Crown Prince Reza : «Saeed Sakuee & ‘Moronic’ Likeminds Don’t Represent Genuine Monarchists»


Crown Prince Reza : «Saeed Sakuee & ‘Moronic’ Likeminds Don’t Represent Genuine Monarchists»
by Darius Kadivar

Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi slams Saeed Sakuee, the controversial host of Aryamehr TV, as a « Moron » who does not represent Genuine Constitutional Monarchists nor his school of thought.


During a Conversation was held during a Paltalk session with Young  Iranian activists

The Heir to the Peacock Throne, Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi slammed Saeed Sakuee,( the controversial host of Aryamehr TV) for his « Moronic » and « intolérant » behavior saying that he does not represent Genuine Constitutional Monarchists nor his school of thought.  


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Bloggers Notes :

PS : Notice one activist refers to the Crown Prince with his title « Shahzadeh » where as another merely calls him Reza which seems to suggest that the activists interviewing him belong to both Constitutionalist and Jomhurykhah (aka Republican) political sensitivities.

PSS : 

It should be noted to Sakuee’s Credit that he along with many other LA networks initially contributed in airing and often organizing Crown Prince Reza Rallies back in the 1980’s and 1990’s particularly for one major rally in 1992 held in LA  (Watch below) :

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IRANIAN SOLIDARNOSC:Crown Prince Reza's First Public Rally in exile at the LA Stadium (1992)

However like most media networks in LA created by mere entrepreneurs with no journalistic qualification nor Professional ethical background soon turned these medias into cheap partisan programs. Sakuee took upon himself to turn himself into a recognizeable « TV Personality » giving his viewers the illusion that he was also the official spokesperson for the Monarchist cause or the Constitutionalist movement at large. It is unfortunate that his behavior as well as other similar « tv personalities » have contributed more to hurting the Constitutionalists and turning us into a laughing stock. 






Shapour Bakhtiar to Limonadi Slams LA TV’s for their Lack of Democratic behavior (1987):

Parisa Saed interview of Prince Reza Pahlavi on how to boost Human Rights activism in the West regarding Iran, May 1993:











At the advent of the Post Election Protests so called Pro Green Activists also expressed Intolerance towards Monarchists as expressed even here on by a certain HateIRI as expressed by this blog :


Please watch this clip | by HATEIRI


Also Watch CNN Report of Pro Greens attacking Iranian Monarchists from all walks of life Young and old and humiliating them by tearing down the Shiro Khorshid flag : (WATCH ON CNN HERE)


More Recently in ROME Pro Greens were dismissing Supporters of Crown Prince Reza from demonstrating :

Pro Moussavi Supporters Try to Discourage Pro Pahlavi Supporters In Rome Rally

Pro Mousavi supporters in a Rally in Rome, Italy demand that Pro Pahlavi supporters remove Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi's picture from the protest. Rally in Rome  Feb 14, 2011



Then NIAC spokesperson Babak Talebi accuses other Iranians demonstrating with Sun and Lion Flags of having a different agenda than that of defending their compatriots back home:





Only if EVERYONE Makes an Effort in the right direction

Towards their ideological 'Rivals' who share a common goal:

Bringing Down the IRI ! 



Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi in Protest 21 june 2009 :


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Sadegh Bozorgmehr

They mean well, but...

by Sadegh Bozorgmehr on

Many Shahis truly love Iran, let's not be unfair about that. But they're also the least sophisticated faction of the opposition. Even the MEK knows what it's doing, even if their worldivew is abhorrent.

Shahis on the other hand, put all of their energy in the most insignificant things. A lot of them just want a return to the Shah era because they think people looked and dressed nicer. And what angers them are the use of foreign words as opposed to "pure Parsi." 

I don't think anyone other groups of Iranians in the West is equally out of touch.  



by Simorgh5555 on

Sorry to break this to you but Reza Jan is the one who is irrelevant. The American.political establishment has abandoned him. Its his lack of vision and leader as a monarch which makes people like Sakuee come forward to do the job he refuses Even Congress favours a bunch of militant Islamist crypto communists like the MEK to.him which should tell you the extent how no one can put their faith in him. The most he can do is to appear on day time news and present his political perspective on current affairs. I give him credit as.being intelligent and well spoken but as a leader with any realistic prospective of restoring a monarchy he is finished. As I said,.don't take my word for visit his website. If Saeed Sakuee represents what you consider a fascist version of the monarchy Reza Pahlavi represents nothing. And that shir o khorshid whcih appears on his website looks forced. If he could get away but not putting it there he would have abandoned that too. He can wear all the green wrsit bands in the world but the Green Movement and Reformists he is trying to curry favour with spit on and denounce him and his supporters. That is why Pahlavi is such a badbakht not Sakuee. THEY DON'T LIKE YOU. Reza Pahlavi is neither a monarch, Mahatma Gandhi but a human rights spokesman.


RP certainly brings out the crazies

by robertborden54 on

Simorgh if you are not a former pre-revolution mid-ranking civil servant and/or over the age of 70, you are in serious need of therapy.

Pendar Nik:  I think you just want to get a rise out of people. I don't think you believe in what you say.  But just in case, if you are this angry at RP and you weren't tortured by Savak before the revolution, then you need to see a therapist as well.  

Both of you too are irrelevant anyway.  No one inside Iran pays any attention to nutter monarchists or old lefty loonies.  So maybe I'm wrong.  blather on boys.  It is entertaining.


Clown Prince

by Simorgh5555 on

He allows an activist call him "Reza", while launching into a tirade against someone like Sakuyee just to win over the hearts and minds of republican friends of his that he is a liberal. He calls on Sakuyee to even insult him in order to convince himself that he is doing the right thing. 

Look at Reza Pahlavi's site and you will find that there is actually no reference to monarchy, no pictures of his corronation,no reference to Cyrus the Great or the Achaemenid empire, no pictures of Cyrus's cylinder, no pictures of Persepolis, no pictures of the 2,500 year old celebrations, Gangename or the carvings at Bisotoun.

If farhang (culture) is so important then why don't you teach it! No wonder he never allowed his late brother Ali Reza, an Iranologist, to have his own website!  

Reza Pahlavi took a vow to defend the monarchy  but look at his website and you will wonder if he was ever sincere.  There is no reference to himslef as a Prince. Winning over the hearts and minds of new Iranians and trying to build strategic alliances with other political groups is one thing but be true to yourself and don't lie about yourself. You took an oath to defend the monarchy as an institution. Saeed Sakuyee, regardless of whatever else you may thing of him speaks his mind and has integrity unlike 'Reza Jan'

All of this betrayal of his most truusted supporters in a desperate attempt to look cool and hip among Iran's new urban generation. Soon he will be smoking a reefer and talk jive, "Wassup. Call me Rez". Don't be surprised if he turns up on 'Shah's of Sunset'. 

Look at these 'has been' princes from defunct Royal families on the BBC TV series, 'Undercover Prince'. The only thing that stops him from participating in this series is his fortune.  But even these Royal Princes have much more pride in the institution which they belong and unlike Reza Jan 'monarchy' is not a dirty word.

It's time for Saeed Sakuyee to wake up and smell the coffee. Don't waste your time and life promoting a namak nashenas like Reza Pahlavi. The Pahlavi dynasty is finished and now its time to chose a real monarch. 

If you want to be part of the real monarchy joing the Kingdom Assembly and subscribe to:




Oon Yaroo

by Simorgh5555 on

Reza Pahlavi is not the solution. He talks the talk but does not walk the walk. It is time for monarchists to cut their losses. With respect to his great father and Grand Father Reza Pahlavi must be humanely put down. Saeed Sakuyee and Frood Fouladvand are the real voice of the monarchy.

Oon Yaroo

It's great that Mr. Reza Pahlavi unequivocally and unambiguously

by Oon Yaroo on

unequivocally and unambiguously condemns these kinds of behavior.
Thank you for posting, Mr. DK.


Pendar Jan

by Simorgh5555 on

When will you accspt your screwed up in 1979. You and your aghab oftade myopic and misguided Lefty Iranians chanted 'Shah Must Go'. He could have unleashed the full military capability of the American weapons and mercilessly hunted each and every one of you Pinochet style. Instead, he listened to you and went into exile. You got rid of your hated Shah and you were masters of your fate. You got your Republic and your sheer incompetency screwed it up.
However, I will agree with you about one thing: Reza Pahlavi has sunk low. Patriots such as Sayeed Sakuyee has remained faithful to the monarchy but Pahlavi has become the laughing stock wearing a silly green wrist band, desperately trying to reinvent himself as a human rights activist cum Mahatma Gandhi with his failed civil disobedience campaign. Try going on Reza Pahlavi's website- he does not even refer to himmself as Prince despite protocol and the vow he took to defend the institution. There is no reference to Iran's imperial past. No signd or emblems such as Farvahars or the Derafshe Kaviani. No reference to Persepolis. If you never knew who Reza Pahlavi was you would be hard pressed to even know what political.ideology Reza Pahlavi represented. He is a well meaning, intelligent but ultimately totally inept as a King. He is closely becoming irrelevant in his depserate attempt in trying to be every one's friend. He alone is endangering the monarchy as an institution and not Saeed sakuyee. Shame on 'Mr' Reza Pahlavi.



by پندارنیک on

Reza joon's problem doesn't revolve around those who try to associate themselves with him (isn't it tragic that after more than three decades the Crown Prince has to comment on a L.A's TV personality... How much lower can the institution of monarchism go?).................Reza joon's problem is based on his own association with the filthy Pahlavis and his reluctance to distance himself from those members of the Pahlavi family who committed grave wrongs..........Reza joon has to publicly and expressively, with no ifs or buts, admit the wrongs and crimes of all Pahlavis..............No one is stopping Reza joon to set up a "truth and reconciliation" committee......but unfortunately he lacks what it takes..........psychologically, I suppose.

Reza joon has to understand that he can not legally claim the inheritance without accepting the liabilities.............It's that's that difficult for him.