BASTARDOS: Does Spain’s King Juan Carlos have two illegitimate children?


BASTARDOS: Does Spain’s King Juan Carlos have two illegitimate children?
by Darius Kadivar


A Spanish waiter and a Belgian housewife have joined forces in an attempt to prove they are the illegitimate children of the King of Spain. Juan Carlos is said to have slept with more than 1,500 women, including a rumoured liaison with Princess Diana. (

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You are our Dad: Spanish waiter and Belgian housewife attempt to prove King of Spain is their father (Daily Mail)


A Spanish waiter and a Belgian housewife have joined forces in an attempt to prove they are the illegitimate children of the King of Spain.

Albert Sola, 55, has already had DNA tests done which show there is a 91 per probability he is the half-brother of a woman whose mother pointed at Juan Carlos on the television and told her: 'He’s your dad.'

Belgian Ingrid Sartiau met Albert for the first time 10 days ago in a hotel in north east Spain after contacting him over the Internet.

The pair are now said to be considering legal action to force Juan Carlos to accept they were born to mistresses and recognise them as his children.

Dad-of-two Albert, who used to run a successful metal firm in Mexico, has already sent several faxes addressed ‘Dear Father’ to the 17th century La Zarzuela palace near Madrid where the King lives with his long-suffering wife Sofia and their family.

He said: 'I’m convinced I’m King Juan Carlos’ son. Ingrid and I are going to send a fax to La Zarzuela to inform them of the results of the DNA tests and see where we go from there.' 

Albert, who lives and works in a small village outside Girona, was adopted as a child and grew up in Ibiza before moving to Barcelona.

He claims the Spanish King, said to have bedded more than 1,500 women in a ‘Don Juan-style’ romantic career, met his birth mum during a trip to the Catalan capital in the fifties from a military academy in Zaragoza where he was studying.

The woman Albert says is his biological mum has been named in the Spanish press as the daughter of a well-known Barcelona banking family.

He has claimed to have unearthed documents during a probe into his background with the Spanish expression ‘chupete verde’ or ‘green dummy’ on them which historians have told him were only used for blue-blooded babies.

He met mum-of-two Ingrid Sartiau, 46, from Ghent, for the first time in a restaurant in Girona near Barcelona earlier this month after she heard an interview he gave to a Dutch TV station and tracked him down over the Internet.

Ingrid says her mum Liliane Sartiau first met King Juan Carlos in 1956 in France and again in 1966 in Luxembourg where she was conceived.

She said: 'My mum told me who my father was while we were watching the TV together.

'An image of him flashed up on the television and she said, ‘That man’s your father. I found out a few weeks ago and am still in a state of shock.'

DNA tests carried out by Belgian researcher Jean-Jacques Cassiman show a 91 per cent sibling match.

Mr Cassiman, commissioned in 2004 by the French authorities to do DNA tests on Napoleon Bonaparte’s remains in Paris, told a Spanish newspaper: 'The probability that they share the same parent is very high. The results are clear but they don’t specify if it’s a mother of father. I don’t know who the father is but they say it’s King Juan Carlos.' 

Barcelona-based author Pilar Eyre, made the explosive claim King Juan Carlos, 71, had an affair with Princess Diana in a book she published earlier this year.

Another royal biographer, Lady Colin Campbell, has long insisted that the Princess and the King embarked on an affair while on a cruise with their spouses in August 1986.

According to Eyre, who has already written six volumes about the Spanish royal family, King Juan Carlos has not shared a bed with Greek-born wife Queen Sofia for 35 years.

Prince Albert was forced to recognise two illegitimate children after DNA tests confirmed he was the father. One was born in 2003 to an air hostess.

The Spanish royal family has made no comment on the claims about King Juan Carlos.

A spokesman said yesterday: 'There is no comment.'

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by amirkabear4u on

Kings always did this sort of things.

Half the british royal family's ancestores were from maids ( oh where is anglophile)

Even those who are not REAL kings do it.


Darius Kadivar

Merci Redwine Jan

by Darius Kadivar on

Indeed I also believe much of the attacks on the King are actually unjustifed and unfair. 

But one remarkable aspect of the Spanish Monarhcy is it's transparency very much like Sweden.

I don't think the Spanish Monarchy is in danger despite the economic meltdown which threatens all stable democracies in Western Europe at different levels.

The King's role in establishing democracy in Spain is invaluable and the Spaniards would be well advised to appreciate it given that even to this day the Far right Francists hope to make a comeback in the political arena.


Hopefully things will calm down when we all get over all this economic disastor. 


But anyway a DNA Test should fix the doubt if any ...


Albert Prince of Monaco recognized his daughter concieved out of wedlock ... it did not create any institutional crisis for that matter ... so ...

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

این اولین باری نیست که این جور صحبتها در موردِ ایشان می‌‌شود،سالها است که می‌گویند خوان کارلوس شب نشینی با خانمهای غیر را دوست دارد،کدام اسپانیولی هست که دوست نداشته باشد :) ؟

تعدادِ این حملاتِ از زمانی‌ بیشتر شده است که خوان کارلوس در اوجِ گرفتاریهای اقتصادی اسپانیا به بوتسوانا رفت ! هر چند که او بدانجا دعوت شده بود و در واقع هیچ گونه برنامه دیگر نداشت اما چپ‌های اسپانیا عجیب به ایشان حمله بردند و صحبتهای ناجور در موردِ آینده سلطنتِ اسپانیا کرده‌اند.

۲ روز پیش اسپانیا بودم،موردِ خاصی‌ مشاهده نکردم،فعلا جشن‌ها آغاز شده است و تا آخرِ پائیز سرشان به این چیز‌ها گرم است.

با سپاس از داریوش خان.