PREMIERSHIP: Belgium's King appoints socialist & openly gay PM


PREMIERSHIP: Belgium's King appoints socialist & openly gay PM
by Darius Kadivar

Socialist Elio Di Rupo took the oath Tuesday as Belgium’s first French-speaking prime minister in nearly 40 years, formally ending a record 541-day government impasse.

(NOTE: Iran's 1906 Constitution was drafted on the Belgian Constitution of the time:

Cyrus Amir-Mokri on Pros and Cons of 1906 Constitution )

After 18 months of wrangling and deadlock, since a parliamentary electionin June 2010, a new Belgium government was sworn in on Tuesday (December 6) by Belgium's King Albert II. The members of the new government, headed by French-speaking Socialist leader Elio Di Rupo, took their oaths in front of the King in the three official languages of the country, namely French, Dutch and German. "I pledge allegiance to the King, obedience to the Constitution and the laws of Belgium's people," said Elio Di Rupo to a visibly relieved king at the Royal Palace in Laken, Brussels. Di Rupo will be the first native French-speaking prime minister of Belgium since 1979 and the first from the region of Wallonia since 1974, as well as the first son of immigrants and the first openly gay person to be premier of the country.

Belgium government goes back to business after PM appointed (Euronews English) :



Belgium swears in new government



Belgium secures government after record deadlock :

Belgium's new cabinet meets :

Belgium's new government met for the first time on Tuesday (December 6) after being sworn in to office. After 18 months of wrangling and a record-breaking political deadlock since parliamentary elections in June 2010, Belgium finally has a new government. The new government will be headed by French-speaking Socialist Elio Di Rupo, the man who was appointed by the country's king to resolve a dispute about linguistics that was threatening to split the bilingual country. Under huge media attention, Di Rupo officially took over the power from former Prime Minister, Yves Leterme, who had headed the interim government for the last 541 days. Visibly relieved, Leterme, who has a new job as OSCE head ligned up, handed di Rupo his entrance badge to the Chancellery and wished him good luck with the new job. The 13 ministers and six state secretaries then posed for a family photo and took their seats in the meeting room.

Belgium swears in new government headed by Elio Di Rupo (BBC)

Belgium has sworn in a new government, ending a record-breaking 541 days of political deadlock.

New Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo was sworn in by King Albert II at the royal palace along with his 12 cabinet ministers and six secretaries of state.

Mr Di Rupo, a French-speaking Socialist, took the oath of office in French, Dutch and German- reflecting language sensitivities in the country.

The Europe crisis is thought to have spurred politicians to find a solution.

Belgium had been run by a caretaker administration since the last government resigned in April 2010.

The delay informing a new government revolved around arguments over budget and immigration issues, but originally started with a row over the distribution of voting rights between the French-speaking and Flemish communities, the BBC's Matt Colein Brussels reports.

Amusement and anger

Belgium now holds the modern-day record for the country which has gone the longest without a government - beating previous title holder Cambodia by 182 days.

The situation had been as much a source of amusement as anger among Belgians, our correspondent says.

Demonstrations calling on politicians to resolve the crisis had been held, but there had also been more light-hearted protests including a group who refused to shave their beards until an administration was formed, he adds.

Politicians have been under pressure from financial markets and ratings agencies to create an effective government capable of carrying out structural reforms and reducing debt.

Last month, ratings agency Standard & Poor's downgraded Belgium's credit rating to AA from AA+, which could make it more expensive for Belgium to borrow in future.

This is thought to have been the catalyst for the six parties now in coalition to finally agreea new administration headed by Mr Di Rupo.

Mr Di Rupo, 60,is Belgium's first French-speaking prime minister in three decades and thefirst Socialist to take the premiership in Belgium since 1974.

Didier Reynders, who held the role of finance minister in the caretaker administration, will swap portfolios with the temporary Foreign Minister Steven Vanackere, said the palace statement.

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Belgian Flemish separatists make gains in local elections

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Belgian Flemish separatists make gains in local elections (bbc) A party that wants to split up Belgium appears to have made widespread gains in local elections. 

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Belgian PM backs Hollande in French vote, but EU wary

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Belgian PM backs Hollande in French vote, but EU wary


PARIS, April 17: French presidential frontrunner Francois Hollande was to hold a campaign rally Tuesday with Belgian Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo, the only European leader backing him to beat Nicolas Sarkozy, reports AFP. 

With just five days to go before the first round of voting, polls show the 57-year-old Socialist remains on course to oust the right-wing incumbent, but he has not yet won over the leaders of France's European partners. 

Hollande has been a strong critic of the eurozone fiscal stability pact signed last month, arguing that it binds member states into strict austerity rules without leaving space for measures to promote economic growth. 


Darius Kadivar

Belgium PM on coach crash pain

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Belgium PM on coach crash pain (bbc, VIDEO)


Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo has spoken of the "deep pain" felt by the parents of children killed in a coach crash in Switzerland.

A coach, carrying 52 people back to Belgium following a skiing trip, struck a wall in a tunnel on Tuesday. 28 people - 22 of them children - were killed in the crash.

Relatives of the victims have flown to Switzerland - with many unsure about the fate of their children.

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Belgium mourns children's coach victims

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Belgium is mourning the deaths of 28 people - 22 of them children - in a coach crash in Switzerland.

Belgium mourns children's coach victims




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Belgian PM says: Swiss coach crash tragic day for all Belgium

by Darius Kadivar on

Swiss coach crash 'tragic day for all Belgium': Belgian PM


Brussels. The bus crash in Switzerland in which 28 people, including 22 Belgian schoolchildren died, is a tragedy for the country, Belgium's Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo said Wednesday, AFP reports.


"This is a tragic day for all of Belgium," said a statement from his office, adding that he would be travelling to Switzerland himself later Wednesday.


Darius Kadivar

Belgium coach crash in Switzerland tunnel kills 28

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At least 28 people - including 22 children - have been killed in a coach crash in a tunnel in Switzerland.

Another 24 children were injured in the crash near Sierre, in the canton of Valais, close to the border with Italy.

The coach, carrying 52 people back to Belgium, hit a wall in the tunnel head-on. Both of the coach's drivers were among those killed.

The children, from the Belgian villages of Lommel and Heverlee, were returning home after a skiing holiday.

Belgium's Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo, who is travelling to the scene of the crash, said: "This is a tragic day for all of Belgium."

Children's bus crash kills 28 in Switzerland (bbc)



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Belgian 'suicide bid' outside royal palace hurts 8 policemen

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Belgian 'suicide bid' hurts eight (bbc)


Eight Belgian motorcycle escorts are injured when a car ploughs into them outside the royal palace in Brussels in what officials say was an attempted suicide.


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Imam dies in shia mosque arson attack in Belgian capital

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Imam dies in Belgium mosque arson (bbc)


An imam has been killed in a fire at a Shia mosque in the Brussels suburb of Anderlecht, in what is believed to have been a deliberate attack.


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31-year-old Moroccan Belgian behind Gun / Bomb Attack

by Darius Kadivar on


Deadly attack rocks Belgian city

 A gunman has opened fire in the centre of the Belgian city of Liege, killing at least three people and wounding 75.

The man also threw grenades into a crowded square from a rooftop before killing himself, reports say.

The attacker was named as Nordine Amrani. He was known to police for firearms offences.

Earlier reports said at least two more men were involved, but officials said the attacker acted alone. Terrorism was not a cause, they added.

Amrani was jailed for 58 months in September 2008 for possessing firearms and drugs, media reports said.

Officials did not confirm this, but said they were aware he had spent some time in prison.

Darius Kadivar

Explosives hurt 10, kill one in Belgian city of Liege

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Explosives hurt 10, kill one in Belgian city


13 Dec 2011 12:13

Source: Reuters // Reuters


BRUSSELS, Dec 13 (Reuters) - A man threw explosives in the city centre of the Belgian city of Liege, wounding 10 people and killing himself, Belgian news agency Belga reported on Tuesday.

The man, about 40 years old, threw multiple explosives towards a bus stop at Place Saint Lambert, in the city centre. Witnesses heard four explosions, the agency said. (Reporting By Robert-Jan Bartunek; editing by Rex Merrifield) 



Hope We are Not Witnessing a Similar Dramatic Pattern as in Norway ?


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Esfand Aashena

Does this mean Belgium beer will become cheap for the masses?!

by Esfand Aashena on

Everything is sacred


And Australia's prime

by Bunyip on

And Australia's prime minister has de facto relationship with her partner. There's also an openly lesbian finance minister. Do people care whether they are gay, socialist, liberal, conservative or right wing? Not an iota. What we care about is how their policies impact on us. Would these people, or the Belgian prime minister get into public life in the US? Not a chance. Unless they "pretend" to be God fearing "Christians" of some sort, and promise to start some new war somewhere in the world (as it is an American tradition). Americans can however pretend to live in the land of free, because it is "free" to be imaginative!