Iran's Rock Prodigies

Interview with Guitarist Raam


Iran's Rock Prodigies
by sanazkhalaj

WASHINGTON, DC - Emerging on the global music scene not long ago, Hypernova proves to be a legend in the making, already. Rocking out sold-out venues in major cities across the world, these Iranian rock-prodigies, Raam (Vox/Guitar), Kodi (Lead), Kami (Drums), Jam (Bass), are a part of all that’s prideful and consuming about being Iranian. Jamming away in unison passionately, Hypernova creates a magical sort of synergy between themselves and their fans.

Equipped with undeniably massive talent, Hypnernova’s sound is modern, genuine, brilliant, and uncontrollably captivating. Spreading peace, hope, and love through their Indie-Rock-style harmonies, all the restraint in the world will not stop you from becoming addicted to the familiar yet uniquely pulsating rhythms they have delicately refined.

Recently, their soaring popularity and relatable lyrics landed them a coveted set at the Pangea Day Music Festival, and they didn’t disappoint. With such potent and relatable lyrics like: “we are one, the world’s in love and so are we” from their hit track ‘Universal their musical might transcends the current state of world politics, and offers a platform for unity amongst all. Iranian or not.We don’t find Hypernova deistic, but their sound is definitely secularly sacred.


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SK: What are your names?

KR: Raam, Kami, Kodi, Jam

Where and when were you born?

Raam: Bushehr, Iran , 1981

Kami: Tehran, Iran 1981

Jam: Tehran, Iran 1981

Kodi: Tehran, Iran 1989

Where did you grow up?

The guys all grew up in Tehran. I was born in Iran but then moved to the States at a young age. I grew up in Eugene, Oregon back in the 80s. Then moved back to Iran in 91.

When did you leave Iran?

We finally made it to the States in March, 2007.

Where in Iran did you live?


When were you in Iran last?

Well it’s been a year so far that we’ve been away from Iran. This whole journey feels like one really long holiday. We can’t wait to go back. We love our lives back home. Iran isn’t as bad as the west makes it out to be. Every country has its pros and cons, you just learn to adjust to the given framework. We’re just on a mission right now and will work as hard as we can to achieve all our goals. This is only the beginning. The universe has been our guide and so it shall be for the rest of the voyage.

What’s the first instrument you played?


How old were you?

I was 11.

Have you had any classical training?

A little bit. I’m a big fan of Beethoven.

Do you write your own music?

Of course! I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What’s something your devoted fans would be surprised to know about you?

I want to be a goat herder and live in the mountains of Iran.

How did the name “Hypernova” come about?

I’ve always been fascinated and inspired by the universe and outer space. A Hypernova is a huge explosion in space. We saw ourselves as an explosion on the scene back in the undergrounds of Iran.

What is the Farsi version of your name?

Hyper Noonva - just kidding…

How would you describe your sound?

We have no specific sound as we are evolving everyday. I would say it’s a mix of a little bit of everything from the 80s to all the modern day sounds.

How has the reception been for Hypernova, ever since you guys made the transatlantic leap?

To our own surprise it has been absolutely overwhelming. We really had no expectations whatsoever when we came here. We just had a simple dream of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

So far we have had the craziest adventure of our lives.Where have you toured?

Mainly in the major cities: NY, Boston, LA, San Francisco, Austin. We’re trying to organize a big tour all across the States but it requires a lot of money. Hopefully we can do a national tour sometime in the near future.

What was your first paid gig?

I think it was at Arlene’s Grocery in NY. The owner came and gave me a little envelope full of cash. I didn’t even know we could get paid.

Is your music sold in in Iran?

Idon’t think so.

Who has influenced you the most in life?

There are many beautiful people who have influenced me in my life but no one will ever come close to my parents. I owe everything to them.

Who has influenced your sound the most?

The Strokes, The Arctic Monkeys, Interpol, Queens of the Stone Age, Kasabian...

If you could tour with any other modern Iranian bands, who would you choose?

The Yellow Dogs.

How about any three non-Iranian bands from any era, which bands would you choose?

Kasabian, the Strokes, Queens of The Stone Age.

What is your favorite Iranian dish?

It’s a toss up between Tahchin and Adas Polo. And it definitely has to be my moms cooking. She’s the best cook on the planet. I know all Iranians say this but seriously my mom would kill the competition.

How does your Iranian family feel about your decision to pursue your passion?

They are absolutely supportive. They always believed in me and allowed me to pursue my dreams no matter how crazy they seemed.Describe your current life in three words: Super Mega Awesome!

Where can one see the immensely talented Hypernova perform?

Well our next show is actually going to be our most important show as of yet. We will be performing at a festival called Pangea Day. You can find out more about the festival @ //

How do you want to be remembered five decades from now?

I want my music to be remembered more than anything else. That’s why I will push myself for the rest of my life until I create a legendary masterpiece that will always be a part of history. But besides my music, I also want to be remembered for being the first band from the undergrounds of Iran who reached critical success on a global level.

What’s your favorite song?

My friends make fun of me about this subject because every day I have a different favorite song. Today that song is: Red Socks Pugie by the Foals.

What’s your favorite Hypernova song?

It’s a song called “See the Future”.

Who is the best rock band, ever?

Obviously Pink Floyd. I don’t think anyone will ever come close to what they are.

What’s your favorite city to play in?

New York.

Describe Iran in a sentence.

Iran is a clash of the modern and the ancient where chaos and order coexist in perfect harmony with each other.

What’s your favorite Iranian city?

Hengam Island.

Where can everyone buy your music?

Our music is still not available for sale. We just finished recording our debut album. Hopefully it will be available online and in stores within the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

Do you guys have any other hidden talents that your fans might want to know about?

I’m a psychic and can read people’s minds. Please feel free to contact me for a personal reading.

What time of day are you most creative?

4 in the morning.

Would you play in Iran if asked?

Of course, we’ve played in Iran all our lives.

Gojeh-Sabz or Zoghalakhteh?

Gojeh Sabz.

What’s your favorite color?

Your favorite venue worldwide?

We want to play @ the Glastonbury Festival in Scotland one day. That would be a dream come true.

Best audience ever?

All the kids back home in the undergrounds of Iran.

Who do you think your listeners are?

People who have good taste in music.

Who do you want them to be?

I want them all to be Victoria’s Secret super models.

Will you ever do a Farsi album?

Maybe when were all like 73 years old.

Are you working on a new album?

We haven’t released the first one yet!

What does your tour schedule look like?

We just got invited to go to Europe and do a tour over there but most likely we’re not going to make the trip right now. We still have a lot of stuff to do in States. We’re going to stay focused on promoting the album over here for the next couple of months.



I met these guys before and

by Hyper_hypernova (not verified) on

I met these guys before and they're pretty FU$#ing stuck up and SO full of themselves ESPECIALLY this raam kid!! Good music but you're no legends yet-- despite the author's claim.


Glastonbury is in south west

by Doctor Mick (not verified) on

Glastonbury is in south west England not Scotland but you'd enjoy it anyway.


Love them. Love them. Love

by Amaziiiiiing (not verified) on

Love them. Love them. Love them. Thanks sanaz!


Out of this world!

by salim on

First I wanted to thank the author for the interview and introducing this band to larger readers. These guys are out of this world!

I first heard about them in my car when NPR briefly praised it as one of the highlights of the SXSW but forgot to find more when I got home that day.

After following the youtub link (please fix the link) I found their other materials. I now know why the NPR guy who covered the SXSW was so hot on them. These guys are just great! I wish I had seen them when they were in town. Hope they come back to SF Bay Area again.

They should get on the Comedy Show with John Stewart, I'll bit he put them on. Even the tonight show. This is a great story and the band has some awesome material.

I also hope they make it to LA and perhaps by shear accident maybe some of their talent will rub off on the lame music scene that has steadily digressed for the past 30 years.

Keep up the great work guys...really proud of you!



by HyperNOONva (not verified) on

I loooooooooooooooooooooooove them they are sooo great!!!!!!! I love that other song too 'FairyTales don't have happy endings'... the best line is "who's the fairest motherF^%$#er of all"


Bank on the Iranian thing...

by ...the ism (not verified) on

Not a bad band but these bands are dime a dozen in every garage of suburban white America. They should really bank on the Iranian thing for extra media attention ... and hopefully that'll boost their careers! Good luck.