A Hero born of a hero

Dedicated to Bilawal Bhutto Zardini


A Hero born of a hero
by oazadi


It was the noon of January 8, 2008. A large crowd was waiting for Bilawal Bhutto Zardini's speech. He is the son of the famous Benazir Bhutto, the former prime minster of Pakistan who was assassinated two days ago in a mysterious event. Now, Bilawal, a 19-year-old history student of Oxford University was the chairmen of the Pakistan's People Party, the greatest secular party of the nation, although he did not like political jobs. There is a high risk for a terrorist action during or after today's event. For a teenager it seemed so soon to worry about death, but it was the reality of life for Pakistan's new sudden hero.

Bilawal was sitting in his private room in Bhutto's family palace. He was thinking about what was going to happen in the evening of that day when he was supposed to speak for a large crowd with huge expectations of him. The wind was making a horrible sound outside as if the trees were crying. Bilawal was thinking about his university, classmates, and the beautiful girl he liked to share the rest of his life with. Will the dirty politics let him reach his goals?

National and international elements forced him to accept the invitation to enter politics unwillingly. During last two days, the American embassy had put him under a real pressure. He had no other option other than accepting the headmastership of PPP, and now it was the time for a child to grow up.

He sat up and walked to the desk. Only three hours were left the speech and he hasn't had practiced. He took a look at the words; he did not like them, but he seemed to have no other choice. He knew he would have to sacrifice many of his interests when he accepted such a huge, tiring responsibility.

The maid knocked the door and told that the car was ready and that he needed to go. He walked out so slowly. He sat in the car and closed his eyes and dreamed of his mother. He didn't even have time to get along with his mom's death, and now, two days after such a miserable incident he is supposed to stand up for the rights of a large group of people while he seems barely to be able to defend his own rights.

After the speech, he waved to the people and came back to the car. It was hard, he believed, but he knew as his father once told him ìyour life is hard, and each day after the other it will get harder not easierî. He opened his wallet and looked at his girlfriend's picture. Every day she looked prettier and prettier to him. He hadn't talked to her for almost a month, and he felt that he really misses her. He felt like somebody who has lost a treasure. Then, he felt extremely tired. He decided to take a nap. He hoped to dream about his mother without whom he really feels lonely and with no support.

Later in the night CNN reported the bombing in his car which led to killing of one hundred people including Bilawal himself. The police found the picture of a girl near his dead body.

(Don't take this article serious; it is just a school assignment.)


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No additional explanation needed

by Not a hero (not verified) on

"So sad. so stupid, so third world".

Agreed, however, from the "1st" world,
Bush Jr. > based on his father Bush Sr.


His father is quite a "hero"

by Not a "hero" (not verified) on

His father is quite a "hero" also, known popularly among Pakistanis as Mr. 10%, I wonder what that means. Based on this kind of "heroism", I say Musharaf's 10 year old should take his place (if he has a 10 year old son), why not, afterall the children of the supposedly elite are all "heros", to some.


good looking boy

by mm (not verified) on

I have seen his picture and i have to say, he is very attractive, he got that cute looks from his mother.


Typical 3rd world

by noname (not verified) on

So sad. so stupid, so third world. A teenager with zero experience in politics becomes the head of the largest seculat party in the country because he is is Mommy's son. What a joke.


disease of infatuation with hereditary

by markux (not verified) on

Those who fixate on family fortune and monarchy deprive their offspring of any future leadership position and their nation of a future leader. Please read Thomas Paine about the problem and Monarchy or pseudo Monarchy being practiced in Egypt and Syria.


He is my man!

by MRX on

Apparently he is quite a womanizer. Tabloid in England has picture of him with two girls, one professed to be Bi sexual and a three sum is the name of the game for him! good for him, if every one in mideast was sexualy active like him, there may not be so much death, destruction and suffering!


His last name is Zardari,

by PakistanZindabad (not verified) on

His last name is Zardari, not Zardini! By the way, his mother stole 1 billion from Pakistan, even Swiss banks have confirmed that so unfortunately his mother is not the hope for Pakistan we thought. But Bilawal is incredibly attractive, no doubt.