by Mahvash Shahegh

O’ Shoppers

Words are cheap.

If everything else is expensive,

Words are cheap.


I know it out of experience.

I am assigned to write an essay

With 2000 words for $200;

One cent for each word!


O’ Shoppers,

Hurry up, buy, take home.

Words are on Sale.


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by yolanda on

So sorry! Writers deserve to be paid more, definitely!

Thank you for your poem, sorry for your unpleasant experience! I never had the experience 'cause I don't know how to write... I thought being a writer is really cool, you can work from your home, you don't have to commute and fight the traffic, every other professions, you have to show up for work physically, you may have a car accident on your way to work and lose your life.....I had a car was an awful being a writer does have some benefits...