A piece for fun

by Sahba Aminikia

Performing a composition "Reng" at San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Recital Hall. The piece is totally improvised.


Composer and pianist Sahba Aminikia is foremost an artist, whose view of the arts as one inseparable entity informs his broad body of work. Born in Iran in 1981, Aminikia studied music composition in Russia at the St. Peterersburg State Conservatory under Boris Ivanovich, a post-graduate student of Dmitry Schostakovich. In his homeland, Aminikia studied under renowned Iranian pianists Safa Shahidi and Gagik Babayan. He was perhaps most influenced by work with his first teacher and reknown composer , Dr.Mehran Rouhani, a graduate of Royal Academy of Music and former student of Michael Tippet >>>



to Anonymous

by red cat (not verified) on

Fusion happens all over and all the time, get real baba, it has nothing to do with inferioriy complex, unless you are feeling like that??! ;) From east to west and vice versa, and at different periods, it happens all the time. There are infinite examples of that.

Music is very dynamic, even the Classical western music, has gone through many periods, and is not the static entity one likes to believe, additionally, Classical music has had eastern and gypsy influence on it as well, in addition to many other influences. Those wonderful rhythms in Brazilian jazz, are fused with African beats. Now, you say that is an example of Brazilian feeling inferior to Africans?! And think about American music, such as blues, rag, jazz, hip hop, etc. It all started with the African slaves singing the blues. Do you say Americans should do away with these wonderful genres, since it is based on African music,and not western?
Music is vibrant, and changes all the time. No matter where we live, our tastes evolve and respond based on our personal experience.
Why not play something which is completely Eastern?

I love Eastern music, but what is wrong with playing that,and some? Why restrict so narrowly? Why so rigid? Why dictate? People have to express themselves the way they like, otherwise, it becomes a "bazaari" style that lot of people play for "majles". It has to come from the heart, otherwise it would be cheap.
I enjoyed his music, because I am into Persian melodies, and classical music, and I loved this fusion a lot.


Cholo Kabab with Piroshky

by Koko Mangoe (not verified) on

Yes. Aroosi for Prokofiev. Good one.

It is like mixing Cholo Kabab with Piroshky!

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

In response to Reply to: "Fusion? Why?"
Emigrant artists, musicians, writers... don't necessarily choose to fuse their birth culture with their new home/host culture. Simply by living in a new country, our ideas, habits, views naturally get mixed and fused. We will never be purely "Iranian" as we were , or become entirely "American". We will be shades in between. And our artistic expressions will often be something that's also "neither here or there"... this is what art is... a reflection of our current "mixfused" state. So Aminikia is not mixing east and west in a blender. It comes from his heart.


Aroosi for Sergei Prokofiev?

by ramintork on

Who would had thought that Aroosi Irani melodies could work so well with hints of Sergei Prokofiev.

It seem to work, Iranian folk melodies on the Piano are not that far from Russian Classics, inspired by folk. Well done.

I rekon that repetative phrases of Iranian folk could work well with other styles.

I wonder if Baba Karam would sound good if played in the style of Philip Glass? Now that would be brave!

I am glad that there are Iranians out there taking risk with style and using their creativity to come up with new forms. 




absolutely perfect sahba

by Demo (not verified) on

absolutely perfect sahba jan, keep up the good work man.


Fusion? Why?

by Anonymous on

What is the deal with "Fusion"? Why do we have to fuse Western and Eastern music? To gain acceptance? Isn't this the manifestation of Iranian centuries-old inferiority complex?

Why not play something which is completely Eastern? Play it using all your wonderful technique and excellent knowledge of harmony which you have learned well from the music schools in Russia and elsewhere.

I am sorry to say that this is not a memorable piece of music. I guarantee you no one (Eastern or Western) will want to buy this and play it on their CD players or their IPOD's.

You have the talent and the ability and the youth to create memorable pieces.

Be proud of your Iranian heritage and keep it simple. You will succeed.



Afffarin for the music and

by Roya. (not verified) on

Afffarin for the music and for the jeans!! Cool... why not?



by MM (not verified) on

Half star taken off cause of Jeans!



by red cat (not verified) on

Thanks for sharing it. I loved it! It sounded like fusion of Iranian melody with classic harmony. I also liked the design of your website. Good luck and look forward to seeing your other works.