Obama owes Howard Dean, big time!

by Faramarz_Fateh

G. W. "moron" Bush was ruling the world back in 2002.  His approval rating was over 60%.  Iraq was was going fantastically and there were less than 800 dead soldiers.  The idea of someone in the national scene raising his voice against Bush the Moron was unthinkable.

But, late 2002, Howard Dean, who has been the head the Democratic National Committee for the past almost 4 years started questioning and challenging Bush the moron.  It was Dean who enabled the quiet as a mouse Democrats to start speaking their mind and challening Bush and the Republicans.  Granted the F'ed up economy is probably the biggest election factor now, but lets remember the good Dean did for the U.S. and for that matter the world.

I wonder if Dean will have a cabinet position if B. Hussein Obama becomes president elect on Nov 5.



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Khar, you're asking for a one on one water boarding session

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Stop being so hopeful and forward thinking. We're about to enter the Stone Age according to the conservative bow tie wearing hunks in this country. THey think we're going to take their money and start sex education that involves dolls and toys. LOL. 

Enjoy your partying tonight if you do. and don't drink and drive.

P.s. I bet you obama supporters are going to get laid a TON tonight compared to the McCain people who will probably drink their bloody mary with their blood pressure medicines. 


A Wise Man once said "Its The Economy Stupid"!

by Khar on

As President William Jefferson Clinton paraphrased "Its The Economy Stupid"! and than created 8 years of prosperity and peace! Economic conditions are created by man they're not dropped out of sky, Clinton was able to manage the economy and when he left the office his popularity was at 75% (even after the witch-hunt). So economy has a lot to do with how people vote and the voters (people) know Barack Hussein Obama can deliver the same as  Bill Clinton did 16 years ago. As for Howard Dean, no doubt he has a lot to do with Democratic party’ turn-around he reminded us the Americans that there is such thing as democracy and Bill of Rights in this country.


BTW let's show some respect, let's refer to the next President of these United States of America, our President, by his proper and full name: Barack Hussein Obama and get use to it and fast!

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If Michelle is a terrorist fist bump away from jihad

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Then we can pick on Cindy for denying her half-sister exists. 

Moe's doesn't even have wi-fi. Havne't you seen that episode when the primary came to Springfield? He charged all the bloggers and lied about the chords going into the pay phone.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Haven't I told you not to interrupt me when I'm at Moe's!

Now you're bring Cindy into this? C'mon Maaaarge. Stick to the subject will ya'? I thought we were talking about the old guy with the arms bent into parentheses.

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When the divorce was final is not the same as when he left

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

And slammed the door. McCain's penis adventures were well under way well before that divorce. In fact, Mr. McCain was still married when they tried to get a leesahnce to tie the knot with Cindy. Meaning, the kids hadn't seen daddy regularly for years after he returned from 'nam.

Also, Cindy hates her "half sister". Imagine if Obama denied having a half sister, or Michelle? I don't blame her though, that sista is voting for the Muslin Arab.

Also are you blogging from a bar? I think Matt Drudge's blog is a good reminder of don't blog when drinking. All he has are fake flick off youtubers of Allah Worshipper Baby Killer obama. What's up with that?

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Douglas was 21, Andrew was 18, and Sidney was 14 when The divorce was final.

And John was 137.

mmmm.......cold Duff beer on draft....mmmmmmm

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American Wife = still da bomb

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

"Anyway... we're in countdown mode.  Can you just imagine what a zoo tomorrow and Wednesday are gonna be like on iranian.com.  I think i'm going to go on vacation for a few days...lol."

Let us pray to that there is no election scandal. That Diebold doesn't fix the election. That we have an elected Prez on November 5. That the sorry lazy pothead hippy bums make it to the polls. That McCain doesn't strangle anyone (Sarah - we need her for losing in 2012!!!) before he gives his concession speech.

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Before you go drink away your REpublican Sorrows

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Wikipedia says that MacKane has 3 kids by Carole:

Douglas (b. 1959, adopted 1966),
Andrew (b. 1962, adopted 1966),

Sidney (b. 1966), 

Something just creeped me out reading that John graduated Naval academy in 1958. Jesus he's old. 

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Before I go to Moe's for a pint of Duff's:

McCain and his first wife had only one child who was in her teens at the time. Carol McCain had two older children before marrying McCain in 1965. Carol McCain didn't contest the divorce. It's a touchy subject any way it's looked at.

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They did the right thing in releasing it, of course

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Republicans being embarrassed is the best news. Also, Joe is an old man. He should know better. That's why it's WORSE than a teenager calling in as a prank. Not because he's John's brudder.

I think pedophilia and alcoholism in the Senate is a bigger problem than Mahoney cheating with an adult woman. Sorry. Two adult women. Anyway he has come forward and got the public shame he deserves. He wasn't exactly spared so I dont know why you're even comparing apples to asian pears.


It's not about KOSHER. It's about modern issues. Obama is a modern candidate. He's not 100% white colonial stock. He has foreign family. So they are prone to all these f-ups that foreign families do. Lots of us know about this. That doesn't mean it falls on him to manage his entire family and their lives.

Not about Kosher, it's about the point of the issue and here there isn't one, except to show a picture of a poor black woman in a slum and blame it on Obama. 

Extra credit to Kaveh for the middle name. Smart guy! Just wish he could come to the dark side with us and Vote for the Arab musln!

American Wife

Now remember...

by American Wife on

I said that I will be thrilled that EVERYONE will benefit.  I'd never seriously mean that I hope the Republican's will choke on their own words.  THAT would be ugly and God don't like ugly...:-)

Actually, I think Palin herself has some legal issues.  And you can bet that after the elections it will be pursued more vigorously.  Wishful thinking that Cheney or Bush will ever have to answer for THEIR crimes. 

I seriously don't understand your whole rationalization about the candidates presented by the Democrats.  Who would deny any of what you said?  What conspiracy theory are you trying to project here?  I'd rather think that this IS planned with precision instead of selecting a running mate who clearly was not vetted.   Do you think I'd PREFER someone they didn't think had a chance in hell of winning?  You seem to be attacking that which should be first and foremost a priority!!!  The McCain campaign has been a cluster fuck since day ONE.  Now you've got a running mate who thinks she's so special that the President of France is calling her personally to invite her to go hunting!  My God man!  A reality check is definitely in order!!!

Politics is ALL about mud slinging unfortunately.  And you've got  Maverick and Maverette doing a mighty fine job on their end.  I don't condone either side playing any "card" but please... don't keep tossing that smelly onion back across the fence to the Dems!

Anyway... we're in countdown mode.  Can you just imagine what a zoo tomorrow and Wednesday are gonna be like on iranian.com.  I think i'm going to go on vacation for a few days...lol.

Good luck... and may the best man win.

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The Morality of Leaving Your Wife with a Mistress

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Hang on. It would be one thing, if McCain paid his own way out of that first marriage. Don't forget those children who were involved too. "Mommy, where's daddy? Who cares, we have a house and a check in the mail?"

That's messed up Kaveh. Very messed up.

Cindy's rich parents had success and that's great, but it doesn't mean using to lure men away from their marriages. John was a good looking guy. His only insecurity is his height - I don't really have a problem with short guys, but he's gone off the handle for tall podiums. Anyway, that marriage stuff is just awful. Again, if Obama had done the same, it would be a MUCH bigger deal. 

Kaveh Nouraee

Marjorie Bouvier Simpson

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Foley is a putz, we know that. But what he did was send text messages. Inappropriate, to say the least. But unlike Mahoney, he didn't play "hide the junior senator".

By raising the issue of the relatives and the visas I'm pointing out the double standard that exists. It's not kosher to talk about Obama but McCain....it's take your best shot.

Oh, and I know that 9-1-1 pranking is a serious charge. I'm not defending it. So, why didn't they charge him? Maybe because by releasing the tape they get more mileage than they would get from a $500 fine.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Why is it that rhetoric may only be used by Democrats but never against them?

As far as McCain's first wife, she was given a pretty sizable settlement, and she still receives financial support from John McCain stemming from her accident. She signed off on it, so whatever moral obligation exists appears to be met.

As far as GWB, I'm not jumping up and down extolling his virtues, am I? Not at all. I see a guy who had a chance for being even more popular than Reagan and Clinton combined, After 9/11, he had the presidential "wet dream" and he blew it.

But did he screw the public? Their confidence, yes, absolutely.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Kaveh! So happy to hear back from you

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

I thought you were ignoring me. Thanks for responding amigo. Thanks for the avatar love. 

Tim Mahoney, I know about. But at least he wasn't chasing teenaged boys on the Senate floor. At least he wasn't at the Senate drunk. Still Mahoney sucks, but not really comparable. Florida just breeds weirdos. Remember Katherine Harris? They actually elected her to Congress. 

Also, the Obama thing IS about race. First of all, this leak is politically motivated, and Obama has no control over his half aunt. She's a distant relative and still not fair to hold HIM accountable, as tempting as it is. The man is famous, running for the highest office and a father/husband. Seriously, that's a reach. The REpublicans want him to call the cops on her or something. Personally, I wish Obama had the opportunity to fly up there and tell her to turn herself in and look at the camera and say "MCCAIN STAY OUT OF MY FAMILY". But he's too nice and unwilling to be ugly politicish. It's also why he's winning so I will shut up about that. 

Oh and pranking 9-11 IS a serious charge. If you've ever worked 9-11 response or known someone who does, these people are very swamped and understaffed. They get up to 100 calls for one car accident. But if Joe McCain was black and angry.... oh dear. He's an extremist Muslin turd.

Kaveh Nouraee

Marge Simpson

by Kaveh Nouraee on

I can tell you for a fact that every single member of my family who is here in the U.S. is here legally, whether as a naturalized citizen or green card holder, or here on a tourist or student visa. There are immigration lawyers who paid off their mortgages from the fees they've charged my relatives.

If Palin's relatives or McCain's relatives had legal problems the media would be drooling like Pavlov's dogs. Every major news outlet has entire crews dedicated to digging this stuff up.

Yes, I heard the tapes of Joe McCain's 9-1-1 calls. He's a bonafide moron. But last time I checked, being a moron isn't a felony, and overstaying your visa or defying a deportation order is.

Again, this has nothing to do with Obama's race. That's what the Democrats want you to believe. "If you oppose the candidate, you oppose the race."  What a crock.

By the way, you should have never brought up Mark Foley. His successor, Tim Mahoney a Democrat, paid hush money to a mistress to keep the affair quiet, and now his wife is divorcing him.

PS: Love the avatar, by the way.  :-)

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Compared to any Republican candidate, Obama is A+

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Politicians aren't PhD or straight shooters. But Obama comes close. At least he reads. At least he's thoughtful. Obama did everything by the REpublican book and that's why ya'll are stuck in the mud you made - except for negative campaigning. The problem for REpublicans is that they can't get themselves out. Everything they've ever touted as good for America turned out to be bad. Bush was their shot and well, it went straight in the neck. RIP Gee Oh Pee.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Owns him. Yes, I said it. In the figurative sense, of course. Until early 2007, no one even knew who he was. And now he is one of the most 'Googled" names out there. And you know what? Great. I'm happy for him. I have absolutely nothing against him. I disagree with most of his political ideology, but I have nothing against him.

No, of course campaigns are not ad-libbed. But, yes this entire campaign was planned, orchestrated, choreographed, with a deliberate precision. It's been all about "style". After Gore and Kerry, do you think the Democrats had a snowball's chance in hell winning with someone out of their bag of "the usual suspects"? No way. Both Gore and Kerry were as exciting as watching paint dry, and as charismatic as a corpse. And Howard Dean knew it.

The primaries proved this. Look at all the people they started with.

John Edwards: Never had a chance because of his ties to Kerry and that losing ticket in 2004.

Chris Dodd: When you've been in Congress so long you remember when Iran had an embassy in DC, your White House chances are nil.

Joe Biden: Really nice teeth just aren't enough. Also said he graduated in the "top half" of his law class. 76th out of 85 is top half? Well, maybe in the Southern Hemisphere.

Mike Gravel: Mike WHO?

Dennis Kucinich: Stood a better chance of growing 6 inches in height than being nominated. Also looks like Ross Perot's illegitimate love child.

Bill Richardson: Had the minority factor going for him, but competing with the wife of his former boss made him look disloyal to the party. Plus, he was as enthusiastic as a hibernating bear.

With the exception of Bill Richardson, they're all garden variety caucasian legislators. The Democratic Party didn't throw an ounce, I mean, dollar, of real support behind any of them. Just Obama and Clinton. Coincidence? I don't think so.

AW, don't be insulted at my comment. Personally, the race, ethnicity or sex of a candidate is immaterial to me. "Can they do the job?" is the only thing I care about. I'm insulted at the depths the Democrats have sunken to in order to win an election. They played the race card. They played the sex card. They played these two cards so that they can easily accuse anyone who opposes them of being sexist or racist. You can't debate them on the issues because they haven't adopted a position on the issues! Therefore if you oppose them, it's automatically an issue of race or gender. Screw the philosophical differences. They executed this brilliantly, I'll give them that much.

I disagree with anyone who believes that disagreeing with or doubting Obama should preclude anyone from "benefitting" from his presidency. Everyone should benefit. The question is if everyone will, and I believe the answer to be no.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

American Wife - This is How Republicans Deal with Messes

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Globs of Money. McCain marries the hot rich heiress and pays off the first wife. Even the Reagans were ashamed of him. 

Do you know how many Iranians and Arabs and Greeks and other kinds are over staying their visas? The person who released that info will be punished because that is illegal.

Also, did you know that these a-hole REpublicans who are so high and mighty with their morals, rallied behind Mark Foley, and Tom Delay? Delay was making money from Saipan lobbyist (technically Saipan is American terrority (like Puerto Rico) but American labor laws don't apply - like forced abortions for female workers is legal. Sounds nice huh? Well thanks to Tom Delay, that stuff was going on. So was slavery). Basically, he made millions from these people while preaching morals and virtues. Bill Bennett is another good case. 

I'm tired of hearing about morality and social considerations from Republicans. No one of them live up to what they preach. Ted Haggard? Remember that a-hole? He says he's cured of his homosexuality in case anyone was worried he was really gay for hiring male prostitutes and snorting coke before they got their grooves on. 

American Wife

the ground under you is sinking fast

by American Wife on

and you're grabbing at any lifeline you can.  Ok... first of all.  This is the HALF-sister of his biological father with whom he's spent maybe a grand total of a few months.  I've got first cousins in Michigan I haven't talked to in years.  I don't know if they live in a house or a Sears refrigerator box.  Anyway... did you personally deliver the letter from either one of them asking for assistance?  Once again, you don't know DIDDLY about the details of either situation.  Just same ole same old.  Why don't you do a little research instead of listening to FOX.  Get some facts instead of rhetoric.  You hear something juicy and off you go.

By the way, what did you think about McCain screwing his way around Washington and leaving his disabled wife behind in the dust?  What?  I can't hear you... did you say something about moral obligation??

As far as being fixated on GW... good god man!  Who else?  That smug little shit sitting in the White House is going to walk away after screwing the American public (and the rest of the world) into a huge cesspool.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Gee Oh Pee

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

The GOP Has wiped out the middle class. It used to be the middle class = a family : 2 parents, 2.5 kids and a pet. Now it's Joe the Plumber. Just Joe. No Mrs. Joe. No one is going to get a handout from Joe or the giant companies who Bush cut taxes for. If he planned on doing that cut, he should have used his brain and not gone to war. 

Essentially, the gap between the middle class and the wealthy has widened. The cost of living went very high and that growing disparity, combined with the great ways that Bush helped lose so many jobs in SO many industries (except those great contracting jobs over in Baghdad), has been why the GOP ruined the middle class also.

Why are you NOT fixated on GWB? He ruined the prosperity of the country. The deficit is enormous. And McCain has no intention of changing that status. More than that, he's ready to keep spending on this war well after 5 years! 

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Hi Rush! Hi Sean! Whoops I mean Kaveh

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

I feel like I just read an e-mail from Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity. '

Let me ask you Kaveh - do you keep tabs on your family and their visa status? Do you keep stabs on your extended family's visa status?

They haven't even talked for 2 years. She never even contacted him. The same standards don't apply for Old McCain OR palin and her sececessionist Husband Todd. But Obama has to be absolutely perfect.

Talk about abusing the system. Joe McCain called Virginia communist country, cussed out a 9-11 operator because the guy said don't call us for traffic complaints and Obama's family is still such a drag for the Republicans? F that. 

This is just another desperate attempt to show he's black ,has a big ass black family.


Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

No, I'm not trying to make a joke. The Democratic Party has cornered the market when it comes to playing jokes on the public.

What does my being a Republican have to do with this? I could register as a Democrat first thing in the morning and the Democratic Party is still going to do the same damn thing. The party has a candidate who has an aunt who is here illegally and living in public housing and a half-brother who is destitute in Africa. The man isn't lifting a finger to help out two members of his own family, so what makes it plausible that he is going to be of any help to anyone else? I'm not saying he has any legal obligation, but there has to be some kind of moral obligation, especially if you are trying to become "leader of the free world". Some example THAT sets.

And why are you so fixated on GWB? The guy is gone on January 20th. For Christ's sake, he could set himself on fire and no one is really going to care. Republicans, Democrats, and of you believe the National Enquirer, his own wife won't give a damn either!

The party of social conscience? Democrats? Social conscience? You cannot possibly be serious!

The social agenda of the Democrats is to singlehandedly create and maintain a socio-economic class of citizens that is completely and irrevocably dependent upon government for every aspect of their lives. It's a shame that you cannot see through all of the smoke they are blowing. This "social conscience" that you believe they have is what's standing in the way of social and economic progress for the "poor and disenfranchised", as they are called. The Democrats are willing to give them just enough to get by, but not too much where they could (God forbid) become self-sufficient, self-reliant and self-supporting.

Why teach them how to fish on their own when they can have some of everyone else's catch? They'll still eat, but this way is better so we can keep an eye on them.

Typical Democrat philosophy!!!

Why am I concerned with the middle class? Because I AM part of the middle class. As are you. Show me where the GOP tried wipe out the middle class, please.

American Wife

ain't it the truth!

by American Wife on

".... her participation in the 60's cultural revolution barely shows".  Love it... LOVE IT!

But I'm not bashing Hillary. I'll admit it... I'm a big fan.  I agree with alot of what you're saying but I have a great deal of admiration for her.  And for Bill too.  No, we don't need another Clinton in the White House.  I was pulling for Hillary but was actually a little relieved when she lost.  We need something new... something fresh.  I agree with what she stands for though and hope that she's an integral part of Obama's administration.  I don't know... I just dig her... :-)


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

American Wife = da bomb

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

"Dude... that was her whole problem!  She CAN'T manage a coherent sentence on her own"

Let me tell you something AW, that sentence can be attributed to Hillary Clinton too. I followed the primary very closely, and the biggest problem with the Clintons is that they are what Obama called "a machine". 

They're like their own enterprise/corporation, and lots of people in the party didn't approve. Not just Howard Dean. Hillary has two teams. Her senate staff and her post-first lady I'm a Queen staff. 

Bill has his own staff and the clinton foundation that they run.

Her campaign was a giant mess. In media conference calls, they would cuss each other out when they disagreed or had varying view points. There were two published instances of this. In a word, Clinton's are trashy and old style. Obama promised to be more inclusive and not run down the Clintons, but still be diplomatic.

She was so trashy that she even went on 60 minutes and answered "Not that I know of" when asked about Obama being Muslim. She stinks and her participation in the 60's cultural revolution barely shows. 

The clintons are great and have their niche, but it's not in the White House. Not anymore. 

American Wife

Owes him... absolutely.

by American Wife on

Owns him?  What rubbish.  "Orchestrated and choreographed".  Are you naive or what?  Do you think a campaign is ad libbed?  Do you think Palin isn't orchestrated or choregraphed?  Dude... that was her whole problem!  She CAN'T manage a coherent sentence on her own.  It was a 4 day cram session before the debate for pete's sake.

Your comment about a woman or mixed race candidate is insulting to say the least.  Not much more I can say about that.  No, actually there is.  If you think that, then what is your justification for choosing PALIN as a running mate???  My god.  Can you say "double standards"?  SUPERFICIAL?  uhhh... excuse me.  Harvard degree versus beauty queen.  Yeah, you're right.

It was a one party system under Bush when the Republicans controlled Congress for 6 of his 8 year term.  There hasn't BEEN a middle class for some time now under Bush. 

The same pointless comments.  The same worthless piece of paper.

It would ugly to the max to say that anyone who opposed or doubted Obama shouldn't benefit from his presidency.  I'll be thrilled when EVERYONE benefits from it.  I just hope that in 4 years you'll have the good grace to come back and admit it.



by IRANdokht on

you said: 

Should the Democrats take control, the result will essentially be a
one-party system that will be completely devoid of checks and balances.
There will be a total obliteration of the middle class. There will be
either the working poor or the elite, with the chasm between the two
far too wide for most people to navigate with any measure of success.


(sorry didn't mean to laugh outloud like that... )

why are you so concerned with the middle class all of a sudden?  aren't you a republican?  do you think GWB was good for the middle class? why was it ok for the middle class to be wiped off with the one party system under GOP, but the party of social conscience is scaring you as a member of the middle class?

How did you EVER get to that last paragraph is completely beyond me...  c'mon tell me: you were trying to make a joke weren't you?


it would have been funny if it didn't resound such hypocrisy, but nice try and better luck next time :0)


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Where was the Republican outcry over checks & balances b4?

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Excuse me, when the Republicans had congress and the White House, they managed to destroy themselves. Too bad. Howard Dean made the right choice. He chose a new name who didn't come with the scandal and baggage that Hillary did - not to mention her wuss vote on the Iraq war. 

Republicans are dying of jealousy. They have Bush and Delay and 2 conservative Supreme Court judges. Why so glum? Oh now Americans are stupid because they don't approve of Bush? They don't approve of McSame? That's exactly the mentality that got the Republicans where they are. Please God, let them remain in that frame of mind, because it only works against their interests. 

And when is anything in politics not orchestrated or planned? The very nature of politics is to orchestrate and demonstrate you can do that well. That's why Bush won, that's why Clinton won and it's why McCain sucks well you know what

Kaveh Nouraee

Of Course Obama Owes Him

by Kaveh Nouraee on

It's because Howard Dean essentially "owns" Obama.

It should be obvious even to the blind and deaf that Obama's candidacy was orcestrated and choreographed from the start. It was either Obama or Hillary Clinton. None of the other contenders had a chance in hell of getting the nomination.

Howard Dean knew that the only way to get the White House back was to throw a curveball at the status quo. That meant either a woman or a man of mixed ancestry. This was designed purely for superficial reasons, and nothing substantive. You can't be even remotely critical of either one without being labeled a sexist or a racist. To hell with the issues.

Hillary Clinton has of course the name recognition. She broughtthe attention to the party, who had to get rid of the legacies of Al Bore and John Kerry Me To Starbucks Because You Put Me To Sleep With Your Voice. But her history of alienating everyone ultimately proved her to be too much of a polarizing figure, and all of the energy was put behind the creation of "Barack Obama, Candidate".

It's a shame, not to mention a sad testament to the state of society, that so many people are so easily sold on the superficial. The Democratic Party has so obviously and so blatantly patronized the voting public. It's simply shocking that more people cannot see it, or just refuse to see it. But the Democrats have successfully seized on this mentality. I guess that explains why they focus on reaching out to people in the inner city registering people to vote with a pack of cigarettes and a bunch of false promises.

Should the Democrats take control, the result will essentially be a one-party system that will be completely devoid of checks and balances. There will be a total obliteration of the middle class. There will be either the working poor or the elite, with the chasm between the two far too wide for most people to navigate with any measure of success.

ebi amirhosseini

Mr Fateh

by ebi amirhosseini on

you said it all.