1929 Reza Shah & 2009 Antarinejad; what a descent

by Faramarz_Fateh

Its almost 4am in China now.  I am sitting in my hotel room because I can't sleep.  Time in Los Angeles, what my body is programmed to is about noon.  Nothing but CNN on TV so I connected to my PC in the U.S. via a VPN and started reading emails and browsing the net.  As I got done with emails, I started browsing iranian.com

The first thing I read/saw was a short video of Ahmadinejad's trip to Venezuela posted by Mr. Bahram 9821; it showed how the Hugo Chavez's military orchestra had played the "soroode shahanshi" for Antarinejad.  It was a great moment.  What irony!  You could only see that in movies.

But there was something else in the video that started boiling my blood.  It was the site of Antari and his wife, in full black chador, getting off the airplane stepping down an open staircase.  Here was the representative of Iran and Iranian people.  A guy that looks like a monkey, cannot speak a foreign language, doesn't shower but maybe twice a year and his goh tar looking wife in a chador; just like the rakhtshoor that used to come to my grandparents home on Thursdays around 45 years ago.  

What a pity.  What a shame.  Iran, a once proud country and Iranians, once represented by likes of Reza Shah the great are now represented by a dirty monkey and sakineh rakhtshoor. 


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Tahgord Pirouz

by Faramarz_Fateh on

An adult who uses the ID "sargord pirouz" with a picture of a military man saluting for his avatar is very telling.

No doubt I can use self improvement.  But in your case, you need psychological help.

I continue to stand by my words, I don't want "a guy that looks like a monkey, cannot speak a foreign language, doesn't shower but maybe twice a year and his goh tar looking wife in a chador; just like the rakhtshoor that used to come to my grandparents home on Thursdays around 45 years ago" represent me or my motherland.



Dear Ramin Parsa

by benross on

I could have been more careful with my wording. Specially in this forum where the line between 'us' and 'them' is not drawn clearly. And I have no intention to confuse even more the readers about it. You and Faramarz Fateh are undoubtedly on the side of secular democracy.

But deep inside I'm glad that I wasn't careful enough. At least it shows how repugnant these arbaabi terms such as 'kolfat' and 'nokar' are to me. My reaction was visceral.

I know this was not the main message of Mr Fateh blog. But to me it deals with an issue that should not be down played, either in legitimacy of our political discourse, or in the content of our secular fight.

Nothing is personal. All is social. As far as I'm concerned.

ramin parsa

bencross, take a chill pill

by ramin parsa on

You write, "The animosity against Ahmadinejad is not because of his reactionary thoughts."

What the hell??? Do you actually believe this nonsense? The reason people denigerate Ahmadinejad mercilessly, and make fun of him mercilessly, is NOT because he's not of our 'class,' but because he's a fraud, a charlatan, a murderer, a torturer, a goon, a dickhead, an enemy of freedom, a promoter of violence against innocent people, an enemy of Iran-zamin, an enemy of liberty and justice, a hypocrite, the face of a ruthless dictatorship, an all-aroud prick with power, etc., etc.. etc.  

And on top of it all, he looks like the offspring of a mule and a monkey!

People also used to make fun of Richard Nixon in America, making fun of his ears, his mannerism, etc., not because he was not of their 'class,' but because, he, too, abused his power in an incindiary way, which did not sit well with people. A leader of any 'class' will be respected so long as he represents the wishes of the people, behaves honorably while in power, and works on the behalf of his citizens.

This has nothing to do with class, get over your Psych 101 analysis. This is all about people voicing their frustration on the net, where they are presumably safe, whereas on the streets of Iran, such thoughts and opinions would invite a grave visit from the savages of the basij.

Furthermore, Hezbollahis disrespect Reza Shah, not because he was not of their 'class,' but because Reza Shah put the sleezy, corrupt, greedy mullahs in their place! He terrorized the Ulama. He made them feel like the worthless scum that they are, not to mention he took away their hereditary rights over the education of the masses.

And these bache-mullahs on this site exhibit their twisted hatred for Reza Shah out of jealousy and petty revenge, simply because Reza Shah was the first king in 1,000 years to CHALLENGE the Ulama in a ferocious way! He miraculously made the mullahs almost irrelevant for the duration of his kingship (something unheard of for a country like Iran), and that's why the bache-mullahs attack him as a 'horse-keeper' or Reza 'Mirpanj,' trying to deligitimize him. 

To this day, they can't get over the abject humiliation (more like casteration) that their grandpappa-mullahs suffered under the rule of Reza Shah the Great!

Bijan A M

What is all this nonsense?

by Bijan A M on

Why are these people hung up on the word rakhtshoor, kolfat, monkey, or whatever?

What happened to the gist of the blog? I think all Faramarz is saying is that he is embarrassed someone like AN and his wife represent Iranians in the world's scenes, and I agree with him 100%.

If you disagree, fine. Just say so. No more lectures on respect for every profession, or my 6 years old does this or that…..Khodetoona beh koocheh ali-chap nazanid, PLEASE...  



by ahmad_ on

Thanks for the input.

Yesterday when I was writing this comment I was watching news on TV and saw that the members of Toronto Humane Society were arrested, handcuffed and take to Police station charged with cruelty to animals which they were supposed to look after. Apparently those cats and dogs were mal-treated, dehydrated and malnourished. Imagine that in Canada stray dogs and cats get more respect than our fellow countrymen who had the economic misfortune of not being able to advance in the society which was and is full of miseries.

And I am surprised that none of the women reading this site bothered to protest the words rakhtshoor and kolfat used here as a means to degrade someone, since these tasks are usually done by female workers.

Sargord Pirouz

ad hominem attacks

by Sargord Pirouz on

"A guy that looks like a monkey, cannot speak a foreign language, doesn't shower but maybe twice a year and his goh tar looking wife in a chador; just like the rakhtshoor that used to come to my grandparents home on Thursdays around 45 years ago."

Honestly, my ten year old can come up with better ad hominem attacks than this at his schoolyard. (And he's disciplined for such.)

The need for ad hominem attacks such as these by an adult displays a lack of character and the need to cover up for one's low sense of self-esteem.

You obviously have much to work on in terms of self-improvement. Good luck with that. 



by benross on

It is not still well understood that all we are suffering from is the feudal culture and feudal social values.

This is what didn't allow us to resolve, nor recover from, the 50's conflict. This is what gave us the Islamic revolution and this is what has incapacitated the opposition to reach a unity.

It is interesting that even Pahlavi haters, usually refer to Reza Shah as the 'horse keeper' to belittle him!! or 'Mirpanj' (as it meant anything bad!)! Mossadegh didn't see Pahlavi of his class and all these idiots forget that horses need to be kept and trained, dishes and laundry need to be washed, the world needs to turn, and every individual takes a corner of things to be done. The animosity against Ahmadinejad is not because of his reactionary thoughts, on that, they share! The animosity is because he is not of 'their' class!

Mossadegh and the son of the 'horse keeper' all over again! 


Ramin Parsa

by ahmad_ on

"Ahmadinejad and his creepy kolfat in the same sentence or even the same zip code,"

why is it that none of my european or canadian friends try to degrade some occupation and these so called  intellectuals allow themselves to to look down at someone based on her/his occupation?

using occupations as rakhtshoor, Kolfat, Abe Hozi and etc.

I am sure if the social economical system was the same as Sweden, or Japan we all had washing machines or other equipments to do these works for us.

It only goes to show the mentality of some people. And I am not surprized.

ramin parsa

To put

by ramin parsa on

Ahmadinejad and his creepy kolfat in the same sentence or even the same zip code, as Reza Shah the Great (who was the greatest king in Iran's history in the last 1,000 years) is akin to putting the Mona Lisa near a pile of maghas-buzzing donkey feces.

It's just wrong, all kinds of wrong! Shame on you, Mr. Fateh.


"Dearest" Ahmad_

by Faramarz_Fateh on

My grand father from my dad's side was a high level Shia' clergy and he was indeed a thief and an SOB.  No question about that and as a matter of fact I have written about this in previous blogs.

However, that does not take away from the main point of my blog.

I wanted to write a stingy response to you BUT decided its better to have a civilized discourse.

Are you, as an Iranian, happy, proud and content that Ahmadinejad and his wife are representing you and your country? 



by ahmad_ on

"If someone is your immediate family was a rakhtshoor and my comment offended you, may I suggest a bit thicker skin?"


You definitely are a jerk.

No one in my immediate or distant family is a rakht shoor and even if there was I would not be ashamed.

I am just amazed of you complete ignorance that after living in US for many years, you are still stuck with the stone age mentality to be condescending to the point of looking down at someone's trade to earn a living.

I suppose if that lady rakhtshoor was a thief like your grand father and stole all the money which belonged to the public, she most likely would have the decency to do her laundry herself.

Try to get your head out of your ass moron.


To Sag Koochoolo

by pedro on

To some people, no matter what you do, they will remain and appear the monster they are within.

You can put a monkey in a three-piece Armani suit, but he would still remain a monkey. 

Btw, he could probably be studied further to learn more about the evolution of man. He could be the missing link... LOL. 


Dear Bijan A M

by pedro on

I had all but good intention, in my haste to communicate.

Please acccept my sincere appology.


Bijan A M

Dear Pedro

by Bijan A M on

I'm humbled that you interchange my name with that of Faramarz but I think you mixed up your references






by sag koochooloo on


Maryam Hojjat

FF: I felt your pain too!

by Maryam Hojjat on

It is very painful indeed.

Payandeh Iran & Iranians


Ahmad & Sue Zahedi

by pedro on

Every one underestood that Bijan A M. meant no disrespect toward person that washees clothes. The Idea that ( And I agree with Bijan A M 100%) the president and his wife should not represent us looking like a street sweeper and rakhtsoor, they should represnt Iran and Iranians in presentable and stately manor. Do not fly off the handell with the word " street sweeper "

So, both of you should take a CHILL PILL, and a glass of cold water  then count from 10 to 1. 

Farhad Kashani

hey everyone, kharamagas

by Farhad Kashani on

hey everyone, kharamagas expresses his "alleged" anti IRI sentiment by saying he "disagrees" with them! lol, One time he told me IRI is good, but its making "mistakes"!!! lol

These people think they can fool others. We know you are an IRI supporter kharmagas. Spit it. Destroying a country is not a "mistake" only, killing millions in the name of a Fundamentalist ideology is not a "mistake" only, creating a clash of civilization culture bwteen Islam and the West is not a "mistake" only. Its all calculated policies of a Fascist regime which you are in love with.  


You still think AIPAC controls the universe? lol

When are you gonna start THINKING?



Ahmed unlike you I don't want a rakhtshoor

by Faramarz_Fateh on

Ahmed unlike you I don't want a rakhtshoor representing my mother land.  Every person has his or her place in society.

Rakhtshoori, without a doubt, is an honorable job.  No questions.  Definitely better than being a prostitute like 7% (or some say as high as 11%) of the population of women in large cities in Iran. 

But, as honorable as it maybe, I want someone who is educated, worldly, charismatic, intelligent, CLEAN, and well spoken to represent me and my mother land.

If someone is your immediate family was a rakhtshoor and my comment offended you, may I suggest a bit thicker skin?


Well said

by MRX1 on

We have fallen from a grace for thirty years now. Rakhtshoors actualy work hard and they are by in large honorable people, not to be mistaken by these roaches rulling us.

Sue Zahedi

You seem to be a big bigoted

by Sue Zahedi on

I think you should just accept that they are Itranian too , and choose to appear this way, even though you don't approve of them.

Many in Iran approve of looking like a monkey and some women want to wear a chadoor , so be it.

And please stop making fun of poor people's jobs in Iran or elsewhere, there is nothing wrong with being a "rakhtshoor", it s a job like any other.


I am proud of Iran

by kharmagas on

Fateh, despite my strong disagreements with IRI in general, and Ahamadinejad in particular, I am proud of Iran ...., as long as those who run Iran don't capitulate to U.S/AIPAC

Bijan A M


by Bijan A M on

You are taking figurative speech too seriously. Just accept the gist of his points without analyzing and butchering every word. We all use different forms to express ourselves. This is Faramarz’s form. You have to know him before you judge him.


You Low Life

by ahmad_ on

"and his goh tar looking wife in a chador; just like the rakhtshoor that
used to come to my grandparents home on Thursdays around 45 years ago."

what has a rakht shoor done to you who came to your grand parents place 45 years ago other than working to feed her family????

piss on bastards like you who are drawned in your miserable thoughts.

I hope that jerks like you will never see Iran again.


Bijan A M

Faramarz, you kill me

by Bijan A M on

I can't stop laughing.....

"A guy that looks like a monkey, cannot speak a foreign language, doesn't shower but maybe twice a year and his goh tar looking wife in a chador; just like the rakhtshoor that used to come to my grandparents home on Thursdays around 45 years ago."

I love your style.  

Have fun in China, and eat a lot of chelo kabob while you're at it.

Come back soon...


I also feel your pain

by cyclicforward on

I watched the video and these two sorry excuse almost made me sick but then out of nowhere the royal anthem played and I could not stop laughing. This is what happens when you have an idiot friends.



by yolanda on

Hi FF,

         Please take it easy. Apparently you are in China physically, but your heart is in Iran......I am glad that you landed in China safely. I hope your enjoy your visit in China. Please take some pictures there if you don't mind!


Delaram Banafsheh (Yolanda)

"Cactus in the Desert"

Reza-Rio de Janeiro

Feel your pain Ham-Meehan...

by Reza-Rio de Janeiro on

We are a bastardized nation that on one hand pretends to be a true
"Persian/Iranian" with over 2500 years of glorious history and
civilization that has been the creator of Good Thoughts, Good Words
,Good Deeds and First Declartion Of Human Rights and on the other hand
also a very backward and sick religious nation that in millions is
still (after 1400 long years )mourning the death of few renegade criminal Arabs
consist of : Ali, Hassan Hossein +8 more fake loser Imams and not to
mention a total fraud and imaginary 12th and last Imam called Mahdi
that is even more ridiculous and preposterous immitation and version of
yet another imaginary man made character called Messhia in
christianity!!!! The saddest part is that these 12 ridiculous idlized characters
by millions of Iranians today are not even accepted in the present
backward Arab/Muslim's world!!!!  How stupid, Ignorant and sad can we
be as a nation in this world and century today!!!

Antarinejad and his backward wife represent those bastardized so called shamefully Iranians today that are even worse than Arab fundamentalist Muslims....

As much as Iranians like to have fun and sweep it under the carpet, This is the biggest shame on all of us...This is not a joke nation!!! This is a Shame on Iran !!!Shame on us Iranians for letting this crime and injustice to continue...