Video: New York City Iran Election Rally - Union Square

by Humility

Hundreds turned out in New York City tonight for an Iran rally. And John Legend tweets: "Sending love to the Iranian people and to all those who seek freedom around the world."


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Election in Iran

by Hassan Agah (not verified) on

Election in Iran, unlike many western countries, is taken very seriously, is well recorded ,documented and traceable. No one can vote unless uses his/her ID card ( passport or Birth certificate) and his/her finger print. It is therefore impossible to claim that the election can be similar to that in USA, UK, Australia and subject to fraud. It is easy to prove how many have voted and count for each and every vote. Every single vote is traceable. I personally voted for Moosavi, and learnt how the voting procedure was. Every ballot paper can be traced to see who it was given to. To claim that the election in Iran has been subject to fraud is just ludicrous and nonsense.

Let us all keep our dignity and accept the outcome and respect the wish of the majority who have voted for Ahmadi Nejad. You can , if you wish, form a team and ask the UN to check the authenticity of the election, but not trough violence and disturbing the peace or being destructive to people’s life. The current strategy adapted by the opositions are just unacceptable.

Based on these facts, It is now the responsibility of the government of Iran to maintain Order and let people get on with their lives. It is the government’s duty and responsibility to use the full force of the law to deal with arrogants who are trying to disturb the peace by helping the foreign powers or agents such as Western media in particular BBC or the American news media, who have noting in mind but to turn Iran into another Iraq or Afghanistan. It is time for the government of Iran to show strength and stop any hooliganism by a bunch of idiots who can not understand the sensitivity of the current circumstances.

Respect people's wish, freedom and fairness