Pahlavi hating

by Fred

In light of the recent uptake in attacks against Reza Pahlavi, this blog entry is the second earnest try to understand the mindset and logic of those attackers who are or claim to be anti-IRR in its totality and not just a faction of it.

These two questions, which have remained unanswered, are from May of 2010:

I’ve had this question on the back of my mind for many years and suspect there are others in the same predicament.

My question is why, that is I can understand IRR doing it, but can’t get my mind around other Iranians who say they despise IRR doing it. Do they know something that is not apparent, like the chances of Pahlavi dynasty resurrecting is so great to warrant them opposing it so vehemently over opposing the murderous Islamist Rapists?

And if that should be the case, would they prefer the extension of life of IRR over the return of Pahlavi as those are the only two choices they seem to allow?


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Fred got question, I got answer

by مآمور on

I am genuinely baffled by the attackers who claim he is nobody and will
be nobody and yet spend their time and resources to attack him

Because, they dont have any thing better to do!! like me right now!!

I wear an Omega watch


politics of hope, instead of politics of hate.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

The other day we had a blog on Iraj Mesdaghi, a political activist, writer, historian and a surviver of mass murder of political prisoners by the islamist regime in 1989. His message was very clear:

"We can not change History, but we can fight for a better future".

How do we do that?How do we fight for a better future? Read Zendanian's excellent post here.... 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


SAVAK was one of the most humanitarian agencies


has ever been established in the history of Iran! Thanks to USA and Israel for giving a hand in helping Iran to bring law and order, spread democracy, and provide humanitarian assistance to the people. It's sad that Iranians rejected all that good wills and intentions since you can't force someone to drink Schweppes or Pepsi or Coke from a bottle when they are used to drinking Doogh from a Mashkk!

Shlomo Loves Israel

Mardom Mazloom

Yours either Ostad

by Mardom Mazloom on

Far from it! But comment for comment we live in a free world Carry on smiling! Don't we?

First Amendment

"Honest answers derserve honest gifts"

by First Amendment on

I don't understand why my comment for the writer of the blog has been targeted by someone whose remarks has never appealed to me.



by P_J on


I believe Shazdeh’s response was right on the money.  And to clarify it further is to give the example of German Neo-Nazis or the Stalinist Communists of Russia, who are still nostalgic of those monstrous regimes, as the Shahollahis are.

Although, these groups are small in size, and have no serious followings or IMPACT, they are vocal.   Neo-Nazis are continuously condemned by the Germans, and as a party ILLEGAL in Germany.   Same is true of the Stalinists Communists in Russia.

In short they are IMMUNIZING against the possible, although UNLIKELY, emergence of either one of these nefarious LUNNY entities!

RP, being the son of one of the BIGGEST Traitors, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, in Iranian history, and being EXTREMELY weak, and because of it, would have no other alternative but to do what his TREACHEROUS father did...should compel all patriotic Iranians to try to NEUTRALIZE the little affect he may have…to fight back and not allow another AJAX type operation to be initiated or SUCCEED. 

In other words and to reiterate, we are making sure that DEGENERATES like Khomeini/ Khamenei/ Mohammad Reza Pahlavi etc. etc. etc. are not imposed on our people ONCE again!

You don’t believe me ask your handlers at MOSSAD! (LOL)  


Dear Fred: I Think for

by vildemose on

Dear Fred: I Think for some it's a personal issue. Perhaps they were jailed by the ancien regime or their family or loved ones were murdered by Savak which makes their irrational hatred more understandable.

Others simply don't know why; they are compelled to do it like many baggers  (Teapublicans) who listen to Rush Limbaugh and pour into the streets and demonstrate against Obama without verifying the truth for themselves. They are always wrong about the facts.

Others just think monarchy is truly outdated and evil without really investigating the system.

All the above are of course nothing but speculative reasons. But I hope it helps.

How about Zendanian suggestion in taking concrete action in a common cause of freedom for all the political Prisoners in Iran?


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir

Mardom Mazloom

Honest answers derserve honest gifts

by Mardom Mazloom on

for refreshing ......... like this........... the instructions for use, already given by reiss jomhoor farzaneh, are very simple........... If necessary I can resume them in four words and give them in a separate comment!

First Amendment

Honest question deserves honest answer...

by First Amendment on

The ominous probability that he might gather overwhelming bipartisan support in Washington, regardless of how unlikely it may seem right now, is enough of a reason for injaaneb...........Only if you knew those mother effers in Capitol Hill........

Mardom Mazloom

Reza Pahlavi is moving forward

by Mardom Mazloom on

Mullahs are bringing the country to a point of no return and Iran needs more people like Reza Pahlavi especially on these times of great threats against our nation.

RP is pointing out the atrocities of the satanic regime on an international level and he’s doing all he can to avoid war. If this not patriotism I don’t know what it is!

Accusing Reza Pahlavi for the faults of his father is unfair and not constructive! Sitting behind a screen and cursing is so simple and a sign of weakness; and that’s exactly what RP is not showing and behaving.

People are more and more behind him, as I, who am not a monarchist. Iranians are mature enough to choose what they want at due time.

As Iranians, we all have the duty to save Iran from darkness and destruction.


 Zendanian has framed the

by vildemose on

 Zendaniac has framed the issue of toppling the IRI brilliantly. Freedom for all political prisoners should galvanize all opposition from all stripes.

Freedom of political prinsoner is a cause we all agree on and it should provide a fairly innocuous motivation for all of to mobilise in taking concrete actions such as Flashmobing in front of IRI interest section in Washingto DC.

We are not engaing in anything subversive as in overthrowing the mullaha. Our demands are simple and easy to digest; it's a smaller goal and should add energy and incentive to actually achieve something tangible.

Framing matters, just ask republicans who spend billions of dollars to dominate through clever use of language.

All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


In search of truth

by Demo on

'Hating' is an 'emotional' term used only by the 'hate mongers.' Pahlavis are to be prosecuted as with all other criminals in the pursue of justice. The pinpointing of 'who else' era passed long ago. And that is why 'Velayat' option is also failing miserably!

Oon Yaroo

1 question for all yous RP haters? if not him then who? No ponti

by Oon Yaroo on

pontifications please! Just give the name and the truth shall set you free!


2 Answers 4 Dummies!

by Demo on



1. A baseless question as the claimed 'attackers population' don't even exceed the no. of RP's fingers!

2. A laughable question as the so called vehement attacks don't exist and only Reza himself and a few PRP's (Pro Rapists Pahalavis!) around him are considering him to be somebody! In reality he is a nobody hiding millions $$$ of Iranians' stolen money & with 2 of his sibilings suspicious deaths inquiring him about that wealth! 


Honest questions

by Fred on

Again, the questions are not about Reza Pahalvi’s viability at all.

This is my second honest attempt in two years to understand why he is attacked if he is so irrelevant.

I am genuinely baffled by the attackers who claim he is nobody and will be nobody and yet spend their time and resources to attack him.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

2 answers

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

1. Imagine that 30 years from now, a Khomeini or a Khamenei son's supporters lay claim to bring back Velayat Faghih to Iran.

2. Pahlavi is last week, IRI is yesterday, people want a tomorrow!


Freedom of political prisoners = overthrowing of IR

by Zendanian on

The missing link in overthrowing of IR is freedom of all political prisoners. We should keep in mind that since three years ago the only way IR has been able to maintain itself in power has been through incarceration of more and more Iranians. Needless to say this has not diminished opposition to IR and has only intensified all opposition to it. 

As mentioned previously any slogan or demand with the word or concept of  "Death" in it, will not only divide the movement against IR, it will also reproduce and restore the worst part of our recent political culture, namely the tradition of Death Instict (Thanatos) and destruction. We need to realize that majority of IR base after its overthrowing will not leave Iran, and we need to develope and adopt a  culture of toleration and education towards them once they're kicked out of power structure. Majority of Iranian people will remian religious in one way or another.

Also as mentioned before, any ideological posturing from right or left will also backfire and play into hands of mullahs.

Needless to say in a country with a population of 78 million people, with more than 10 millions living in absolute poverty, and another 25 millions living with "relative" poverty (all statistics accordig to IR's own, which makes half the population of country living in poverty level ) issues of social justice and equality play a significant role in any organzing, mobilizing effort.

Moral of the story:

A  non-ideological movement for freedom of all political prisoners in Iran,  which is  freedom loving, and equality seeking is the most qualified, likely movement to bring about a democratic overthrowing of Islamic Republic of Hell. Cheers 

 An injury to one is an injury to all.


2 questions

by Fred on

As of yet, no one has answered the two questions asked.

1- If Reza Pahlavi is as irrelevant as claimed, why so many attack him?

2- By attacking him so vehemently, they make him look like a viable alternative to IRR, if so, would they prefer Messianic Islamist Rapists to him?

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Pahlavi: at best a distraction - at worst an indirect help 4 IRI

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Pahlavi, Rajavi and Communists have not much appeal in Iran (each in the order of 1%).

Unfortunately, they can distract people from fighting IRI; and even worse be used by IRI as the Boogeyman, to scare people from their struggle for democracy, and to label all the opposition under the unappealing titles of "Shahi, Monafegh and Commonist".

Those groups, however, have a democratic right to express their voices, and participate in the demonstrations and gatherings. But it would be better to see them carrying on more Action, and less Posturing. It will be better for them and for everyone, if they organize more and show-off less.

Have a look at how Khomeini organized his opposition and won Iran in 1979. He was very low-key, humble and even inclusive in his approach; not insisting on any point, except: "Shah Must Go"!

He basically aimed for the narrow base of the Imperial Iran's inverted power pyramid, and very wisely, did not bother with much else.

Today, an equally simple approach can work too, but it must be inclusive. For example, "Death to IRI" will exclude all the reformists. Restoring monarchy, or bringing MEK to power or establishing Communism will be even less appealing.

In light of the biggest IRI weakness (Shiite ideology), I can think of the following three-prong approach:

1. Free all political prisoners;

2. Human rights for all Iranians;

3. Khamenei must go!

Those 3 parallel the very successful slogans of the past revolution.

The human rights issue was first publicized by President Carter, and fully utilized by the opposition in the 1976-79 period.

Release of all political prisoners, was a simple and strong demand, which once granted in the autumn of 1978, created a sense of strength and accomplishment, for the opposition.

Very unwisely, Khamenei (like Shah) has now placed himself and his position of Velayat, right at the center of governance and oppression. Therefore, #3 can work against him too, as it worked against HIM ! 


Very Simple

by religionoutofgovernment on

Fred, l am a republican and see no reason to hate RP. It is up to the people to stop dictatorship and the thread is equal from a president such as Chavez or a monarch like Mohammad Rza.

 But for many the reason to hate RP is the following:

The most ourspoken and hateful are the ideologically bankrupt  communists and ex-communists. After their finanical support from the Soviet Union came to a halt and their ideology was crushed, they have taken two main causes. 1) To support the "rights of Iranian linguistic minorities", "federalism" and eventual separation. 2) hatred for RP. These 2 focal points define their existance at this time.



First Amendment

Of vocabulary........

by First Amendment on

One has to be careful with his or her choice of words, such as resurrection of the (filthy) Pahlavis..........instead, you can use recycling of the IRI..............everyone knows the loop.........Remember: Had it not been for the wrongs of the dead king and the crimes of his promiscuous sister and other members of his filthy family, IRI would have never come into being..........Reza the retard has yet to officially acknowledge ifs, no buts.........


RP has taken ONE meaningful action

by Mehrban on

Which is one meaningful action more than all iranshenas sabkshenas eslamshenas jahanvatan, noble laureates, etc, have taken towards democracy in Iran.

He has taken the case of IR's abuses to the internatinal court and has pointed the finger squarely at Khamenei.  I for one am grateful and support him in this action.


The Bloggers' Intent

by Demo on

Even a chicken size brain could instantly figure out what the 'known to all' bloggers' intentions are without zeroing on options. All they need to do is to say 'P' & there comes the alike 'PPs' of the past to Hooray!


Darius Kadivar

hirre that's not true ...or rather your interpretation ...

by Darius Kadivar on

MRP was a Constitutional Monarch for 12 years ... Longer than any predecessor in the entire history of Iran ...


Countries don't become democratic overnight ! More than having a Draft and set of rules what truly defines a democratic state is the people's behavior. Great Brtiain doesn't even have a Constitution yet it is operating as a Perfect Democracy !


So in the end of the day it's more about how mature and tolerant Society is in handling democratic discourse but ultimately even shortcomings which come with Democracy as a system of government.


To claim that Mossadegh turned Iran into a democracy overnight is absurd !


YES, PRIME MINISTER: A Step By Step Guide To Mossadegh's Premiership and the Coup of '53 ...


How could he have achieved overnight what countries like today's Tunisia or Egypt are still struggling to implement despite a fairely bloodless revolution ?


Tunisia could benefit from bitter lessons of Iran’s clumsy '79 revolution


SATIRE: Egypt's "Papyrus Revolution"


No need for me to mention Syria ...


So ... 


The Real Question which you folks never seem to ask is what Prompt him from not continuing in being one after the events of 53 ...


THE PAST IS A FOREIGN COUNTRY: How Would You Evaluate Iran's Democracy Index in 1953 ?



Isn't Calling for the Head of State's Death usually called "Treason"?



If the answer was as simple as you claim then we should have been a democracy long time ago ...


Fereidoun Sahebjam Slams Banisadr's Endorsement of Revolution on French TV (1989)

Constitutionalist's Rebuttal of Republican Assessment that Revolution was "Highjacked"


So might as well for once ask yourself honestly why it's not the case than merely playing the Blame Game  ...


Cause in that avenue ... Ma Ham Baladeem ... 


COMPLAINING JOMHURYKHAH: What Have the Pahlavis EVER Done For Us ? ;0) 


But then I don't think we will get anyware in furthering the debate or make progress by merely mudslugging eachother ...


Accountability has to be a two way process otherwise calling for Hambasteghi is useless ... 


LIMITS TO HAMBASTEGHI: Fravahar on impossibiity of Rallying Jomhurykhahs (Secular or Not)



My Humble Opinion





by hirre on

The only good Pahlavis we had/have was Reza Shah & RP2... Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was a catastrophy for Iran if we look at historically. The only reason people (in my opionion fools) support the former shah is because the IR is so disgustingly bad that even "Pinochet" might be a better alternative for Iran, so the comparison some people really are making is between "bad" (MRP) and "extremly horrible" (IR). Some people even try to fool themselves thinking that MRP was indirectly a constitutional monarch, which is really crazy...