A 'GENERAL' Strike - To Bring The Regime Down

A 'GENERAL' Strike - To Bring The Regime Down
by Humility

For the past several days, we have seen the bravery of our Brothers and Sisters in Iran in confronting the present regime. For those of us who live outside of Iran, we are really doing the easy work. Our task is basically limited to spreading the information around, and in a way, encouraging everyone to participate in whatever capacity that they can.

As evident from the news, the authorities in Iran have systematically started cracking down on the demonstrators for the past couple of days. There have been quite a few arrests, and much physical brutality: From the University Professors, to the Labor Leaders, to the Intellectuals, and to the Demonstration Leaders have been arrested, and physically assaulted! Furthermore, there is No End In Sight.

I truly believe that the only way that this regime can be brought to its knees is through a National Strike throughout the country. If the wheels of commerce and economy are brought to a halt, then that would be the beginning of the end for them!

I would like to encourage every body to focus our efforts in that direction. A Head-On Military Confrontation would lead to a tremendous loss of life. Furthermore, the consequences of such a confrontation may not be quite evident at this time.

We Have to bear in mind one thing: The Ultimate Goal For Us Should Be The Bringing Down Of This Present Regime, And Establishing A Secular Democracy In Our Beloved Iran. Let's Put Our Minds Together To Bring This About With A Minimal Loss Of Life!

Thank You .....


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The Mulahs, Ahmadinejad and their supporters are like cancer and we have to find a cure or we all pay the price. I'd like to see a Basiji trying that $hit here before getting his a$$ blown away by a Magnum.


Dear Jahanshah

by Humility on

I would like to thank you for publishing a variety of articles and blogs on the front page regarding the issue of General Strike. All of us who believe that a General Strike is a worthy effort, need to promote it in a manner that would elevate people's consciousness about it.

I have read a number of comments by the supporters of this regime, trying to defend what's happened. I honestly Do Not understand how someone could have  the minutest amount of integrity, and still support the farcical election results that we have been presented with in the past couple of weeks. Do these people honestly believe that anyone in this world would have any respect for this regime if they allow this election results stand? They have already become the laughing stock of the World by such an overt attempt at Election Fraud.

All I have to say is that We Need To Keep The Pressure On. If We Lose Heart, We Have Lost It All!

Tks again - Please keep up your Good Work - Hopefully, All Of Our Pressures Would Collectively Lead To The Collapse Of This Regime  _!

Amen .....



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Sazgara talking about unity

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Ahmadinejad/Mesbah Yazdi/Mojtaba Khamenie Coup to have an Islamic government without the Republic.


Please spread the news.


To: 'All Readers'

by Humility on

If you believe that this approach is the right one, I would like to encourage you to write articles and blogs on the subject, and submit it to Jahanshah for publication.

For the past couple of weeks, the approach towards this regime has been that of a Shot Gun Approach. We need to focus towards a more effective approach, and adopt a more Rifle Approach!

Again, as I have mentioned previously, A National Strike would put a significant amount of pressure on this regime, which would ultimately lead to its downfall!

Let's work together to make this happen - It would be a Huge Shame to squander such a Wonderful Opportunity!

Tks again :) - !



Dear David ET

by Humility on

Things are Exteremely Fluid In Iran right now .. Basically, it is an opportunity to be had!! - Let's hope that we act wisely this time .. Unlike thirty years ago :) - !



David ET


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Dear fozolie

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Time is of the Essence .. The Bringing About Of A National Strike Would Automatically Bring The Number Of Casualties Down!!




Oh please not another Lengesh Kon piece

by fozolie on

Put your efforts int STOPPING THE KILLINGS first.

Mr. Fozolie