Rise of anti-Semitism, sure outcome


by Jaleho

The only certain result of Israeli savage assault on Gaza Strip would be the rise of anti-Semitism around the world. With Israel, and many Zionists working hard to equate Zionism with Judaism, and defending Israeli crimes as that of a Jewish only state representing Jewish values, the savagery of Israeli state unfortunately would be translated around the world with savagery of the Jews. It would make Jews and Jewish centers around the world less safe. This would be the sole certain outcome of the Gaza assault, similar to what happened in the war of Lebanon. What other outcomes might be there? Let's see:

Ehud Barak might be dreaming about a personal boost in internal Israeli politics by the Gaza mayhem, but if the Israeli death increases, even he would lose on his dream. Israel itself would lose big by any criterion which defines an Israeli  "victory." For Hamas, the mere survival will clearly be victory, and survive it will! Just like Hezbollah did and got stronger in Lebanon.

Israel can hit hundreds of targets in Gaza, can kill hundreds of women and children in Gaza in the name of killing "Hamas," but Israel will not be able to destroy either Hamas or its rocket firing capabilities. They will spring right back! And, that is the single criterion that would define an Israeli defeat. Other outcomes of this vicious assault:

--Rise of anti-Semitism throughout the world as people who identify Zionism with Judaism (thanks to Israeli propaganda) will resent Israeli atrocities,

--The more widespread hatred of the US around the world since it blocked again a cease fire similar to its futile blocking of a cease fire in Lebanon war,

--the weakening of pro-Israel groups in the US in their futile attempt at defending Israeli crimes as "self-defense" at the expense of America's image around the world,

.....in short  the world got one historical step closer to the inevitable demise of the criminal and illegitimate State of Israel. Pathetic Israeli  genocide won't be able to defy its historical destiny for long, no matter how many innocent it kills and calls it, "the only language they understand."


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by kayan yazı (not verified) on

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by evden eve nakliyat (not verified) on

thanks ..
You guys are so right. IRI stinks and Hamas are evil. I blame Islamic Fundamentalist for all of our problems.



by nakliyat (not verified) on

Its very good thanks..


regarding your "Arab lover" term (to Bijan)

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Bijan, we Iranians are "Arab lovers" only relative to those of you who hate Arabs.
In fact Iranians have less negative feelings towards Israelis than Saudis, Persian Gulf kingdoms. etc...


Dear Zion, Bijan had a genuine curiosity

by Jaleho on

about reaction of people to a quote that he has heard about, yet didn't know the origin or true meaning of of it. Although he is allergic to "condescending attitude" when people teach him a thing or two, and has a tendency to feel bad about it rather than simply saying "thanks," still he's privately happy to have learned something, I am sure!

But, your comeback here baffles me, since after the few back and forth, your post is a bit suicidal. So unlike you!

I suggest that you stick with your Israeli state terrorism tactics, hit and cry, ignoring posts that you clearly can not defend, like my posts about Rabbi Eliyahu's letter to Olmert making the Gaza genocide Kosher a year before Olmert actually did that. Or, Bill Moyer's link. Leave the suicides to people who have nothing else to defend themselves except for their lives. You never had a problem following your Rabbi's verdict shamelessly defending killing a million Gazans and sparing the life of even one Jew.

Why become suicidal now??!


Thanks Bijan

by Zion on

That was a great quote from a unique woman and a great human being, and it was very timely.


Dear Bijan, you missed the point!

by Jaleho on

That quote became famous because it was given by Golda Meir who had A BIG hand in killing Palestinian children of whom she is also famous to have said with regret: "Palestinian kids are being born all the time!"

IT was the perfect example of "ham mizanan, ham geryeh mikonan," that is Golda Mier killing the Palestinian kids, and then blaming Palestinians for forcing her to kill their children!! 

BTW, she's also famous for the sentence: "There has never been such a thing as Palestinian people."

Zionists have used both of these quotes with a positive spin towards propaganda, but they are both famous for the DIRT that she has spewed. Hope this helps.


Bijan A M

What about the quote?

by Bijan A M on

I am not trying to start an argument. But, why are you guys hung up on the person who said the quote and not the quote itself? Who cares who speaks the truth, as long as it's spoken.

This quote should make you think before you start your hate mongering slogans.


As always

Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

i have to say this: you are totally patronising about women. your whole thing about women is suspicious.

and i never forgot your rape comment to me all that long ago btw. it was just too low and shocking for me to even try and address. so pls stop going on about mothers, women and motherly wisdom. you really don't belong there. and i will tell you right now: i am not going to get into an argument about it with you. it's not worth it.


Bijan, Funniest example of a "loving Mother!!"

by Jaleho on

Of all the loving mothers on earth, you chose Golda Meir, called by Ben Gurion as the "Best man in Israel" becasue she raised the required fund for purchasing arms to kill Palestinians towards creation of Israel??!

Known as the iron lady, Golda Meir is famous for expressing anger that "Palestinians reproduce and have children," your quote reflects her problem in being obliged to kill those children herself!!

Here's your "loving mother" priority:


" A short time after their wedding, Golda embarked on a fundraising campaign for Poale Zion that took her across the United States.[3] Finding herself pregnant, she underwent an abortion because she felt "her Zionist obligations simply did not leave room for a child."[3] The couple moved to Palestine in 1921 together with Golda’s sister Sheyna. 


find a better motha, will ya?

Bijan A M

A word of wisdom

by Bijan A M on

for all anti-Jew and Arab lovers, from a peace loving mother of Israel, Golda Meir, who once said:

“WE can forgive the Arabs for killing our children. We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children. We only have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us”             



Bill Moyer corroborates material of this blog!!

by Jaleho on

Here's Bill Moyer actually talking about the matters we are discussing here. He actually gives few instances fo what I was talking in this blog already happening:



Thanks Niloufar and anon7

by Jaleho on

Good to see you back Niloufar, and thanks for the link! I just came back here to copy a link from Jerusalem post about Rabbi Eliyahu's letter to Ehud Olmert in which he encourages him on a Gaza massacre, now that the last of Israeli settler thieves are taken out of Gaza (thanks to $10 billion of American taxpayers for gently removing the thieves!!) He's arguing that this way no sacred Jewish life would be wasted, even if a million Palestinians would die.

Just needed it for Zion in another link ;-)

Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

that took ages, but it really was worth it! brilliant discussion. Duke is deep.

Everybody should try that thread! 

I see what u mean about zion, but i will stick with my boycott! seem to be in a boycott mood these days... she is a great debater but totally has the wrong attitude. her first priority is to annoy you. that is why i think she has a different agenda that doesn't smell right.

and you? which registered character are you?:) i can only come up with 2 plausible scenarios about you so far! either you are a real insider who needs to remain annonymous to speak freely or you totally do not trust this site and will not register! unless you too are a spy! just kidding.

am curious why you remain so anonym. that's all. take it as a newcomer trying to learn the ropes.




by Anonym7 (not verified) on

ya, I think she works for HaMossad leModi'in uleTafkidim Meyuhadim, that is why I like her so much! ....anyhow several of DW's comments which talk about the assimilation illustrate the depth of the problem...

Niloufar Parsi

Anonym7 jan

by Niloufar Parsi on

Damn man! i had 'sworn' to ignore zion. but sounds worth it. just had a quick look. it's SO verbose!

zion's a really weird character. i wonder if he is mossad. or i could be paranoid!



Who will save Israel from itself? (to NP)

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Good question NP, there was a very good discussion mainly between respected DW Duke and Zion (I am not joking!) about this. Many of you missed it, here is the link:
Note that you'll have to scroll down ... //iranian.com/main/blog/khodadad-rezakhan...
I found DW to be a very interesting, and sincere man ....


more facts distorted by the IRI

by Anonymous fishie (not verified) on

1. jaleho is famous for obsolete "facts".

2. there IS intimidation by several select registered users who very subtly post about peace yet never miss an opportunity for an anti-semitic comment.

3. the current issue in gaza is NOT GENOCIDE. that same little click likes using words that will arouse more hate.

4. no one wants to discuss the despicable practice of using women and children as the hamas does. they are cowards and so are those who support them unconditionally without fair review of ALL the facts.

Niloufar Parsi

Jaleho jan

by Niloufar Parsi on

i agree with your conclusions.

the question has arisen: 

Who will save Israel from itself?



Jaleho, How low would you like to go?

by Lance Rahimi (not verified) on

The IRI and its supporters such as yourself do not have to atone for 48, 56, 67 or 73. The Israelis and Arabs must atone for what happend. The IRI, and its supporters such as yourself, have to atone for supporting the dumbest elements in the Palestinian fight for Independence. The IRI and Syria have to Atone for using these poor people as a tool for their own political gains. The IRI has to atone for its opposition to Oslo.

Why should I atone for what is happening in Gaza? I do not support killing of innocent civilians anywhere for any reason. You know better than to call this genocide.

Also, you know Its the IRI that has to atone for giving these people false hope and bad advice. They are getting their asses kicked and who were the ones to support them in their takeover of the PA? Was it the Egyptians, Jordanians, Saudis the Israelis? No! It was the IRI. It was Larjani who flew to Syria today to discuss these issues with Mashal.

As to who has to really atone please see David ET's blog copied below. You see, Iranian, even those belonging to Islamic societies, are not as ignorant:

Iranian Islamic students oppose support of Hamas
David ET
by David ET

Iranian student group Daftar Tahkim Vahdat (Office for Strengthening Unity) in a courageous statement opposed the stated position of Ayatollah Khamenei by blaming Iran's government as a party to inflaming the Gaza situation.

In its statement the student coalition group stated: "Those who have armed and encouraged groups like Hamas - which only yesterday did not hide its sympathy for the criminal Saddam Hussein, and which declared three days of mourning after his death - have innocent blood on their hand in the hostilities. Now it is they who must be accountable to humanity, and it is they who must explain this tragic situation.....

....Israel's current crimes in Gaza are strongly condemned - but it is equally [important] to condemn the terror organizations that use kindergartens and hospitals as a shield against the [Israeli] attacks. [Hamas's use of human shields] prepares the ground for intensified bombardment [by Israel] and for the killing of children and civilians, and [therefore] it is an inhuman act.

...Daftar-e Tahkim-e Vahdat strongly condemns the current situation in the Gaza Strip and the killing of civilians and innocents. It believes that the sacrifice of defenseless people - especially children - is the result of other conflicts in the regional and international arena......It had been expected that peace and human rights organizations would have done more to stop this inhuman slaughter before the disaster reached such [devastating] proportions - despite the difficulties thrown up by certain leaders..."

Daftar-e Tahkim-e Vahdat secretary, Mehdi Arabshahi, stated: "Unfortunately, we see that in Iran itself, a faction that outwardly pretends to be sympathetic to the Palestinians, regards the [Gaza] tragedy as an opportunity to stifle the voices of the human rights. [This faction] has launched harsh attacks against human rights activists and against political factions critical [of the regime]. [Since the beginning of the Israeli offensive], the offices of [Shirin Ebadi's] human rights organization have been illegally closed; [union official] [Ibrahim] Madadi has been arrested; teachers were arrested today, and numerous students were expelled from the universities of Shiraz and Lorestan..."

Arabshahi then opposed the closure of daily newspaper Kargozaran, one day after publishing of the Daftar-e Tahkim-e Vahdat communiqué . He explained: "Sadly, those who have long been waiting for an chance to silence the media critical of Ahmadinejad, in advance of the presidential elections, have found that this moment - when the [Iranians] are emotionally preoccupied with the Gaza disaster - is a golden opportunity to realize this aspiration.......This group, which now raises a great outcry against any view different [from its own], has already shown that it does not believe its own proclamations in the slightest, and that its only goal is to settle political scores."

The DTV [Daftar Tahkim Vahdat] is made up of individual Islamic students' associations from over 60 of the country's universities. Within the organization, there are two factions: The majority faction, known as "Neshast-Allameh," consists of 50 to 60 Islamic students' associations and advocates a new democratic constitution based on the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and its covenant. The majority faction no longer believes reform of the current Iranian system is possible.

Read it in Farsi here:



OK Lance, if we

by Jaleho on

the IRI supporters atone for preventing a peace between Israel and Palestinians, (although we didn't even exist in 1948 when Israel was commiting massacres like Dar Yasin to steal Palestinian land, or the 1956 war, or the 1967 war, or the 1973 war...), would you atone for supporting the Gaza Genocide? 


sure it bothers me when

by here we go again (not verified) on

ANYONE gets killed. the difference is that you are selective about who YOU care about. not one word of sympathy for the dead israelis. not one. as if it makes a difference that 600+ palestineans are dead and only 7 jews? more logic from the iri. why pretend you are concerned about human tragedy and suffering when it's so plain that you are only concerned about ONE faction. try speaking out a little louder against abuses in iran.


Wrong Again Ms. Jaleho

by Lance Rahimi (not verified) on

The Wiki figures are from 2002. The Virtual Library figures are from 2006. Wiki is not the latest and greatest.

See also:

Also, the numbers you calculate to make your sexy Islamist population argument include Arabs in Gaza & West Bank. As you are well aware, Gaza & West Bank is not "Israel". I know Islamic Republic supporters like you, would like to derail peace efforts to make your One State Solution dream comer true as Hamas has tried to do for the past 17 years. I am willing to bet you that Israel will last longer than the Islamic Republic.

Anyway, you missed the essence of my argument or at least you tried, without success, to divert the issue which is: Regardless of the Zionist or no Zionists label, Jews support Israel and will always be associated with Israel no matter how you try to slice it up.

I have nothing to atone for. I am not a prisoner to any religion. It is Islamist supporters/propagandist like you who have all the atoning when Iran gets liberated from the grips of the evil that you people support.

It is the IRI and its supporters who must atone for apposing peace between Israel and the Palestinians.


It’s an absurd conclusion

by sickofiri (not verified) on

It’s an absurd conclusion to leap to. The current conflict in Gaza merely provides an excuse for those who are already anti semites - it hasn’t *created* a whole new legion of Jew haters!


Lance Rahimi, wikipedia and adherent.com

by Jaleho on

which is the most respected site for religion population, puts USA as having the largest Jewish population:



I understand that the Jewishvirtual library, although a very good source for providing Torah stories, would like to bloat the Jewish population of Israel a bit, even in contradiction to adherent.com and wikipedia :-)

Anyway, provided that Israel does not "invent" more Jews, like the Ethiopian Jews, AND the Russian Jews stop their "reverse exodus" from Israel, the Israeli population of Jews is close enough to the US to be considered within margin of error.

But, like I told you, even if you disregard the 50,000 yearly decrease in Jewish world population, Palestinians will outnumber Jews in Israel in a couple of decade. 

You have short precious years to atone!


No Jaleho, you get your facts right

by Lance Rahimi (not verified) on

I used the same website you used for your Torah quotes.
Based on the same website you used to list your Torah quotes, Israel is No. 1 with 40.6% and US as 40.3%:

1 Israel 5,313,800 40.6%
2 United States 5,275,000 40.3%
3 France 491,500 3.8%
4 Canada 373,500 2.9%
5 United Kingdom 297,000 2.3%

Here is the Link:

You have no clue what you are talking about. Your views are very wacky as well. Your hate has blinded you obviously.


Lance Rahimi, get basic facts right

by Jaleho on

You said:

"Whether Israel likes it or not, it is home to the majority of the Jews in the world"

Whether you like it or not, and despite Zionists 100 years effort, the above is NOT CORRECT. USA is home to majority of Jews, not Israel. And even worse for YOU, soon Muslims will be a majority in Israel AGAIN! Ever heard of Israeli fear of "population bomb?" Coming to theatres near you, no later than 2020, reagrdless of how many Gazan style genocide Israel commits.




Great Logic!

by Lance Rahimi (not verified) on

This is Jaleho's Logic:

"Don't defend yourself because the people who hate you no matter what you do will hate you."

I think this Jaleho thinks people are ignorant. Whether Israel likes it or not, it is home to the majority of the Jews in the world and the Majority of the Jews outside Israel support Israel. Regardless of the Zionist or no Zionists label, Jews support Israel and will always be associated with Israel no matter how you try to slice it up.

Anti-Semite, as other people have mentioned below, is a proper description of you Jaleho.


It was hard to see those little Palestinian faces and stay

by MRX1 (not verified) on

indifferent. Only war crimianls, child killers, and mass murderers can be as vicious as Israeli and her defenders. They will pay dearly later by the ones who are being subjected to this cruelty.


What would Iran do in a similar situation?!!!!

by I wonder (not verified) on

These bastard Palestinian terrorists with that filthy Khaleh Mash'al sitting in Syria and the other moron Haniyeh who seems to be hiding nowadays and the other bastard with four wives who went to meet his creator (thanks to Israel) have been shooting at innocent people inside Israel for so long!

What is Israel to do? let those bastards who do not even accept or want to accept or recognize Israel
as a sovereign state, who do not even want peace and two-state solution, to continue shooting as many rockets as they want, whenever they want from one part of Israel into another part of Israel?!!

The first priority of any responsible government is protection and safety of its citizens and that is what Israel is doing! Wouldn't Iran be doing the same?!

Mullahs cannot tolerate MKO people in Iraq EVEN now that they are disarmed and not shooting inside Iran or killing off mullahs! they keep pushing Maliki to expel them from Iraq or deliver them back to Iran to be executed.

If those Palestinian terrorists GENUINELY cared enough for safety and protection of their own people and valued their lives, they would join Mahmood Abbas to work toward the two-state solution, a long lasting peace in the region, and prosperity and well being of the future generations of Palestinians.