Photo: 'Christians' Forming A Perimeter To Protect 'Muslims' During Prayer

Photo: 'Christians' Forming A Perimeter To Protect 'Muslims' During Prayer
by Humility


I came across this beautiful picture recently - It shows a group of Christian men surrounding their Muslim brothers to protect them during their prayers ..... from the hell that is breaking loose in Egypt ! 

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God" - Mattew 5:9, New Testament, The Bible

This Photo Is Courtesy Of Our Dear Rudi Bakhtiar - Thank you ..... !


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Thank you for your wonderful feedback below :)

Please feel free to share with me any further comments that you may have regarding the issues discussed -

As I have indicated in the comments below, this Wave Against Tyranny is indeed a Regional thing - I truly believe that our Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Iran, together with our help and assistance, could indeed take advantage of it in full force in toppling this despotic Islamic Regime - 

I would like to thank Jahanshah for featuring this blog -






Dear Amir

by Humility on

After the fraudulent elections of June 2009, the great people of Iran rose up, and demanded Justice - However, as we all saw, through the oppressive forces and brutality of the Revolutionary Guards, and their gofer-wannabes, the Basijis, the freedom movement was quashed !

I truly believe that this situation that's developing in North Africa, will indeed spread into the Middle East also - As I indicated earlier, it started with Tunisia, then it went into Egypt, Yemen and Jordan are perhaps going to be next, with Syria and Iran, hopefully and God willing, completing the circle !

I believe that this new wave could potentially be even more significant than what happened back in 2009 - That was only a National Wave - This is indeed a Regional Wave !

I sincerely hope that our Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Iran recognize that - We, who are living outside of Iran, should support them completely and thoroughly  through all means possible: financially, media-wise, and all other avenues that could further the downfall of this despotic regime of IRI !

Finally, I hope that Jahanshah and would also fervently support our Brothers and sisters in Iran as they did back in 2009 - After the brutal attacks on our Brothers and sisters in 2009, I never thought than another opportunity would present itself - However, by the grace of God it has, and let us take full advantage of it !

Best for you,

Love Of Iran In Our Hearts,




Amir Sahameddin Ghiassi

We should learn from them , the unity

by Amir Sahameddin Ghiassi on

sorrowfully in our country, we did not learn to respect other believes. Even the religion like Bahai that is against the disunity and... is mixed with absolute believe ; that I am right the others are wrong.


One Never Knows When Situations Are That Fluid .....

by Humility on

The point is not necessarily whether Mubarak would send his thugs directly to harrass people while  they were praying -

But as you may have watched on TV, the regime's thugs, on horse back and camel, were attacking the demonstrators from all directions, and under all types of circumstances -

I believe the circling of the praying group was primarily a precautionary task in case if the thugs arrived ..... !




Nice, but

by Rea on

Moubarak wasn't going to send police shoot people while praying.

So, what's the point ? 


May This Wave Against Tyranny .....

by Humility on

Sweep the beloved shores of our Iran also ..... ! Having started in Tunisia, now moving into Egypt, Yement next, and God willing, our Beloved Iran will come shortly thereafter .. !

There is no question in my mind that our beloved Brothers and Sisters in Iran deserve better than this - No one in their wildest imaginations thought that our Beloved Iran would descend into such despicable situation after the 1979 Revolution ..... !

Although I was not supportive of the Shah, nevertheles, during his reign, so long as one didn't get involved in Politics, there were all types of other Personal Liberties that one had ..... !

During this brutal regime, not only all of our personal liberties are restricted, especially for the women, but as far as politics is concerned, well, we all saw what happened in June of 2009 ..... !

Secular Democracy is indeed the way of the future for our Beloved Iran - A system where Politics and Religion are totally and completely separate from one another .. !

I have a message for our fellow Iranians who are bogged down on the issue of whether to be a Monarchist, or a Republican:

In a parliamentary system of Secular Democratic Government, Political Power resides in the person of the Prime Minister ... The Head of State, which is primarily a Ceremonial Role, can be filled either by a Constititional Monarch, as in Britain or Spain, or an elected President, as in Germany and other places ..... !

Please let us not be divided by such silly secondary issues -

The Primary Goal Should Be, First And Foremost, To Establish A Secualr Democratic Government In Iran - Whether Who should Be The Head Of State, Either A Constitutioal Monarch, Or An Elected Presiden, Let Our Beloved Brothers And Sisters In Iran Decide That ..... !

It's Really Not That Complicated ..... :) !




Kill Mouse Traps

Can you post the link where this photo originally appeared?

by Kill Mouse Traps on


Thank you.


Thank You Yolanda ;)

by Humility on

Let's All Keep Positive ... !

Cynicism rarely serves a purpose - Especially, under such circumstances ..... !




It can be called...

by comrade on

...Circular naivety

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.




by yolanda on

Very touching photo! Yes, we need inter-faith peace and love!

Thank you for posting!

I hope something good comes out of the protests!

Egypt is at its historical cross-road!


May We All Learn From these People ..... !

by Humility on

Thanks Jahanshah ..... !