you "Islamists" say " hokoomt ba kofr mimanad, vali ba zolm nemimanad".
The end of the regime is at sight, I hope it's a peaceful transtion.


That's sort of

by alimostofi on

what I have been saying for years. It's called Non-violent General Strike. 

1. Create a "Coalition of the willing" of Iranians who put Iran First. 

2. Get UN approval for it to be the Provisional government in Exile. 

3. Get the unions and major nationalistic groups in Iran to endorse it. 

4. Get it to instruct a Non-violent General Strike.


Thanks abc

by XerXes (not verified) on

For letting people know more. That's right. I like the Islamic Republic. By the way, the site that you got this quote from is a MKO member. Those who killed my father in the war against Saddam and freed KhoramShahr. You and your family probably were in the US then.
You want to spit on the graves of those who fought heroically against the same Zionazis who now you support. You all try so hard to say that those kids and brothers and sisters who gave their lives were not: Muslim, Basiji, believe in the revolution or whatever....Shame on you to put words in their mouth. Majority were.They put the Allah o Akbar sign on their forehead and fought like a lion against the foreign aggression and MKO.
That's what I call LA crowd.
Go Googoosh!!!


Please don't feed the troll.

by abc (not verified) on

Please don't feed the troll. Here is what he wrote in response to Mr. Rashidian's blog on the Massacre of 1988:

"Look at Zionazis
by XerXes (not verified) on Tue Jun 17, 2008 09:43 AM CDT

Filling this site with propaganda. The Islamic Republic of Iran is the kindest regime that Iran has ever had. Those who have forgotten what kind of systems we have had historically are uneducated or dreaming. During the Shah, we could not even talk on the streets.
You could not speak to your parents about politics being scared that they come and get you. Have you forgotten those days or just trying to ignore what we had.

Islamic Republic is a great system that requires our participation. Unlike what most of LA crowd are used to and Zionazis want, IR is not like Kuwait or Saudi Arabia or Shah, that you just sit and government does everything for you. Get up and help Iran succeed. The world wants Iran back, meaning wants Iran to be the Yes sir type of country. We won't let it, you might, we won't.
The holly soil of Iran deserve better than traitors.



aaj sr

by XerXes (not verified) on

This regime is a back step for our society to develop a modern and free society. This regime is a huge part of our social level and culture. Many deny this, but it's true. The majority of the Iranians throughout history prosper from a Shia regime, going back to Safavi dynasty. Today is no different.
We have a regime that is diverse enough to allow us realize where our culture and religious is standing. The rest belong to us not the regime.
We can direct this system to our will, as long as we really know what we want.
The LA crowd have no idea about the system that exists in Iran. They, similar to the US or the west, are looking for ONE GUY who runs the country. There is none. there IS NONE.
The government is a combination of many sects and thoughts that are fighting one another for votes. The origins of a democratic stage...And many compare Iran to the US or Germany, as if we were so freaking free and now dictatorial. We must compare Iran to where Iran was and had been. Be realistic.
Look at the regime and our technological advances, done by Iranians with many sanctions in place.
While opposition is sitting and licking the Zionazis behind, the people under the Islamic Republic of Iran have placed the foundation for our future, not only socially and politically but technologically.
Yes the regime has many stupid rules. So what? I am not going to only look at those rules alone, but the entire system as a whole. That's what I like, the system as the whole. And hope that the atrocious acts would stop, and they will. It's not all the IR alone. It's not. It's the backwardness of religious people, the parts and pieces of the governments in place and so on.
It's a system that has potentials. If we take it away, we will end up with something that we revolted against in the first place, because it was not Iranian or had the Iranian interest in mind. We now want to own our own region. Something that we revolted for and are gradually gaining, or trying to gain. That's why the world is fighting us. the region is not theirs, it's ours.
Give this same system the economy and see how many people would die to keep it. And economy is not the fault of IR alone. It's the foreigners who want Iran fail and many Zionazis who have fallen to the western trap.
it's like reading history when you hear that we were this close to reach our hight, and suddenly many stupid groups stop us...Those are now living in LA.
I like the Islamic Republic of Iran. It stands up for oppressed and against the will of anyone who is against the power of Iran, locally and regionally.


To:XerXesm ; Please explain....

by aaj sr (not verified) on

You said " I like IR because it represents my ideas. I don't absolutely agree with all its policies, such as restrictive social policies, they are dumb. But that's not the entire system and every system has room for improvements."

To make this dialog more meaningful, please explain precisely what do you like about this regime?. I guess you owe it to all us to know your thoughts so we may learn from each others.



by XerXes (not verified) on

call me what you like but I like the regime. Which regime in the third world, or the Iranian history has been free?

Be realistic and stop your childish slogans. Get up and do something for your country. We can't just from step one to step 10, see Iraq? Get real. You don't need to talk to me or talk in general, sangeentari.


Abarmard, what a relief, I'm not alone.

by Shadooneh (not verified) on

I am convinced the sanctions are the main factor to keep the Iranian people under the thumb of the ruling mollahs. It's very simple, the sanction, threats and other "pressures" only play to the hands of the ruling mollahs by concentrating the people's means to make a living under the control of the government. Therefore absent alternative sources of income, which are not controlled by the government, Iranians have no choice other than to toe the mollahs' line, while making some political noises as a means to release their pent up pressures. This may sound counter-intuitive but more investments and trade with the international community will result in more jobs and income for the average Iranians. Once the government's share of the economic pies is reduced by the opportunities for making a living, the Iranian people will be in a much better position to change the regime. Political emancipation will follow the economic one, not the other way around. Unfortunately those who espouse the misguided sanctions regime don't realize the box they are in, so for them it is almost impossible to think "out of the box". The remedy is for those of us who think the economic and financial sanctions should be dropped to make our voices heard in the media and by writing to "our" representatives in the congress who have been lobbied very heavily by Iran's enemies which include some so-called Iranians.


one thing that's missing...

by IRANdokht on

Very nice article and I agree with all the points, but one issue seems to be overlooked here and that is the incentive for any other country (USA was mentioned here) to help empower the Iranian people. Why would they do that?

What I have noticed about the US occupation of Iraq is that the Americans seem to disapprove of it mostly due to the high cost to them and not what it has done to the whole nation of Iraq. They would have been supporting the occupation if as promised the Iraq oil had been paying for it!

Now are we hoping that US will help the people of Iran and support them in overthrowing this regime? Why would they help us? this arrangement is working for US and it's working out just fine for the IRI. The sanctions, the threat of military attack and the new and more popular idea of opening the talks and negotiating with IRI, all are strengthening the mullahs regime.

US backing Iraq in the Iran/Iraq war was the first step towards the regime stabilization and they have continued to help keeping them in power.

I guess one can hope that US support has been the result of poor foreign policy and lack of knowledge of the region. What if it is not a mistake? why would US help undo what its done to Iran?

Hoping for any outside support will doom us. No power in the world would help Iranians for free.



xerexes: I like IR because

by abc (not verified) on


I like IR because it represents my ideas.

So, you do admit that you approve of religious fascism and you're perfectly happy with fascists running the affairs of Iranian nation. It's good to know.

I have no desire engaging a fascist in a dialogue. It's an exercise in futility and it's too creepy and it would be like talking to a KKK or a Gestapo. No, thanks.

P.S. Aghazadeha and ex-Hizballhis living in the US and Canada do not represent Iran or the Iranian nation.


Nice article

by Abarmard on

Thanks for taking the time and writing an informative and a realistic approach to the Iranian dilemma.

Many thinkers and political philosophers have advocated this approach and to empower the people we must first create the environment for the empowerment.

First and foremost we must push that the sanctions be lifted against Iran. Sanctions generally hurt the social mass rather the the regime. Not only the sanctions should be lifted but more foreign investments must be advocated for the private enterprises inside the country.

Without some capital freedom where people get a chance to read more and be more involved, the regime feel more stable and relaxed. The empowerment of people begins with lifting the sanctions and encouraging foreign investment in the private sector. This is the exact opposite from what the west has been implementing.



by XerXes (not verified) on

My political ideology is that Iranians are not LA type people. They actually revolted to kick the LA crowd out. That's the Iran and Iranians. I like IR because it represents my ideas. I don't absolutely agree with all its policies, such as restrictive social policies, they are dumb. But that's not the entire system and every system has room for improvements.

Instead of criticizing me, who is one of those in the front line against the enemies of Iran, who his family has and will sacrifice for Iran, you should criticize those who won't lift a finger for Iran and on top of it promote an attack on our holly soil. Those LA type Zionazis who have sold out and waiting for Googoosh to sing for them in whore houses in shomal.
I have my ideology and that's making you mad? How democratic of you. You can have your ideology and I respect it as long as it's not pro Zionazis like Fred or Zion. The only reason I don't respect Zionazis is not because I don't believe in democracy, but because they are not Iranian and are the enemies of Iran, today and historically.

Iran today is a great country that the world is trying to knock her out....Iranians won't let it. You may, we won't.


من جندین سال

Piroozi2008 (not verified)

من جندین سال است که با نوشته های دکتر اسد همایون آشنا هستم. ایشان اززمانی که مبارزات ضد رژیم خود را آغاز نموده سعی کرده بهر روشی شده و تا آنجا که درتوانش بوده، صدای مردم مارا به گوش جهانیان برساند. حرف های ایشان همیشه مستند، منطقی و دور از شعار های معمول بوده و خوشبختانه در محافل بین المللی نیز با دقت خوانده میشود و به آنها توجه میگردد.

افراد بی اطلاعی که نام بی مسمای XerXes راروی خود میگذارند و اظهار نظر های بیربط میکنند بهتر است پیش ازاینکه فضای این تار نما را با حرف های بی ارزش پر کنند کمی مطالعه کنند و خود را آموزش بدهند.


More on the real reason

by abc (not verified) on

More on the real reason behind high oil prices
By F. William Engdahl
Online Journal Contributing Writer

"As detailed in an earlier article, a conservative calculation is that at least 60 percent of today’s $128 per barrel price of crude oil comes from unregulated futures speculation by hedge funds, banks and financial groups using the London ICE Futures and New York NYMEX futures exchanges and uncontrolled inter-bank or Over-The-Counter trading to avoid scrutiny...

US margin rules of the government’s Commodity Futures Trading Commission allow speculators to buy a crude oil futures contract on the NYMEX by having to pay only 6 percent of the value of the contract. At today's price of $128 per barrel, that means a futures trader only has to put up about $8 for every barrel. He borrows the other $120. This extreme “leverage” of 16 to 1 helps drive prices to wildly unrealistic levels and offset bank losses in sub-prime and other disasters at the expense of the overall population.

The hoax of Peak Oil -- namely the argument that the oil production has hit the point where more than half all reserves have been used and the world is on the downslope of oil at a cheap price and abundant quantity -- has enabled this costly fraud to continue since the invasion of Iraq in 2003 with the help of key banks, oil traders and big oil majors. Washington is trying to shift blame, as always, to Arab OPEC producers. The problem is not a lack of crude oil supply. In fact the world is in oversupply now. Yet the price climbs relentlessly higher. Why? The answer lies in what are clearly deliberate US government policies that permit the unbridled oil price manipulations..."

World oil demand flat, prices boom . . .



According to NPR, the Rocky

by jip (not verified) on

According to NPR, the Rocky Mountains contain three times the oil of Saudi Arabia.

An oil field was just recently discovered in the South Dakota/Montana region which has three times as much oil as the Rockies.
There is also a tremendous amount of oil in the ANWR region.

All that oil, and we don't drill for it.


Because of pressure from environmentalists.

We could be winning the battle for energy independence, but instead, we choose to lose, and thus forfeit our profits into the hands of Jihadists and Communists the world over.


best article I have read by far!!!

by ali1346 (not verified) on

great job on your great article...this is exactly what is needed to free our homeland from the dirty hands of the akhoonds.
I must say that some of the responses by our "hamvatans" is very appears that the akhoonds' brainwashing has many victims!
I hope that iran will be free soon; unfortunately, the mullahs are the perfect subservient dogs for their british, chinese, russian, and french masters who simply care about getting cheap oil- they don't give a doodoo about what the mullahs are doing to the country and its people.
Again, I want to thank you for a great piece of writing!


The only option

by Hooman H (not verified) on

The only real and lasting option is for us to get off of oil. Without oil, we would not give a damn about the entire Middle East, thereby leaving the Mullahs to a) come up with a real economic policy (a very long shot) which would in turn lead to b) revolution (velvet or otherwise).

You want your motherland back? You want to reduce our dependence on foreign energy? Write your congressman or woman and urge him/her for a real energy policy. Vote for the presidential candidate that has a real energy policy. Get involved in local politics. Quit advocating foreign intervention in Iran. It will backfire.


Looks like the fifth option is what the reality suggests

by Salar (not verified) on

The fourth option seems what should be done if any reason and rational thinking is done on the situation under the assumption (and that is the big assumption) that these players are playing against each others and are not on the same side.

The fifth option, put beautifully by Cy of Persian, seems to be right when the fourth option is not considered (surprisingly so, or is it?) by western clans and the players are just different faces of the same coin taking people of the world for a spin around town emptying their pockets while dazzled by all the fast talks and fake sceneries.

Conclusion: if fourth one is not being followed, fifth option it is. End of story. Axiom proved.

Excellent article by the way. Finally somebody said something that makes sense followed by something that makes even more sense.


Xerexes/Daryush: After

by abc (not verified) on

Xerexes/Daryush: After writing hundred of comments and post, You are are unable to articulate even a shadow of a rational political perspective. You thank 'cy persian' for trying to liberate Iran but at the same time you praise the IR and wish for their longevity. How can you stand for anything politically decent at all, when you endorse fascists in such a cavalier manner, and display not just embarrassing levels of ignorance almost on all subjects, but a thinly veiled inclination for a racist perspective on things political.

You are one of the most unsavory characters that has sprang up from the IRI and you don't even know how ludicrous your ideas sound because you're not embarrassed to present them publicly. I pity you.


Cy of Persia

by XerXes (not verified) on

Dude, what about Shahi bosses such as the US or little mini me Israel? They got nothing to do with this? How naive!

Long live IRI

Cy of Persia

What about the 5th option?

by Cy of Persia on

What about the most likely 5th option when both sides continue this phony scripted and rehearsed rhetoric toss to push the price of oil to $200 per barrell and beyond? 

Every time,  there is any softness to the oil's highly inelastic demand. Whenever the fish stories about increased demand in China and India is just not enough: 

The midgit clawn of IR and his boss come and say something stupid like " There was never any Holocaust." or " We have the technology to build Nukes,"  "Israel should be wiped out."

And the Washington talking heads come to respond by a different version of obliterating Iran statement which includes supporting Israel in the same sentence. 

Amazingly enough, everybody from Mullahs in IRI, all Arab shieks, the ruling party of Russia AKA Russian Mafia, Multi national Oil companies, Nigerian war lords, Venezuela's Chavez and practically anybody including Israelis who have invested in the higly speculative oil future market in Dubai or London exchanges get rich.

 Who wouldn't like that?  

The poor hand to mouth American people who can't afford gas to drive 50 miles to make $8 an hour? 

The Iranian people who have suffered under totalitarian oligarchy for 3 decades and now have an added worry of getting attacked by US or Israel? 

The starving people of the world whose food prices have skyrocketed because the farmers are planting bio-fuel instead of food?

Who cares about those guys?

All of the important players of the world can get rich together.   It is one big happy global family.


Asad jan mashty

by XerXes (not verified) on

Why you repeating the none sense accusations that is preached to you by Zionazis? Dadash there is such a thing called Internet where you could get more information about where Iran is or is headed.
Personally I love the Islamic Republic of Iran and would not want the sold Zionazis back to my pure and holly soil.

Still thanks for a decent try to free Iran. Just keep in mind that freeing Iran does not translate kissing up to the US, where most of our problems have been created by Zionazists to be specific.


The Islamic Republic's

by abc (not verified) on

The Islamic Republic's vision for the Middle East runs counter to the national and strategic security of not only the U.S. but the world.

The world cannot afford an Islamic Caliphate under the patronage of some of the most incompetent, uneducated, radical fanatics running the Islamic Republic of Oppression... Islamic Republic's "influence in the region" is not a true one but a flimsy house of cards gained by bribing mercenaries like Hizballah, and shi'ite death squads in Iraq. Cut off the funds to these militias and the support for the Islamic Republic will evaporate. The Arab/muslims are not as stupid as the IRI thinks they are. They know what the IR is up to...They use the IRI too...period.

Even Arab/Islamic World would not submit to a world hijacked by the brutal fundamentlists in Iran.

Delusional dreams of becoming of a "co-hegemonist" with the US is not only unfeasible/impractical/ but and immoral and will lead to destruction of Iranian nation.

The Iranians helped America in the invasion of both Afghanistan and Iraq. They are even more evil than the Americans to do it to their fellow Muslims and allied to a country which has done them so much harm.

The predicament of the Iranian leadership is that instead of performing its duties of bringing about security, creating job opportunities, providing the people with a dignified life, promoting real science and industrializing the nation, it has occupied itself with preaching Midevalism Khorafat and guidance whilst Iran suffers a real crisis/threat both internally and externally.


What nonsense!

by Anonymous-today (not verified) on

Comprehensive psycholigical stance! This is another name for the so-called Velvet Revolution option, so not that new, jazzed up with old anti-communist lingo, leader of the free world nonsense, blah, blah, blah. The best thing US can do is to stay the hell out of Iran's domestic affairs. The US has never done anything in its history of relations with Itan without grave consequenses for Iranian people. But of course that's not going to happen, since Iran is where it is and has access to large reseves of oil and gas. By the way you have to be out of mind to call Iran the primary source of support for international terroirsm. I thought Al-qaeda was the primary terrorist threat to "US interests". Since when Iran is Al-qaeda's main backer? Anybody heard of Saudi Arabia? Too much to ask from demagauges such as the writer and Fred and Zion.


A rare treat

by Fred on

It is refreshing and sadly rather a rare treat to read an essay on which is exclusively concerned about Iran and how to rescue her from the clutches of Islamists taking her fast down the drain. The usual Palestine-toxicated Iranian Islamist/Anti-Semites and their lefty internationalist followers who are concerned about everywhere but Iran should pay special attention.