My Heart Knows Best


My Heart Knows Best
by Cameron A. Batmanghlich

To my battered heart

By the thought of a new love

I keep screaming … ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

But my heart shrugs it off, as if HE is the one in charge!

While the shadow of her smile

still covers the rays of my sun

While the sound of her name

still rings into my ears

And while the taste of her lips

still flavours my tears …

My heart is already out there and sways

How can my heart still play, in the spring of a day,

so carefree and gay?

How can he still shine, when its pieces are so distraught,

in and all around?

How can he be tranquil and not muster up a scream,

when the nights are so still?

I guess my heart is just capriccioso and vile

Fooled by my flesh over there,

Fooled by mind over here

Now and then and again … and again

Perhaps my heart is just dumb and not vile after all

Where is that ideal of mine?

The one I was promised when I grew a little bit of a mind?

Have I been too restless … for her, to me find?

Will she ever come forth to keep my heart calm?

Across the oceans I have gone

And in dreams I have sought

In prayers I have her name called

But she is nowhere to be found

Why can I not be like you

To have a heart without a heart?

Just to live and then die?

To be with someone, but not that special one?

Perhaps I have no right to whine

As I have been touched and loved

More than anyone I can recall

But still I know who hurts most of the time, without any hope in my sight

My body is ok

it’s all sedated and drained

My mind is out there

it’s all tied up and jailed.

And my hope??? … aaah … he does what he does best.

The problem is my heart … could anyone tell him how to stop?

What is this runaway train of a heart

speeding ahead without any thought?

When did my heart learn

to never look back, but only ahead?

And …

why is he not flattened and dead?!!!

And yet my heart refuses to give up!

What is this heart of mine?

All un-scared and brave…

Always refusing to see the final end?

I guess I know the answer,

As it is my heart who knows best.


June. 2006,


Miami, Florida


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Thank you so much Cameron jan

by Souri on

I am so excited hearing this good news. Please don' t forget your fan when you have published your book.

Looking forward to see more of your nice input.

Best wishes



Dear Souri

by Cameron Batmanghlich (not verified) on

Dear Souri,

Thank you for your compliments, and also for spreading my work. Much obliged.

I am currently looking for a publisher/ literally agent and have my book under editing.

So as soon as find either of them, I will have my first collection published and for sure will advertise it.

Again … thank you.

Kindest regards,


To Geezer

by Cameron Batmanghlich (not verified) on

Dear Geezer,

I would not call myself ‘Bigham’ va ‘Bikhiyal’. But, life brings us a mixture of feelings.

The trick is to keep loving and increasing the size of our hearts. Keep our hearts transparent and celebrate every single moment of joy and love, even if we are in an absolute state of chaos and stormy weather. Take pleasure in simple things, a melody, a smile, a drink … that will strengthen your hope and it increases your appetite for life.

I wish you love.



Thank you Irandokht

by Cameron Batmanghlich (not verified) on

Dear Irandokht,

Thank you so much. I am glad you enjoy my work.
Kind regards,


At the first opportunity...

by Francesco Sinibaldi (not verified) on

In this period,
and in its true
light, the sound
of a picture forgets
and emotion in
the care of a faith;
a candle reappears,
a delicate silence
remembers a river
and then, at the
first opportunity,
I'll love you my

Francesco Sinibaldi


Lovely !

by Souri on

Dear Camron

I love petry and like your poems a lot. You are gifted by heartfelth feeling as Irandokht said. Your last poem " Amor Perdido"...was a masterpiece, I sent it to all my friends.

If you have a book (or something else ) published in English, I' d love to find it and send it to my friend (Iranian and others) as a gif.

Please let me know about that. Thanks.


Khosh beh haalet

by geezer (not verified) on

keh inghadr beeghami va beekhiaal. khosh baash rafigh.


follow your heart

by IRANdokht on

you do have a precious gift Cameron jan and that is your heart and the ability to feel and express those heartfelt feelings. I am sure glad you share...

that was absolutely beautiful!