How the sun came to be

[The writer is 10-years old]


How the sun came to be
by Jina Falahati

Some of the stories written by my 10-year-old daughter, Jina, have been published in the UK's only well-known magazine for kids, Aquila. Jina has recently writen the attached story "How the sun came to be". Enjoy! -- Mehdi Falahati

Long, long ago, before time began, before you or I were in the world yet, before your parent’s, parent’s parents were born, in the deep forest Foofoo, in the heart of New Zealand, there was quarrel between the lion, the zebra, the kangaroo, the elephant, and all the other animals in the deep forest Foofoo. It was all about the sun, they didn’t have on. Mind you, they didn’t even know what it was, until the lion declared: “Why can’t I see my beautiful feathers, it’s no good having no light.”

The zebra was also upset. He said he wanted to see his fabulous pouch at the end of his tail.

Kangaroo announced that her mane of soft fur must be shown-off too the whole of the deep forest Foofoo.

The elephant said his beautiful, bendy beak was so wondrous he should pass around whilst everybody stares at it.

Meanwhile, the beaver was rolling wood to the sound of the water to build a dam. There was a twig on the floor and Beaver tripped up on it. All the logs she had collected flew high up into the sky. They landed straight into the volcano and with a massive BANG, splashes of lava flew into the air and froze! That’s right, it froze, right there in the sky. As all the hustle was going on, beaver stopped the quarrel by showing them the sun.

The lion felt stupid. He had no feathers. His mane, however was extremely soft and made him look strong and brave.

The zebra blushed. He didn’t have a pouch, in fact, he was al stripy, but that’s what made him look so wonderful.

The kangaroo hid. She was embarrassed. She had no mane of soft fur on her stomach. She had a cozy pouch instead.

And the elephant felt shameful. His beak was a trunk. Nobody had seen anything so useful.

So now you know the sun is just an accidental ball of boiling hot lava, above the grate volcano of the deep forest Foofoo. ☺



Ohhhhhhhhhhhh What have you

by Observing Publisher (not verified) on

What have you done Jina???????/
My little girl wakes up everyday asking me to take her to forest Foofoo.
What a strange forest you created?
Why is it that every animal has a stragne ideas about their appearances.
Are there other animal in the forest with similar views?
we look forward to more stories from you.
Lots of love


About Jina Sun story

by Gala (not verified) on

Which Nima is this. Nahid's son????????/Why your Kurdish writitng does not make sense then?Good luck


Jinalina Jollie

by Gala (not verified) on

Ha ha ha
Powerful mind???????
Right in front of our thirsty eyes, a new J.K.Rolling is splashing out as a result of a BIG BANG on the ancient volcano of old Persia. This is what happens when Mother Kurdistan meets father Persia.


More public for your stories

by Bahman- Washington DC (not verified) on

Phantastic! Your story is Full of alliteration, frivolity and fun. I think your idea and imagination working together. Good luck!


Well done Jina Jan

by Mahshid (not verified) on

It is clear that you have got a powerful mind and if you concentrate you can do well but don't forget that you still have a long way to go. I think your story does not have a very good structure in the sense that the begining is too long.
good luck for the future.


Jina Jan, I alwasy wished to

by Maryam in Prague (not verified) on

Jina Jan,
I alwasy wished to read one of your stories. Well-written from a brilliant mind.
Happy Norouz


Jina jan, That’s a GREAT

by Nima (not verified) on

Jina jan,
That’s a GREAT GREAT GREAT story…. Congratulations.
The rest is in Kurdish, only for yourself:
çonît, ahwallit cone ? Zor supas, hî to ,,, qesheng u bashtriyn çîrok.
xozge xwastin, xwah'afizî .


what a wonderful story with

by Hatef (not verified) on

what a wonderful story with a palpable vibe and an extraordinary narrative. As is often the case, it is most difficult to do the simple things well...Well done Jina.


Excellent work........

by Nadias on

look forward to many more stories in the future.

You should really consider making her stories into children's books with beautiful illustrations to go along with her beautiful stories.


Solh va Doosti (paz a vosotros)




by Howard (not verified) on

What a wonderful tale! Something tells me we shall hear much more from you in years to come.


Short ,Sharp, Shiny

by Romtin (not verified) on

Sweetie ,
I love the way you wrote short,sharp,and shiny.
Good luck with your second big bang!!!..

Mona 19

Great Job Jina Jan

by Mona 19 on

I read your sweet story.

Well done, and keep up the GREAT work.

Best Wishes,Mona :)

P.S. Happy Nawroz to you and your family....and all throughout the coming year, may your life be filled with little celeberations of HAPPINESS.


Simply beautiful

by Siamack Salari (not verified) on

What an amazing mind.


My heart be still!

by farah-in-kentucky (not verified) on

Beautiful and talented Jina:

You go girl! How wonderful your writing is and how sweet your thinking. Keep it up you fair child of Iran. You are awesome and you will be a remarkable woman, full of thought and heart. Congratulations on getting published. You deserve it!