A 'NEW' Iran - A 'SECULAR' Democracy

A 'NEW' Iran - A 'SECULAR' Democracy
by Humility

In this blog from yesterday, I outlined in some detail the reasons that this movement has transcended the initial voter fraud issue, and has become a movement for freedom and liberty.

If you have seen the widespread coverage of the demonstrations throughout Iran, it is absolutely obvious that people's demands are exactly that: A Change of this regime. The Iranian People are sick and tired of the tyranny and despotism of this Islamic Regime.

Let's not forget that the best form of government is the one with Religion and Government being separate from oneanother. Anytime in the history of mankind, when Government and Religion were not separate, and acted together, there has been massive incompetence, corruption, and tyranny. The Europeans and the West noticed that several hundred years ago, and we Iranians should realize that now!

My Iranian Brothers and Sisters, let's remember this as we move forward. The New Iran should be a Secular Iran, with Democratic Values: Or Simply, A Secular Democracy!

We should continue supporting our Brothers and Sisters in Iran in any which way that we can. By giving them Moral Support, Financial Support, etc. It's Not Going To Be Easy ... But it's Well Worth the fight!

Thank You .....


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Dear fozolie

by Humility on

I have read your account, and I want you to know that I spent three (3) years in London when I was a student many years ago.

There is one thing that you have to bear in mind: The people that are doing the real work in this movement are the people in Iran who are putting their lives on the line. All you have to do is to go on the internet, and see for yourself the brutality of the Basij, and other security forces!

The most that we can do, those of us living outside of Iran, is two-fold:

First, we can provide as much support as we possibly can to our Brothers and Sisters in Iran; this support could be in a variety of forms, from Moral, to Finacial, etc.

And second, to let the World know what's going on in Iran. There is no doubt that in my mind, that had this happened twenty (20) years ago, when Internet was not around the way it is today, and that people were not able to find out about things as they do today, that this regime in Iran would have crushed the demonstrators over a week ago!

As I have said before, let's keep our hopes alive. Things are Extremely Fluid, and potentially, anything could happen. Let's Hope For The Best ....

Tks again :) - !




It's not Cynicism but Hoshyarie instead of Na-Bidarie

by fozolie on


I just came from the protests in London outside the Iranian Embassy. It was much better than yesterday. The young men organising it were cleary supporters of Moussavi and the moderate faction of IRI, they were even at one stage handing out the laughing Fox's pictgures (Khatami). Okay I did not agree with some of what they said but the reason I was there was to show solidarity with the people in Iran so while I did not participate in their support for Moussavi and Karoubut but I participated in all that I thought would show support and solidarity for the suffering in Iran. 

There was a very interesting aspect of these guys in that they supressed any attempt to directly criticise Khamneie or the Islamic Republic under the guise of unity. An interesting tactic was to use silence for those who lost their lives soon as heated exchanges broke out.  They were also getting the police to throw out anyone dissenting and wanting to have their say because of clashes with their supporters. 

Soon as this thing turns for something other than keeping the Islamic Republic it will be a different picture. Don't kid yourself. The moderate faction will not support a movement for secularism and will close ranks with the conservative faction instead.  For what you guys describe to happen it needs leadership and none of these guys want anything other than keeping the Islamic Republic alive.


The tactic of silencing people by the way, was exactly the tactic used during the revolution. Everytime anyone questioned the wisdom of Khomeinie's pronouncements about the Islamic nature of the future state or the wisdom of following an Akhoond, people were told to hush in the interests of UNITY!!!


Come on guys. Stop masterbating in your minds that this is anything other than I have described. Just read what these people have been saying or what their friends like Mehdi Khazalie are saying. If I am wrong let's see a proper analysis and evidence instead of wishful thinking.


Tandorost o pirouze bashid. Gool e Moussavi ha va Akhoond ha ra ham (dobareh) nakhorid.  

Mr. Fozolie


Dear Ira Zad

by Humility on

In all due respect, this is Typical conspiracy thinking on the events happening in front of our eyes, and trying to discount the contribution of the masses in this.

I know that I am not able to change your mind. People who have set minds like yours, Do Not Change! So let's leave it at that.

My hopes and prayers are that you are completely wrong. Only time will tell which side is right,

Sincerely :) - !




False Dawn

by Ira Zad (not verified) on


I absolutely agree with you!
This thing is 10,000 miles away from a secular democracy movement! You can't have secular democracy with chants of "Allah-O-Akbar" from roof tops!
Stop fooling yourselves guys and gals!

I have been trying to make the over-excited and the carried away amongst us see that very same fact: this thing is a farce. It is the European(EU) faction mullahs:Rafsanjani-yeh Faased/Khatami-yeh Shayyaad/ and Mousavi jenaayatkaar conducting what amounts to a coup against the Russian/Chinese faction of the regime(Khamenei/Nejad, et al) -- That's it!
So Khamenei/Nejad conducted a counter-coup by enlarging Nejad's votes. Kapiche?

The rest is BBC and VOA propaganda for Mousavi since they want to make IRI a completely western entity by ousting Khamenei et al. So they can then break Iran apart along ethnic lines.

People, as usual, are being used as pawns in the hands of international criminals like Rafsnajani so his Mafia can return to power?

Fozolie write to me at irazad@hotmail to discuss more if you like


Dear fozolie

by Humility on

I follow your logic, and I see your point. Nevertheless, I am afraid, you are one of those who can not see the forest for the tree.

If you had taken the time to read the blog that I posted yesterday, which is referenced above, you would have seen that this whole movement has taken a momentum of its own. You are absolutely correct that the whole thing started because of a fraudelent election result, however, it has been transformed, and transcended into a more human rights and freedom movement.

As I have said in my post from yesterday, no body ever thought that a country like the Soviet Union would collapse the way it did. However, it did twenty years ago to everyone's surprise!  

My friend, everything is possible. You can choose to be cynical, or you can have hope. The whole world is to be had for those who dare! Never Forget That .....

Tks for your comment anyways!



as usual you guys in exile are in your own dream world

by fozolie on


What we may desire (secularism) is not what this thing is about. This is about one faction trying to prevent another faction in IRI turning the "Islamic Republic" into "Islamic Rule" thereby preserving the rotten republic.  For this thing to lead to another revolution will reqauire a very heavy price which nobody sitting outside can expect Iranians to pay. Any secular outcome will be by chance.
Chaps don't delude yourself.

Wake up and smell the toast burning, one faction of the Islamic Mafia has simply taken the initiative as "Opposition". People in Iran are so desparate that tactically they have gone along with it. It is ridiculous but the ex-Islamic sociey terrorists, hostage takers and geeks are providing the leaderhsip that the secular Opposition cannot provide (probably thanks to the fissure in nationalist/modernists caused by two egomaniacs over 50 years ago).


Mr. Fozolie


Dear Darius

by Humility on

Thank you for your comment.

I would like to remind you that back in 1979, when The Shah left Iran, a huge Political Vacuum was created that was ultimately filled by the Mullahs. We should not allow a similar mistake to happen again!

By that I mean, hopefully when these clergies are ready to leave Iran, we Iranians should be ready to fill the Political Vacuum with an alternative that embraces all: A Secular Democracy which protects everyone's rights: From religion, to gender, etc., etc.

We should all be united to bring about such a wonderful system. We may differ in some of our inclinations, such as the Democrats and Republicans do in U.S., but at this time, those are of secondary importance.

I hope that you understand what I am saying. I know that you are supportive of the Monarchy. However, we all need to be practical, and believe in the art of the possible.

There is no question in my mind that the masses of people in Iran WILL support a Secular Democracy, once they are properly educated about this. After all, what is wrong with a system that provides freedom for everyone, whatever their language, creed, gender, and background may be! Let's learn from what others have done. The Europeans, Americans, Etc. We don't need to re-invent the wheel!

Tks again :) - !



Darius Kadivar

When We were Saying REGIME CHANGE We were accused of ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Being War Mongerer Neo Con Sympathizers by NIAC/AIC and Co ...

Now it seems that This is EXACTLY What People are demanding even if slogans as MARGE BAR JOMHURYEH ESLAMI have not been expressed as openly so as to not give the pretext to the Mullahs to crush the demonstrations on grounds that they are manipulated by outside forces.

But It seems to me that it is ultimately what people DO WANT particularly now that it is Clear that this is a Totalitarian Regime.

Bakhtiar on a Future Constitution to be drafted after Regime Change and the conditions for a Free and Fair Elections on the future democratic state of choice :


He also mentions Rafsanjani, and what the Role of the West should be in relation to the regime.

5 august 1989, Hamburg  

So as Far as I am Concerned, I say humbly BUT FIRMLY: