I somehow forgot to be grateful

I’m remembering why my parents left everything behind


I somehow forgot to be grateful
by Sherry Ahkami

I went to see the movie Argo with my dad. I had chosen this movie because I felt it would be one that would be of interest to my dad, not myself- how I was very wrong. The movie brought on a truth that was not only a reality back in the 70’s but one that is still very real today. As I felt my dad’s energy, one that remembers and still harbors the emotions of an Iran that was and is, an Iran that doesn’t provide opportunity, I felt ashamed.

As a Persian Canadian I have been ignorant and in many ways have done so knowingly. Privileged my whole life, I somehow felt justified to my frivolous complaints. Ones as silly as having to work long hours causing me to pay $400 a month in dog daycare seemed up until tonight, just. Up until now I felt sorry for myself that I even had to work, sorry that I had to do anything I didn’t want to. I somehow forgot to be grateful. I, just like so many other immigrants who come from a society that struggles has forgotten. We have misplaced our values and somehow have justified living without living for worth. We have forgotten the struggles our families made to bring us the opportunity of possibility.

And so I am choosing to bow down in the race of what’s what. The ones where the men take pride in who slept with more women, rather than show love to one special women. The ones where girls flaunt their latest labeled purse, forgetting that girls just like ourselves are starving and many abused beyond our imagination.

The real value lies in the moment we take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead of us. The ones that exist simply by the fact that we live where we do. I’m remembering why my parents left everything behind. The struggles they had so I never would. This is why I am choosing to be grateful that I can dream dreams that can become possibilities. That this is the value I was given.

I’m choosing to bring some kind of validation in why I was given the opportunity for a chance, and many others weren’t. And because of this I will work hard without complaints to make my dreams become realities.

I will place value where it is meant to lie; I will give before I receive and most importantly I will be grateful every day that I live where I do. I will do this not only for my parents, who struggled to bring me these opportunities but also for those who weren’t given any opportunity. The ones that are young just like myself but don’t dare to dream. Because they know that no matter how many times they close their eyes, fantasize and hope they are always awaken to a world without possibilities. For them believing and dreaming is not enough and may never be.

I will for those who couldn’t.


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On starting to understand

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

For me the sadness has 2 parts, copied and pasted from comments I agree with that others made, because Iran must not just be forgotten.

1) by shirzadegan

The unity of shia black and red which covers all segments of mojahedeen,
Fadaeyan, Meli and Meli Mazhabi brought this monsters to power in 1979.
These are forces who put our nation in this mess we are experiencing
these days. The supporters of this piece crap shows that they still
don't want to accept their mistakes. They still don't want to take
responsibility for what they did to our nation. They back stabbed our
people and ran to western countries. Iranians were deceived by these
"khaens" in 1979 for the better life.

2)  The people were wrong in pursuit of a solution, the late shahs team was right.  Especially in creating Rastakhiz.  Why???

It is important to ask what was the wests interest for Iran????

Did the West really want want a multiparti democracy free to develop
Iran?  For Freedom Human Rights etc.  Of course not.  Just look at what
the west did to Iraq where 50% of the populations children have no
mother or Father.  The Reality is that the USA/West was only allied to
Iran so long as it was useful to counter Soviet expansion and meanwhile
did everything in their power to suppress Iranians development.  Once
the soviets were contained, the real agenda for Iran and North Africa
was clear and is even clearer today.  To miss it is to be hopeless. 

The Shah and His team had Zero Chance of establishing a multi-party
democracy for Iran with out causing Iran to Massively Regress as a
Result of the Agenda of the West for
Iran/Iraq/Afghanistan/Syria/Egypt/Libya North Africa/Middle East.

The USA Loves Extremist Islam for Iran and others, which it has for a long time.  Please Open your Eyes and Your Ears if you start feeling highly appreciatie of life in the west and sincerely want an idea of why Iran could not Manage a Multi-party Democracy? //iranian.com/main/blog/amirparvizforsecularm...



Shazde Asdola Mirza

1st world problem: $400 dogsitter

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

As one of the million fathers of sweet but spoiled Iranian-Western kids, I'd like to thank you for starting to understand.


I saw the movie too, Sherry, thanks for a nice blog.

by ham1328 on

For me, the movie was a shocking change from the past, because I had left Iran years before IRI. I didn't believe everything in the movie, such as the begining where it stated that Iranians were starving. Even as a strong critic of the Shah, I still must give credit where it's due......

Your blog is a humble reminder to us all, young and old how good we have it in the free world. I hope so dearly that we can see the end of this reign of terror soon. And hopefuly this time, it will not be replaced by another brutal dictatorship.