A 'SECULAR DEMOCRACY' In Our Beloved Iran - Within ONE YEAR


A 'SECULAR DEMOCRACY' In Our Beloved Iran - Within ONE YEAR
by Humility

My Iranian Brothers and Sisters: As days go by, the breach that has been created by the Illegitimacy of the Ahmadinejad Government is getting wider and wider. More and more people, from the members of parliament, to other senior clergy, are coming out, and either directly or indirectly, make references to Ahmadinejad's Illegitimacy.

The European countries are gradually, but steadily, coming to the realization that they can not effectively deal with such an Illegitimate Government. Furthermore, the Obama Administration has come to the realization that dealing with Ahmadinejad's Government, would effectively Tarnish Obama's Clean-Cut Image so far as Democracy and Freedom are concerned.

Having said all of that, I would like to remind everybody that it took about a year for Shah's Reime to fall. From the time the disturbances started, to the actual fall, was approximately one year.

I truly believe that this Islamic Regime would be gone within one year. The fatal breach that has been created will ultimately undermine the regime all together.

If you haven't read this blog, please take a moment to do so:

Ahmadinejad's 'ILLEGITIMACY' Can Not Be Pushed Under The Rug

Please remember, that our ultimate goal is the establishment of a Secular Democracy in our Beloved Iran. Thirty (30) years ago, we were in such a rush to get rid of the Shah, that we didn't study and analyze the consequences of having an Islamic Regime in Iran. Let's not make a similar mistake all over again!

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Dear wgm1919

by Humility on

With the demographics that we have in Iran, with the population being 70% under the age of 30, the idea of a Secular Democracy would be a very practical one.

You have to understand one thing: Throughout history, whether it was with Christianity or Islam, the co-mingling of Religion with Politics has been a catastrophe. In Europe, they realized that several hundred years ago, and essentially put a stop to it.

What I am trying to say is this: The Very Juices Of Creativity And Advancement Would Not Appear In Our Beloved Iran Until Religion And Government Are Separated. Please Trust Me ... This Is Not What I Am Saying ... It's In The History Of Mankind!

Tks :) - !




every culture has its own unique attributes ...

by wgm1919 on

For Iran, the system that separates religion (al bit the best) from politics and other aspects of ways of life,  is a failure. We need to determine the shortcomings of what we have and work on them to fix -- copying someone else's system that may work for their culture (e.g., turkey, eurpoeans, etc.) is a mistake. Shah tried to do it and we know where he ended up. We must work within the confines of our culture, with education and keen observation fix the problems (gradually -- as has taken place to some degree over the last 30 years) and go forward.




secular democracy for ever

by mehdi79 on

Believe me islamic regime is the last dictatorship in this sacred land. people have already paid a heavy price specially during the islamic regime eventhough they have been paying for the last 100 yrs to a lesser extend. with the help of people and ahura mazda we will have our liberal paliamentary democracy at last.


Dear Bijan A M

by Humility on

As I mentioned in a previous blog, as the movement progresses, the Leaders Will Emerge!

I know that it may sound unrealistic, but in all such movements where masses of people are involved, the masses first move forward, and then leaders emerge from among the masses ... Believe me, this is how it works!

Tks :) - !



Bijan A M

I only wish

by Bijan A M on

your dream come true. I am still waiting for a leader to emerge.

I wish I was a leader, but I'm not. So I only can hope someone would emerge to lead the millions who are willing to give their lives for a secular democracy. I will follow the cause even if it means my life. I am only looking for a movement that is promoting secular democracy.


A 'SECULAR DEMOCRACY' In Our Beloved Iran - Within ONE YEAR

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

Some have solutions for IMPOSSIBLE with instant effect.
By applying them on WOUNDERS one get also positive results. The difference is: It takes more time. For example hier one year. compared with life of nations it is a negligible short time.


Dear fozolie

by Humility on

In all due respect, I suggest your leaving comments with your other Brethren who always think that the glass is half empty!

You have left similar, pessimisstic comments in my other blogs, and I have responded to you each time ... However, if this is your modus operandi, I would like to respectfully ask you to leave your comments in other blogs of your like mind!

This blog is for the Can Do crowd ... Not for those who sulk, and are Unable to rise to the challenge!







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Bozak namir, Bahar miad....

by fozolie on

When you find a way of defending your countrymen against the thugs then you can post this stuff. The "lengesh kon" crowd have no shame! Unless you are preapred to join them there, you have no right to expect anything. Shame on you. 

Mr. Fozolie



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As they say, from your mouth to God's ears.