Collateral Damage


Collateral Damage
by Doug Soderstrom

Dead people, No names, No feelings, Not even a coffin, In which to bury, The bodies.
A rotting carcass,
Of cadavers, Stinking flesh, Lying on the ground, The remains of a dog, Another with that of a human frame, But, really now... who cares, What’s the difference, Each of them, Every single one, An errant piece of flesh, Crow bait, Dead meat, An assortment of loosened bones, Bloodied guts, Carrion... food, For vermin... bugs, rats, vultures, A dog, Looking for a quick snack, Something like, A McDonalds for “an animal on the run.”
Yet, onlookers gag, As bodies rot, A fetid, Maggot-infested,
Heap of humanity, Right next to, An apartment building, Where seventeen,
Families once lived.
Cadavers, Spread all over, An entire city, Dismantled, Laid to waste, Destroyed, By “smart bombs,” Missiles, With the crippled mind, Of a crazed assassin.
Dead bodies, Sprinkled here and there, Like rain drops, Flush with blood, Feeding the earth, Giving birth, To dead trees...headstones, Neatly scattered across, A barren, fruitless fleck of land, A planned community, A cemetery, For souls without a home.

Another batch of dead bodies, That few seem to recognize, Nor even care about.
Unless, Of course, The corpse,
Had been blessed,
By having been,
Made in America,
The land of,
A superior race,
Of beings,
Who happen,
To believe,
In Yahweh, The United States Military,
And capitalism,
The free enterprise system.

The death, Of another, American soldier, One given,
A twenty-one gun salute, His remains properly boxed, And draped in red, white, and blue, Each combatant,
With his face,
Paraded on television,
For each,
And everyone to see.
The honored death,
Of another patriot, A Christian martyr, A hard-working dad, A loving mother, A caring friend, A beloved son, The great, And rather,
Grand passing, Of another, American hero!


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I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Bush's lies about the war commencing

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

He said in his statement that the target was the man who was the leader of the country."Directed against the lawless men who rule your country."

LOL!!!!! Oh how the tables turned. Oh how sad that even after the saddam family is dead, we continue this bankruptcy.  

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

In Iraq, commercial farmers must buy seed from Monsanto

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

We're also screwing up their farming system with Agent Orange Monsanto Corporation goodies which they MUST buy or be prosecuted for. They hate us for our freedoms!



I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Great poem

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

What's very sad is that when the invasion first happened, the US Media did an absolutely crappy job of reporting the horror of "democracy delivered Bush style." 

The Army PR representative actually resigned and is now working at Al Jazeera. He does great work. His name is Josh Rushing and his potential has definitely been realized. The military is great for people who love propaganda and delivery of it. It has to be that way. Can you imagine a free-thinking army? LOL a society?! Keep up the crappy work US Media. Hopefully we'll fight our way to Chinese annexation soon.



by timothyfloyd on



Brian Appleton

The "Silent War"

by Brian Appleton on

can you really imagine missiles flying over the streets of Tehran? The West arming both Iran and Iraq to fight each other for 8 years with next to none press coverage? I spent an entire afternoon walking through the rows of graves of boys and young men in Behesht e Zahra in Tehran two summers ago, a million young Iranians died in that war...we are ignorant and indifferent to other peoples' pain...according to John Hopkin's University there have been over 1.2 million Iraqi deaths in this latest war and according to National Geographic 1.3 million Iraqi refugees in poor Syria. What exactly has this war accomplished? The same question can be asked about Afghanistan. There are 50 US military bases in  Iraq that are there to stay, and Bechtel had over 256 contracts there last time I checked their website. The placement of a gas pipeline across the center of Afghanistan is the main reason the US is there and the oil in Iraq. The US may not be the "most evil or one sided regarding unjust wars of our times" but they  do have the largest military force, can inflict the most damage and like crusaders seem to think that they have the moral authority to justify whatever action they take. The bigger the crime, the longer it takes to be able to admit to it, objectively. I remember growing up in the 1950's, all the cowboy and Indian movies still made the Indians bad and the cowboys good. It's taken over a hundred years to admit to that crime.

I am still in shock over Viet Nam...60 million bomb crater holes left behind and how many bastard children, how many deaths of Viet Namese? What did it accomplish? And how quickly forgotten in one generation to rush into two more wars..."Support Our Troops" as if I have any choice of where my tax dollars many of you remember Thoreau going to jail rather than paying taxes to support the Mexican American War?

Brian H. Appleton


Rasool Aryadust


God,Guns,&Guts liberated Iraq from Saddam.

by bushtheliberator on

Your gutless whineing will not liberate anyone.

Most of the Iraqis who have died violently since dear President GW Bush invaded Iraq were killed by THEIR FELLOW MOSLEMS.

Liberating Iraq required some fighting;and that's OK,we're good at it.Let's Roll !


Nice poetry...

by Sirius on

The Americans could kill 1,000,000+ Iraqis or Afghans and never muse beyond if they should or should have not disconneted Terri Schiavo.

Still, even Americans in internet forums could accept when you do not agree with their behaviour or morals. On the contrary, I have known Europeans (specially Germans) in internet forums that will call you "terrorist" and call to the authorities "to keep an eye to you" if they happen to read the poetry you just wrote.

@Glent... even as I undestand how you feel about the "Americans" (name that they stole for themseves, for America is the name of a continent) believe me when I tell you they are not the most evil and one-sided, regarding these injust wars of our times.  



...or they WILL get you also.

by glent on

It is the DUTY of Muslim nations to build the same type of weapons that Shatan has rewarded the cowardly reprobate hypocrytes with. These rats will always commit heinous crimes and unjust perpetrations against ANYONE who cannot fight back. They are mentally deficient and possesed of a psychotic lack of remorse indicating that they will never cease untill they are utterly rendered incapable.


Have you not noticed?

by glent on

 Im hoping that anyone reading this has finally noticed that the average american(lower case letters) is possessed with a psychotic delusion that non-americans are put on earth by ALLAH to be judged, then categorized, then disposed of, by cowardly hypocryte americans. If you remain militarily weak, they WILL come to your land and do this to YOU.