lounging in the curve of my lips

lounging in the curve of my lips
by Baharak

From The Lover (2007), collected poems by Baharak Sedigh.


something about life seduces my bones

twisting my hair in its grip

rooting me to the moment

something in the elusive nature

digs every finger of time into my heart

how my insignificant body contains such vastness

i ask

this sugared taste

waiting at the end of each minute’s twist

forever changed days that eventually


pass too quickly

what tomorrow brings a mystery

lounging in the curve of my lips

at the tip of each and every sunset

and every time a raindrop hits the sea

aug 2, 2007-8:33 pm



thank you for the kind

by Baharak on

thank you for the kind words.


refreshing and beautiful

by bahaaran on

thanks for sharing.


Good Work, Baharak,..

by Frvardin77 (not verified) on

Ba tazet tareen Shokoofeha e bahari,
You have done a good Job in this poem, Ms. Baharak Khanoom Jan,
Keep up the Good Work!!
Ba Mehr ro dorud,..
washington Dc