The Iceman Cometh

Possibly the most anticipated Iranian artist of our decade getting ready for his first US Tour.


The Iceman Cometh
by bahmani

For the past 6 months the improbable rumor that we might be able to see the infamous Mohsen Namjoo perform here in the US, (See Concert Tour Schedule) had me all but shuddering with delight. Little does anyone know how excited I became when rumor became fact, as it was finally announced and his Namjoo-ness appeared from the door of the airplane, fresh from Austria, at SFO a few weeks ago.

He is here!

Not many know Namjoo, and the impact he is sure to have on those souls lucky enough to be baptized and forgiven by his lyrics, while simultaneously being gloriously whipped into sublime ecstasy by his biting sound. Or vice versa depending on how your particular wind blows.

For those of you who know, you know, so I am not even going to bother with you. You may go now.

But to those of you who don't know , or think you might know, you need to be taken to task and understand a bit about the greatness that might pass you by were you to be less than vigilant as self appointed guardians of Iranian culture and more importantly, it's rekindled evolution, turbo-charged now by this small, skinny man, with a Persian lion's roar in his chest.

Mohsen Namjoo is veritably the anti-christ of Iranian popular music. He does not merely carve out a new genre for his brand of insolence. He carves it into your heart with a nail clipper. He is the Quentin Tarantino of Iranian contemporary culture, not just mouthing empty words in his songs, but living them.

He knows a thing or two about hell, having been there and back, several times in his not done yet life. Surprisingly still alive to tell the tales. His refusal to conform, while inside the very belly of the beast, deftly avoiding the consternation of the authorities that might frighten a lesser man. Using nothing more than the very power of his art, fed by the immense strength of his dark and ugly soul.

Mohsen Namjoo is a con artist of Iranian popular culture. His con is that while you listen to his words, he picks your pocket with his music. If you shift to listen to his music, his words sneak into your head and like a thief in your wife's bedroom, toys with and tortures her seductively while you're away at the office.

These are not mere variations on a lifted theme. Words thrown onto American music, or American music with Farsi words. Namjoo does not need to piggyback his spirituality onto any Mithra, Shiva, or Yaboo Alafi belief.

But he does definitely put the Zorro into Zoroastrianism!

His music can best be described as a sneaky variation on a theme. Or false advertising. After all, he is conning you! It sounds classical, and even looks classical, classical enough to fool even your Dad. But a few minutes into it and you suddenly realize, this is not classical! This is something entirely new. And it hurts. It hurts so good.

Now trapped in his web, you realize the full effect of the con, and with nowhere to run or hide, you must confront him, now he is in your face, now he is screaming at your other self, the one you like to keep hidden, tucked away from everyone like your deformed brother, in the dark reaches of denial, away from the light.

Come out brother, indeed you are beautiful to me.

So yeah, he's kind of like that.

If you have not done so yet, get your tickets here:

SAN FRANCISCO - September 6 (Click)
The Palace of Fine Arts
Phone Orders: (415) 392-4400

NEW YORK - September 12 (Click)
Skirball Center for the Performing Arts NYU
Phone Orders: (212) 352-3101

WASHINGTON DC - September 14 (Click)
Ronald Reagan Building & International Trade Center
(Tickets for this concert are not availabe at the venue.  Purchase your tickets prior to concert night)
Ordering Info: (415) 738-2182

SAN DIEGO - September 19 (Click)
San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art
Phone Orders: (858) 658-0336

LOS ANGELES - September 21 (Click)
El Rey Theater
Ordering Info: (323) 936-6400


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Gorgeous Persian Girl

by Anon-in-Love (not verified) on

Please, does anyone know the name of the beautiful Persian girl in "Zolf bar bad" video?

Also I heard there are some rather risque' pictures of her posted on the internet, does any one have the web address? Thanks.


The King Is Naked !!!

by Anonymous123456789 (not verified) on

I heard from my friend about Namjoo. Being curious about him, I listened to some of his songs on youtube. I must say that it was ridiculously funny as he changes his tone randomly (from beautiful singing to shouting, making funny noises, childish tunes, and even donkey imitation). It is not so surprising for me to see so many fans of him. It reminds me of the famous story about con artists who designed the best suite for a King.


Sold out in San Francisco

by San Fracisco (not verified) on

This is going to be a fantastic night at San Francisco at Namjoo's sold out event!


Our Interview

by iranicanlive on

Check out our Exclusive Interview with Aghaye Namjoo:


We'd love your comment and feedback!

The Iranican Crew





by ProudToBeAnonymous (not verified) on

His music is addictive indeed. I play his songs off of youtube all day long at work (yes, I am a state government worker!) And I too would like to thank for intruducing him to me. Hopefully I will be able to attend his concert here in LA.


I am addicted to his music.

by Yoohoo (not verified) on

I am addicted to his music. Had a chance to meet him briefly in person. Wonderful, unassuming and a very kind man


You lucky bastards. He is a

by Anonymous mouse (not verified) on

You lucky bastards. He is a great musician.


Namjoo has revolutionized

by agha Sia (not verified) on

Namjoo has revolutionized the direction of Iranian music. Mohsen Namjoo is at the pinnacle of the great number of new styles of music in persian community and specially the ones in Iran that have come out recently. His style successfuly comblines the persian and western music. He has a great command of the persian traditional music and he is well versed with westerm music and then, His singing and the range of his voice is out of this world. A true gem.


Scary is good.

by bahmani on

Glad to see I am not alone in my excitement, I think everyone will be pleased when they see him live. Not since Forough, has an Iranian artist dared to speak so boldly with only his art, like this, and carried such a strong message. The best part is you take what you want from it, and there is so much to take, that you never get full! don't worry Nazi jan, I'll hold your hand and we'll get through this emotional roller-coaster ride together!


let's truly appreciate

by Golnar (not verified) on

with all due respect, Mr. Bahmani, do you actually understand what Namjoo sings? Do you actually get Hafez and Shamloo or are you just promoting him? I wish for the briliant Namjoo to be supported by people who truly understand his passion.


I am burning from jealousy.

by AnonymousThemrs (not verified) on

I am burning from jealousy. I wish I could attend. I WISH.


Waiting for reviews

by Amir-ofs-ki on

With tickets in hand here in DC, we are waiting to read reviews of Namjoo's SF and NYC performances. Personally I was concerned if listening to him in person will be better or disappointing. But after  reading Tina Ehrami's comment, I won't be disappointed.

A side note: I like to thank "" for introducing me to Namjoos' music when "Zolf Bar Bad Madeh" was posted here.


Tina Ehrami

Thank you

by Tina Ehrami on

for the article! I've seen him perform live and I must say...I was in extacy! If you think his recorded work is amazing, wait 'till you hear him live! He gave me goosebumps with his singing, the lyrics (both new ones as classic Persian poetry) and just the whole package. Buy his music and see him perform, you won't regret it!



I am so jealous!

by Anonymous Everyday (not verified) on

When is he planning to come to London?
Enjoy, you lucky people!

Nazy Kaviani


by Nazy Kaviani on


Thank you for your piece, though it was a little scary to read in parts! Tickets in hand, I am impatiently waiting for Saturday night to go see him onstage with my friends and family. Like you, I believe few contemporary Iranian artists have been able to create such impact on audiences. His is a music that shocks and disarms you, then slowly grows on you, gets into your head and won't leave you alone, making you want to listen to it over and over again. I have also really enjoyed his poems and the theatrical ways in which he reads them. Do you know if he will read us some of his poems, too?

Thanks for this (brutally) captivating piece! I'll see you Saturday night!

P.S. I know many Namjoo lovers might disagree, but my most favorite Namjoo song is "Zolf bar bad madeh," because mixing Hafez's most beautiful love poem and his brand of music in that song creates the ultimate definition of fusion for me. Since you sound so serious today, I'm afraid to post the actual video here, so I just leave the link and go!