She brushed her body on my canvas and took a more compromising position


by Saeed Tavakkol

“Don’t, don’t make a move for a second and let me crush you right on the wall. You’ll pay for invading my privacy in the middle of the night.” I was loudly declaring its death sentence but the fly sitting comfortably on the wall wasn’t scared. It was mocking me with its disgusting compound eyes the very moment I was issuing the death warrant. The second I raised my hand it flew off and insanely crashed its head to the window glass and then circled around the room. I patiently traced it with my eyes.

After this maneuver, it landed on the curtain rod and I frantically jumped off the ground to strike it down with the swat in my hand. Surely I missed the bastard embarrassingly so I sat down to contemplate my next tactic.

Why would a little fly make it its mission in life to torment me in the middle of the night? I wondered. We both knew there was no way out. The door was shut and windows closed, one of us had to fall tonight.

As I was fantasizing different ways of destroying my enemy, the insect callously opened another front in the war and suddenly flew right into my face and a split second before clocking me in the eye it changed its path and hysterically circled around my head. Now the only way to take it down was to punch my own face. This charade had gone long enough.

After this infuriating campaign it flew to the top corner of the room where the two walls met the ceiling, and took a unique position where it could control the entire war zone. The battleground was my small room with nothing in it but a few fresh canvases on the floor, a little stool and in front of it, the easel supporting my freshly painted woman in nude. She was posing seductively on her back desperately waiting to see the end of this theater

As I had my eyes fixed on the insect, with the toes, I carefully pulled the stool closer and quietly lifted one leg and stepped up while keeping my eyes on the enemy’s exact location. As soon as I lifted the other leg, the insect resorted to a viscous tactic to throw me off the balance. It generated a head piercing noise and circled the room far enough for me to reach and close enough to compound my torment. Once again I jumped madly while screaming revenge and hysterically twirled the swat in the air to hit the moving target and claim its life.

I fell to the ground and the buzzing stopped. The room plunged into an absolute silence, no sign of insect. Anxiously I looked down on the floor searching for a little black spot. It was no where to be found.

Desperately I gazed at every corner of the room looking for its crushed body and find the monster sitting wherI could never expected. It was lurking right in the middle of the long pubic hair of my beautiful woman. “No, the paint is fresh.” I screamed in agony.

As easy as it was to strike it now, it was impossible for me to do so. I loved my art more than I hated my enemy. I was petrified with my hand clamped over my mouth. Suddenly I realized how much damage it could inflict on my beauty and how easy it could destroy me.

The hideous creature was lurching in the most sacred part of her body waiting for my next move. I had none. It’d invaded my soul and my love.

My only hope was that it wouldn’t make sudden moves on my freshly painted beauty. Then I dropped my weapon and kneeled before my art and threw myself at the mercy of my ruthless enemy.

Moments later and before my bewildered eyes the hideous creature started fondling my virgin beauty with its disgusting claws. She responded seductively by shifting her hips. I could hear her heavy breathing and see the lust in her rhythmic movements. She was elegantly vibrating her inner thighs in pleasure. It was difficult to say if the disgusting bug was more satisfied in seeing me in pain or seeing her in pleasure.

She brushed her body on my canvas and took a more compromising position. My beautiful creation opened her mouth and gasped for air and I could see the tip of her tongue moisturizing her lower lip. How beautiful the rosy tongue complimented the crimson of her sinful lips? Oh, how painful it was to see my love losing her innocence to a monster in my presence. How cruel she could be?

With the lustful gyrations of her hips, she tempted the creature and moments later the horrible insect crawled inside her and disappeared. She closed her legs and coiled her body and her moaning and panting tarnished the serenity of the midnight.

She was ravaged before my eyes and the sharp pieces of her lustful pain scarred my soul. The vibrancy of her flesh on my canvas revived my imagination. With her every move, she created amazingly vibrant colors I'd never thought existed and with her every sinful acts, she made exotic images I’d never dared to paint in my wildest dreams.

Silently I was watching an insect reshaping my imagination and recreating my art. She was drawn in the colorful ocean of desire and with every sudden movement of her sinful flesh she artistically portrayed her pleasure with the colors of my pain.

I was condemned to witness the horrific scene of my devastation for a time that seemed as long as eternity until she was gratified in the climax of ecstasy and exploded in delight.

The dripping wet insect flew off my canvas and my love vanished in an amazingly colorful pallet of fresh paints.



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Excellent writer, maybe. But

by Anonymous on

Excellent writer, maybe. But he sure shouldn't post his pic with his piece. He looks like he just had some bad opium !


You Sir are an excellent writer!

by Jordan (not verified) on

It is fascinating how a talented writer can take almost any subject manner and weave a compelling story.
Well done Sir!
Please visit the site if you get a chance.
Would love to read more from you.


Enough Already!

by ZebelTheRebel (not verified) on

Enough Already!