Ali Khamenei's green card number


by Faramarz_Fateh

Based on what I read on a few blogs on here, some time this week was the 30th anniversary of the IRI.  One of the self congratulating IRI IMAs (Internet Misinformation Agent) had written something about Iran having had resisted pressures from Israel and the U.S. for an overthrow of its government for the past 30 years and that itself was worth congratulations.  Ha?  Say what?

I got news for you buddy.  IRI was and is an instrument of U.S. foreign policy. The Shah was kicked out by them (U.S.) for 2 reasons;  1) Oil    2) creation of an Islamic "green belt" so that Soviet Union of 1980s would not invade Iran the way the did in Afghanistan.  To this end, they killed 10-20 thousand MKOs to make sure the idea of an Islamic-Marxist nation is buried.

The Shah, like it or not, was in effect the leader of OPEC.  Increase in oil prices combined with lower production in the late 70s and early 80s would have crippled the U.S. economy and the world for that matter.  Do you remember 12, 13, 14 and even 16% interest rates in the U.S.?  Home loans at 11.5% were good deals then.

Recently released documents from the Ford and Carter eras clearly point to the reality that U.S. supported a "regime change" in Iran. What happened afterwards with the U.S. rejecting residency status to the Shah is another supporting fact.  The U.S. even pressured Mexico and Panama to not allow Shah to stay there.

Although it may appear that Iran is a thorn in the side of the U.S., on the contrary, Iran is the best destabilizing force in the middle east.  It keeps Russia and Arabs in check.

In 1951 or 1953 (don't remember which now) it cost CIA $400,000 to bring the Shah back.  It probably cost the U.S. $40M to get rid of him and bring Khomeini to Iran. Not a bad deal considering depressed oil prices for decades.

None of these so called proud IRI supporters seem to remember Iran buying American and French made weapons from Israel a la "arms for hostages" deal.  What?!! Iran dealing with Israel?!!  No, jallal khalegh.  Agha kofr migi.

I won't go as far as saying Khamenei and Ahmadinejad are Jews.  But be certain Islamic Republic is a creation of the U.S.  Khamenei and his filthy underlings are all in power because the U.S. wants them to be in power.  No matter what and whom brought about the IRI, it was and is the
absolute worst thing that happened to Iran in the past 100 years. The minute they have served their purpose, they'll be gone. 

I just hope that minute comes sooner than later.






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Ali Khamenei green card number

by hossein riahi (not verified) on

Did I miss the green card number?,may it was in the spirit of the article so I missed but also I would draw your attention to this poem so well said
جنك هفتاد دو ملت همه را عذر بنه چون نديدند حقىقت ره افسانه زدند

rosie is roxy is roshan

To Question: Iran/UK

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

You wrote:  Is it true that Islamic Republic of Iran government structure a carbon copy of the Church of England? Anybody?


The monarch of Great Britain is also the head of the Anglican Church or Church of England. What this means in relation to the governance is: zero. The Monarch is her/himself a figurehead with mostly symbolic functions, the continued existence of the Anglican Church as the state church is vestigial from a previous time in history. England guarantees equal rights by law to citizens of all faiths, there is for example no set number of seats, including limits on them, for Catholics, Jews, Muslims, etc. like in Iran for Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians, nor religious groups of "non-persons" in governance, such as the Bahai.

The Constitution of IRI provides for basically a schizophrenic government split between a democracy and a totalitarian theocracy and because of its totalitarian nature whenver it wants the theocracy can always win and so when the chips are down the totalitarianism prevails. The Reform Movement proves this schizophrenic nature. Khatami couldn't have achieved power without the democratic side being real, and he couldn't have been so ineffective nor unable to be succeeded by a Reformist (due to the vetting process) were not the democratic side always subject to the approval of the totaliarian side.. The Supreme Leader, Council of Guardians, etc. can and do veto whatever they want to based on its being contradictory to "Islamic Law" or the integrity of the nation (that could be sneezing in public if they want it to), and so forth. The Majlis and other elected officials are only autonomous if the theocratic part says so. Which means ultimately and at bottom never. Which does not change the fact that the people do vote within limits and that as long as the issues don't trespass the theocratic agenda, their votes have some say-so. The urgently anti-IRI people don't understand that this voting is a source of pride for some people, but it is.

In the UK, the Monarch gives her "royal assent" to bills passed but she is obliged to act in accordance with "the will of the ministry" which means the elevcted Prime Minister and Parliament. So you see, England is a demcoracy. Democracies are imperfect but England gives it a decent shot. The Queen of England sits on her throne and symbolizes the glory that was England and christens ships and takes photos. Her families' sex lives, weight loss, etc. fatten the pages of many tabloids. Some people love the Monarchy and some people hate it and others don't care, but they all carry its image emblazoned in their brains since childhood as something "British" like them.

In reality, there have been virtually no completely theocratic nations or empires in world history. IRI has strong theocratic elements but it is not a true theocracy either. England not at all.

The British democratic model with its existence of both a Monarch and her/his ties to an official church bolster the arguments of both Monarchists and mpderate Islamists that either a Monarchy (Shah) or official religion (Islam) are not antithetical to democracy. They are technically right and that means they have a legitimate basis to be part of the discussion when the time comes for a Constitution for a secular democracy to be drafted in Iran. However needless to say  Iran is not Britain. The Monarch of Engliand gradually began giving up power first to the nobles with the Magna Carta (Great Charter), early 13th century so democracy evolved over 800 years. In the 21st century Iran doesn't have the luxury of that kind of time frame so a Monarchy or state religion could prove very dangerous. Nevertheless, one of my personal favorite what-if situations is what if therer were a referendum and the overwhelmingly youthful Iranian population voted for a truly representative parliamentary Islamic Monarchy?

Following the model of England.

It won't happen but I find the idea very funny.



What a sad commentary

by Michka (not verified) on

What a sad commentary. Why would you people even care if IRI is creation of the US? Aftre all you are living in America.

How sad that we don't have the courage to take some accountability and we are still using those old execuses; the British ...

There are many courageous Iranians living in that country who are changing it for the better as we speak and it is sad for you folks to be frozen in the time like this. I feel sorry for you. Just leave us alone you are too too far from reality.

Mola Nasredeen

FF, so your solution is to fight USA?

by Mola Nasredeen on

Don't count on us! We are as Amrikaie as they come.

Did anybody ask for a ride on a camel? Camels are the best, they can go without food or water for days, what a magnificant creature.

"Haji tu neesty shotorast, as baraye unkeh khar mee khorado bar mee barad" 



by Ali Khamenei (not verified) on


I love you Faramarz jan

by better half of The Mrs!! (not verified) on

Just look at all these IRI apologists how they are coming out of the den! Just to see them jumping gives joy to me.Keep on exposing man.


Kleenex Bob(KB)

by samsam1111 on

now he copies the tag i use for ommaties like him. be original loser. or you gone go cry to your moderator buddies and uncle jj like last time to delete my comment when i made you cry ,half breed ommati & your basijii herd . now go ride a camel !!! heh

btw*I,m with patriots even if I don,t agree on some points. Because they are seeds of Iran unlike ommaties.


Dude, I said with all due respect

by KB on

What are you on about…log in names? (unlike your sycophants I only use my one and only registered name).. . May be its time to go back to the bottle. Again, with all due respect.

When you post a blog which is poorly written, and without any references or pointers, and you write sentences such as “I wont go as far as …“ you deserve a bit of stick.

Also is a bit like a village and our resident village idiot is samsam. If he starts vouching for you and what you stand for then as a matter of course, I have to question the credibility of your ideals.



Is it true?

by Question? (not verified) on

that Islamic Republic of Iran government structure a carbon copy of the Church of England? Anybody?


The only thing the mullahs can run

by Ann Non Nimouse (not verified) on

The only thing the mullahs can run is warm water into aftabeh for ghosle jenabat. Stop kissing IRI's a**....$$$ supply is drying up.... you'll soon be out a job


Faramarz stop espousing crazy conspiracy theories

by Ali I (not verified) on

Faramarz how you can go from saying that Shah the puppet of the WEST was somehow an INDEPENDENT leader and the IRI which is enemy of the west, is the puppet of west? Yeah and pigs fly. You talk about recent documents being released?

Well have you read this:


(Secret Documents Reveal UK's Misjudgment on Iran's Islamic Revolution)

Stop your conspiracy theories and stop twisting history around.. everyone knows who the puppet was.. as much as i dont like the mullahs, they are running the show themselves...



by more (not verified) on

Jaleho: This is Engdhall website:

Ask or proof of what he is written in his book: He references all of his assertion in his book. One of the most well-documented books ever. Read the reviews;


You might want to buy his book.

His email:

His website:


"A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order", and discusses the role of Zbigniew Brzezinski and George Ball and of the USA in the 1979 overthrow of the Shah of Iran, which was meant to modulate oil prices and to stop Soviet expansion. William Engdahl claims that Brzezinski and Ball used the Islamic Balkanization model proposed by Dr Bernard Lewis.

In 2007, he completed "Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of GMO".



New Look At The Fall Of The

by more (not verified) on

New Look At The Fall Of The Shah Of Iran:
“In a New Report based on previously classified documents, scholar Andrew Scott Cooper suggests that Nixon and Ford administrations undermined the position of the Shah of Iran in the late 1970s and contributed to the country’s Islamic Revolution. The report published Friday on the fall issue of the Middle East Journal, examines the role of the White House policymakers who, trying to roll back oil prices and curb the Shah’s ambitions weakened his position, thus precipitating the takeover of Iran by Islamic radicals. Andrew Scott Cooper joins Larry to discuss his research.”



Robert Baer's interview in

by more (not verified) on

Robert Baer's interview in Roozonline:

Which conclusion can we draw from his statements?

B:Irans foreign policy is much deeper and pragmatic then we like to think.First of all, it shows that when it comes to security Iran will even deal with Israel let alone USA.

,b>While the regime and its supporters were screaming “Death To Israel” its leaders had a sensitive and secret deal with Israel.

Even though its mainstream opinion that Iran is a threat to Israel, Iran will never attack Israel since Iran puts its own security higher than the Jewish State.


IMAs (Internet Misinformation Agent) !!!

by samsam1111 on

lol,,,Good tag pilgram!!! , a name befitting bacheh bourcieh basijiis goes with BBB as in Baaa Baaa Baaa... uhmm.. how about OKOI(Ommati kachals on internet)hiih::))..

Cheers pal & keep well patriot!!!


Jaleho: Where is your proof

by dontbelazy (not verified) on

Jaleho: Where is your proof that Carter et al and the West did not have anything to do with the manufactured coup of 1979?? Give official documents from a legitimate gov't not the IRI, not opinions by Islamist journalists or books written by ayatollahs in Quom.

I think you should take the author Borzou darghahi, the LA times writer, to task and ask for his evidence, if you so desire. I'm positive he would be more than happy to reveal his sources.


Faramarz, let me help you

by Jaleho on

The "newly released documents," are the formerly secret documents that the passage of time has made them OK to be released  for public research. They are in the national archives and have links to ACTUAL DOCUMENTS like this:


I asked you if you could please provide a link to REAL DOCUMENTS that you are refering to, not another opinion of Borzoo Dargahi, or someone from AEI Institute! 


Iran: Carter's Habitat For

by don'tbelazy (not verified) on

Iran: Carter's Habitat For Inhumanity


Ganji: we lied about the shah:

Akbar Ganji: We Lied about the Shah!
An ex-Revolutionary Guardsman Comes Clean!

N. Kamvari's interview with Akbar Ganji (Zamaneh Radio):
Ganji: We Lied!

ما به مردم دروغ می‌گفتیم، گفتگوی نازی کاموری با اکبر گنجی، راديو زمانه

ما دروغ می‌گفتیم،...
ما به دروغ می‌گفتیم حکومت شاه ۱۵۰ هزار زندانی سیاسی دارد و این دروغ بود، و امروز باید بابت این دروغ، یعنی خودمان و همه کسانی که این دروغ را گفته‌اند باید خودشان را نقد بکنند. ما به دروغ می‌گفتیم حکومت شاه صمد بهرنگی را کشت، ما به دروغ گفتیم حکومت شاه صادق هدایت را کشت،‌ ما به دروغ می‌گفتیم حکومت شاه دکتر شریعتی را کشت. همه‌ی این دروغها را گفته‌ایم، آگاهانه هم گفته‌ایم


Jalhoe: fresh links

by don'tbelazy (not verified) on

A Question of Numbers, IRI lied about the Shah:


U.S. policies led to Iran revolt, study says



Experties on bokhare medeh

by Faramarz_Fateh on

JaleHo and KB (probably only 2 of your log in names),

I don't doubt for a second that you are the expert on bokhare medeh. I give you that.  No worries.  You probably can distingusih lots of different bokhars just by smell alone.

Not sure if you are lazy, unintelligent or just don't want to face facts.  It took me 15 seconds to find the following link to the LA time article:


Read it.  The link works for sure. Then spend a few more minutes and look for other facts such as cost of 1951 coupe against Mossadegh.

When you post under 2 log in names, JaleHo and KB, at least wait a few more minutes so that your posts don't appear right next to each other.

For someone with a "drunk uncle" KB seems to have a horse in this race.....lots of attempts to refute facts......sorry Charlie, that pig ain't flying.


fJalho: resh links

by don'tbelazy (not verified) on

France and the Iranian revolution:


Shah and Sheik (installation of mullahs) by Rosa Faiz:


Rosa Faiz is an independent writer, researcher and analyst.



Report: U.S. Missteps Led To

by don'tbelazy (not verified) on

Report: U.S. Missteps Led To Shah's Overthrow




by don'tbelazy (not verified) on

Lazy. If the links don't work, then you need to copy and paste. If you still have problems with them, then let me know.

The reference to Cater is in that book if you just look at the following site:


Sometimems because the articles are old you have to find them in archives or do a new google search. Give me some time. I will provide you with fresh links.


Dude: I wasn't trying to

by stopthlies (not verified) on

Dude: I wasn't trying to defend FF.

Your argument is not in good faith, "dude". You're not interested in facts and coroborrating references. Does it matter who provides them?

After reading these books, especially the book by William Engdhall (" A century of War"), a leftist and a fire-brand anti-establishment himself, then will discuss "credibility".

My credibility or lack thereof, is irrelvant. The facts are here for those who are not ideologically vested (right or left, Islamist or non-Islamist)to examine, discuss, debate, refute, agree.... All with facts and factual documents as it is provided in that book.

If you can refute the information contained in these links/books with your own sustantiated evidence, I will be more than happy to read them.

You need some brandy dear dude.


Don't be lazy,

by Jaleho on

You provided 9 links, 6 of them are "page not found," two refer to a book by Engdahl that I have, and it does not have any reference to "released documents by Carter or Ford," one is a comment in another website by another person like Fateh who says "Carter's incompetence helped fall of Shah."

Are you Mr. Fateh's bokhar medeh then? One single working link would do.


stopthelies... you need to calm down dude

by KB on

If you are going to write a blog and want be taken seriously, it has to be written based on facts and references. Writing stuff like “ I wont go as far as saying Khamenei and Ahmadinejad are Jews…” doesn’t do anything for you or your articles credibility..

As for defending FF , he is a big boy now and being a sycophant who is not a registered user and comes up with a series of articles and blogs as proven fact, goes to show …

And  the only thing your type do is to label people, Islamists, Ommatist etc in discuise to discredit them, just because they do not agree with your view point.

You need to let go of the past...


Anonymous Observer

Faramarz Jaan

by Anonymous Observer on

I do not necessarily believe that the IRI is an American creation.  I think that it’s more a symptom of a lack of a coherent and long term U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East post WWII.  The United States has a tendency to abandon allies and attach itself to what it thinks to be the “next guy” when the ally is on its way down, and Iran was no exception.  That is why months before Khomeini took power, the CIA recommended to Carter to abandon Shah as he was “unsalvageable”.  As a result of that decision, there were attempts made by the Carter administration to establish a relationship with the incoming Khomeini regime, which all collapsed after the hostage crisis. 


There is also no doubt that IRI’s presence has given excuses to the U.S. to enlarge its presence in the Persian Gulf, sell more weapons to the Arab Sheikdoms, and especially  to establish permanent basis in the regions, which is something that it had desired for decades but did not have the excuse to do while Shah was in power.  But I personally think that the relationship between the two is more of an opportunistic / mutual benefit situation than an outright collusion. 


Incidentally, happy B-Day to the IRI.  I guess a few dozen black balloons are in order…



Don't be lazy Jaleho

by Don't be lazy jaleho (not verified) on

Jaleho: The evidence is right here in the comment section. Are you blind or utterly too consumed with your own militancy that you can't see?

The so-called uprising of 1978 was a manufactured coup courtesy of "Great Satan", Britian, and Carter et al.

According to "The Real Jimmy Carter," a book by Steven Hayward of the American Enterprise Institute: "Kho-meini's regime executed more people in its first year in power than the Shah's Savak had allegedly killed in the previous 25 years." (SEE: Emad Baghi's Report; He is rehabilitated former collaborator of the IRI's regime)

"A Question of Numbers":


What really happened to the Shah of Iran and the role of BBC in manufacturing the coup of 1979:

1. "A century of war":


Read some of Excerpts from the book,


2. Report: U.S. Missteps Led To Shah's Overthrow NPR

3. The installation of Ayatollah by the West:

4. Carter's Habitat of inhumanity:

5. Complicity of France in Manufacturing the Iranian Revolution and Jimmy Carter's betrayal of the Iranian People

U.S. policies may have contributed to Iran revolution, study says

Read the comments on this blog as well, more proof.

Maryam Hojjat


by Maryam Hojjat on

what you said in your blog are completely true and are documented.  thanks.


Thanks Mr. Fateh,

by Jaleho on

I take it that your blog is based on bokhar medeh, not "released documents" as you claim.