I Yearn For Your Calm Embrace


I Yearn For Your Calm Embrace
by Multiple Personality Disorder

Bahareh Hedayat is an Iranian student activist, women's rights activist and campaigner for the "One Million Signatures for the Repeal of Discriminatory Laws", member of the Central Council and spokeswoman for Daftar Tahkim Vahdat.  She was arrested on July 9, 2007.  On August 9, 2007 she was released on bail.  She was again arrested and released in 2008.

In 2010, she was arrested and was sent to Evin Prison, Ward 209, for the fifth time.  Branch 28 of the Revolutionary Court confirmed her sentence of nine-and-half years imprisonment.

In a letter written from prison she expresses her thoughts, worries, admiration, and apprehensions to her husband, Amin Ahmadian, political activist and member of the Islamic Alumni Association.

See here for an English translation of Bahareh Hedayat's lertter by Banooye Sabz.  Also see here, Rosetta Stone, for translation of her letter into other languages.  


I Yearn For Your Calm Embrace

I yearn to know where you are,
how your days go by,
when you awake,
when you bathe,
what you wear,
when you go to work.

Are you bored, tired, sleepy, or cold?
The air is polluted,
do you smell the dust in the air?
When you go to work,
is it still dark when leave?
How is the light in the stairway of our house?

I can't remember,
our building,
what were the colors of the stones!
You reminded me once before,
I can't recall!

Where do you sleep at night?
How do you wash your clothes?
Since my captivity,
have you made any new friends,
whom I don't know yet?
Whom did you fight with,
that I don't know about, yet?
What do you read, who do you listen to?
Still on Internet until morning dawn!
I yearn to know about your days,
where and what you buy.
Any veggies or fruits!
It is summer time, is it not!
Cantaloupe, strawberry, green plum, watermelon, apricot!
What a delight!
Love them all!

Do you still get a headache when your tea is late!
Your cell phone is out of charge!
You forgot again!
Still wash your hair in the sink?
Eat yogurt with dry bread?
Have you bought yourself a briefcase yet, a new shirt?

I yearn to know,
what do you think of,
when you think of me?
What do you ache to know,
whenever you think of me?

When you shop for me,
what do you think about?
What do you recall of our times together?
Are you wary of our anniversaries?

Do you remember,
it was in June,
when I came to Majideyeh, for the first time.
And then, you showed me Isfahan,
my first time.

Do you remember,
those days we walked the streets just to be together.
Do you remember,
the sunsets in Saei Park?
Do you remember Zav,
the old days when you took me to Darband?
Do you remember we went with Ahmad, the last time...
Spring of 2008?

Do you remember my cooking?
Don’t even remember it myself, anymore!
Do you recall how,
piece by piece,
we bought our own furniture?
Do you remember,
Norooz in 2008,
we went to Caspian Sea,
went to the beach.
Ahmad was there.

Do you recall,
June 6th, 2002,
you gave me the ultimatum,
told me to move on with my life.

Do you recall,
June 2006,
the first time I was released from Evin Prison.

Do you recall,
March 9th, 2007,
I went to the Central Council for the first time.

Do you recall,
August 8th, 2007,
the day that,
at the sunset,
I was released from prison.
At the stairway landing of my father’s house,
you said, “Wait a second…”
You said,
“In this last month,
while you were gone,
I came to my senses."
"I can not live without you anymore,” you went on.

March 7th,
do you remember it?
You do,
I know.
It was seven-and-half years ago.

I miss everything...
Every bit of my existence is in pain,
as I yearn for you.

I am tired of all these little dreams that are choking me.
Do you know what it is?
I know you know…
you don’t know how it feels to be held in this damned cage.
In the last year,
I followed three people,
passing in front of my eyes to their demise,
under the dirt,
two of whom,
particularly the last,
were of angelic virtues.

You don’t know how it feels...
I wish you would never know...

My heart yearns for your calm embrace…


Your Bahar,

9, June, 2011
Evin Prison


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Multiple Personality Disorder

بهاره هدایت با وثیقه‌ ۷۰۰ میلیون تومانی به مرخصی آمده است

Multiple Personality Disorder

بنابر گزارش سایت‌های مخالفان دولت، خانم بهاره هدایت با وثیقه‌ ۷۰۰ میلیون تومانی به مرخصی آمده است.

بهاره هدایت عضو شورای مرکزی دفتر تحکیم وحدت، در زمستان سال ۸۸ بازداشت و به اتهام اجتماع و تبانی علیه نظام، توهین به مقامات، تبلیغ علیه نظام و اقدام علیه امنیت ملی به ۹سال و نیم حبس تعزیری محکوم شده است.




by yolanda on

Hi! Radius,

1) I will find people to translate Isa's letter or MPD's poem, but the quality of the translation has no way to match MPD's level.

    2) Just be careful when dealing with IRI. They are ruthless. I read in the news that IRI pressures Ahmed Batebi to go back Iran to finish his prison sentence. I recall he fled Iran during his medical parole. He appeared on CNN.......if it is not safe to go back Iran, don't go yet, even people offer to parachute you there....

    3) Yes, sometimes, Taiwanese and Mainland Chinese stereotype each other 'cause both governments brain-wash their citizens to hate and despise the opposite side....they were once arch-rivals and sworn enemies......it is so unnecessary.

    4) You may need to add "Bahareh Heyadat" to "Evin Rosetta Stone", this way, your site will be easily picked up by Google when people type "bahareh Heyadat" .....it is just a suggestion, you don't have to follow....


More prison letters

by radius-of-the-persian-cat on

Dear all,

Recently other open letters were send from political prisoners, such as one from Issa Saharkhiz that MPD converted into a poem. I will put this on the rosetta-stone website, hoping that those brave people who already translated Bahareh's letter will support us again.


Greetings   Michael


I got used to trouble, don't worry...

by radius-of-the-persian-cat on

Hi Yolanda,  sorry to hear that my post about the risk of a too frank communication here in the west got misunderstoud. I don't have any fear for myself, so please put the link to the website back onto your FB.

My whole concern was regarding iranians abroad, who have to worry about their families, friends or relatives at home and who always could be taken as hostage by the regime. And a iranian friend who wants to visit Tehran every summer explained me very clearly that he is afraid that the security might put him on a black list, when somebody brings him in connection with exiled opposition. So my whole concern was how I should behave to avoid causing trouble to others. But don"t worry about me. My idea to travel Iran on a horse back might have to be postpone for a while, although I probably will try to ask for a visa (just to test). Just to check if the super-smart IRI watchdogs have already made a link between my virtual and my real identity.

In the worst case I suggest we all (MPD, Humanbeing,Latina,Soozan Khanoom,Anahid, DK,Nazy Kaviani, Faramaz and all who provided translations, Bahareh, Amin) meet after fall of the IRIs regime at 5 o"clock in Pārk-e Mella.





by yolanda on

Hi! Radius,

     I revised my post on FB and deleted your Rosetta stone address from that post. I just don't want to cause you any trouble. Wow! We have the Indian version now, ........this weekend, I will find time to read Danish, Swedish, and Indian versions. Thank you for mobilizing people from different ethnic backgrounds to translate the letter and give Bahareh the moral support.... I am pretty sure that when Amin visits Bahareh in jail, he will pass on the words...

It seems to me that Hebrew version might be controversial......so I think we'd better not do it......if we cause problem and aggravate Bahareh's condition, that will be bad! We'd better be prudent! I recall Neda's fiance, Caspian Makan, visited Israel, and then IRI called Neda & Caspian Israeli agents! Of course, nobody believes IRI's lies! As you know, IRI is super paranoid, we see 2012, they see "Zion"!

I got the cactus photo off Internet......my very 1st avatar is a photo of cactus from my own garden.

Thank you, MPD, Radius, Natalia, DK, and all the other translators for the effort!


Bahareh Hedayat's letter now in Hindi

by radius-of-the-persian-cat on

Hi Yolanda,  thats amazing news that you managed to get in contact with Amin. I think it is important for Bahareh and her family to know how much support is there for her case. I have to think about linking this Evin-Rosetta-Sthne website to Facebook, although personally I'm always a bit reluctant with FB. But I think for maximal publicity there is no way around nowadays. I put the Hindi translation on the site today. It was done by a student of mine from India. It is good, very educated Indian. Don"t worry that it uses latin characters, she told me it is standard now. I was promised an arab, a polish and a czech version soon. I have asked other friends/colleagues for Irish/Galic, Byelorussian, Lithuanian, Greek, Italian, Norwegian and Suaheli, but no positive answer yet. Dear Yolanda, would be great if you contact Amin again to ask about the Hebrew version. Could he talk about this with Bahareh and a lawyer? I am afraid that since living in the west (since 1989) I completely lost my former instinct for the risk that a very open political statement could expose to the person whom one wants to help. I tried to raise this question a couple of days ago in an IC blog but I did not got any reply (maybe my questions sounded too confusing). RADIUS Yolanda, are the cactuses on your avatar your own collection ? Or did made the photograph in a botanical garden ?



by yolanda on

I found Amin Ahmadian on facebook. He has 1800 friends. I posted Radius' Rosetta-stone website, MPD's this blog, and Natalia's Spanish translation blog in his facebook page. Several minutes after posted my comment, Amin posted his comment and thanked me. Apparently Bahareh is right, her hubby is an Internet fanatic and spends a lot of time on-line. I told him that people on IC cares about Bahareh and we hope she can get released soon!

Wow! We have 10 languages already.....I checked on wikipedia that Lars Gustafsson has been nominated for Nobel Prize. It is awesome that he heard the calling to translate Bahareh's letter!


Bahareh, I hope you are well..

by radius-of-the-persian-cat on

It was a great day today for the cause of Bahareh Hedayat and other political prisoners at Evin. We got a wonderful french translation by Darius, and all your continious contributions over the last days made this thread today No.1 at ICs "Most Discussed", which is a good indication for all of us that for an honest and important purpose people come together and work together most efficiantly.  And tonight we received the Swedish translation by the great writer and philosopher Lars Gustafsson. It is really nice to see that a famous writer (and in my view candidate for the Literature Nobel Prize) considers our project important and sees Bahareh's letter "... a very strong document". Having a famous person as Lars Gustafsson within the team of translators hopefully will also make the project more public and attrakt more contributors. There are still many big languages missing.

Thanks MPD for the additional line in the french version. But I"ll work on this only tomorrow. It is already half past one at night here and the night will be short ...


Greetings to all of you


Multiple Personality Disorder

I reformatted the French translation

by Multiple Personality Disorder on



I don't know French, but I managed to reformat the French translation by Daruis Kadivar, using the "English" version as a Rosetta Stone.  Line 26 on the "English" version, where it says "I yearn to know if you still get a headache if your afternoon tea is delayed"  seems to be missing in the French translation.  Here is the French reformatted translation:


J'ai hâte de savoir où tu es et comment tu passes tes jours 1
A quelle heure te reveilles tu le matin ?
Quand est ce que tu arrive au travail ?
Que Portes tu?
Quand est ce que tu te laves ?

Est tu impatient ?
Trouves tu le temps trop chaud ou trop froid ?
Quand le temps est pollué ou poussiéreux le sents tu ?
Je veux savoir comment tu te rends au bureau.
Je languis pour la lumière qui illumine les pas qui mènent à notre maison. 10
J’ai oublié, quel sont les couleurs des murs de notre appartement ?

J’ai hâte de savoir où tu dors.
Comment laves tu tes vêtements.
Combiens de personnes a tu rencontrées que je ne connais pas ?
Avec qui tu t’es disputé que j’ignore ?
Que lis tu ?
Qu’écoutes tu ?
Restes tu éveillé jusqu’au petites heures du matin en surfant sur internet ?
Je veux savoir comment tu es et ce que tu fais.
Je veux savoir ce que tu achètes. 20
Manges tu des fruits ?
Est ce l’été.
A tu mangés des pastèques, fraises, pruneaux verts, abricots ou des melons ? 23
Est ce que c’était bon ?
Ils t’ont plu ?

A quelle heure te réveilles tu le matin ?
Dois tu recharger ton mobile tout le temps ? 27
Oublie tu toujours de le prendre avec toi ? 28
Certains matins te laves tu les cheveux dans le lavabos ?
Manges tu du yaourt avec du pain sec ? 30
Tu t’es tu acheté un nouveau sac et une nouvelle chemise ?

J’ai hâte de savoir à quoi tu penses quand tu penses à moi ?
Que veux tu savoir ?
A quoi penses tu quand tu fais des achats pour moi ?
Que rappels tu de nôtre vie passée ?
Prêtes tu encore attention à nôtre anniversaire ?
Rappel tu quand tu m’a fait découvrir Ispahan pour la première fois le 25 et 26 juin 2002 ?

Te souviens tu quand nous nous promenions dans les rues ensemble ?
Te souviens tu encore de nos après midipassé au Parc Saati ?
Tu te souviens de Zav ? 40
Te rappel tu quand tu m’emmenais à Darband ?
Rappel tu que la dernière fois nous étions la bas avec Ahmad au printemps 2008 ?
Te rappel tu le goût de ma cuisine ?
Je ne me rappel plus …
Te rappel tu combiens de temps cela nous a pris d’acheter les meubles ?
Te rappel tu le nouvel an 2008 ?
Te rappel tu quand on est allé à la plage sur la Mer Caspienne ?
Ahmad était avec nous aussi …

Rappel toi quand tu m’a donné un ultimatum le 6 juin 2002 en me disant de continuer avec ma vie ?
Te rappel tu ma libération du Prison D’Evin en juin 2006 ? 50
Te Rappel tu l’après midi du 9 Mars 2007,où je fus libéré de Comité Central ?
Te rappel tu le 8 aout 2007, ou je fus libéré de prison ?
Sur les pas de la maison de mon père tu m’a dit, « attend encore un peu … »
Tu m’a dis, « En un mois j’ai réalisé que je ne peux vivre sans toi. »
Te rappel tu le 7 Mars ? Je sais que oui puisque j’avais 7 ans 1/2

Amin, tout me manques…
absolument tout …
Chaque cellule de mon corps souffre de cette solitude …
Je suis fatiguée des petits rêves qui me prive de réspiration
L’Envie… 60
Te ne peux pas imaginer ce que c’est de vivre enfermé dans une cage.
Et de voir trois personnes être enterrée devant nos yeux;
Deux d’entre eux, particulièrement les derniers, étaient des anges au charactère exemplaire …
Tu ne peux t’imaginer ce qu’on ressens...
Je souhaites que tu n’auras jamais àvivre çà…

j'aimerais me blottir dans tes bras, contre ton cœur...


Prison D’Evin , le 9 Juin 2011


Bahareh Hedayat's letter in 10 languages

by radius-of-the-persian-cat on

Dear Darius, 

Thank you so much for your translation of Bahareh's letter. I think french was especially important considering its traditional role in culture and education in Iran. I put it already online, please check if formating is o.k.  With your permission, I changed "Printemps" in the letter bottom-line for "Bahar".  Are you o.k. with your name given in full and being linked to your site at IC ?

Dear Yolanda, Anahid and MPD,

I understoud that accessability of websites/blogs in Iran depends on its content. But lets see it this way:  If we give IRIs watchdogs a really tough job to filter our content in 10+ different languages they might have less personel left to beat and torture people in prisons and on the streets.

Yolanda, your own experience from inside PR of China is highly appreciated. I wont go a argue with my taiwanese colleague now, but it is easily possible that she just repeated the stereotypes.


Greetings to the entire Evin-Rosetta Stone supporter group (in and outside IC).

Greetings also to Mr. Ali Aghamohammadi, Iran's head of economic affairs, who made the headlines recently announcing the soon-to-be-come IRIs "halal" edition of the internet.  Sir, if you follow our interesting tread and the growth of the website but you think that any content of Evin-Rosettas website could be considered non-hallal or otherwise blasphemic, please let us know. Please show us precisely which line of the text is unislamic, so we can discuss this issue in our blog openly. We really don"t want to appear offending to any honest believer. 

Anahid Hojjati

Dear yolanda, I don't think

by Anahid Hojjati on

that all people who access IC from Iran are pro IRI. Some may be but many are not. Many people who are in high tech have filtershekan and they are not necessarily pro IRI.



by yolanda on

Wow! 2 more versions: French and Danish! It is exciting! Thank you DK!

Hi! MPD,

     According to Alexa, an Internet traffic monitoring company, 30% of Iranian.com users are from US, 13% from Iran, and 10% from UK, 9% from India...please scroll down all the way to the bottom to see the table:


Initially I got excited, I thought Bahareh's hubby may be able to see this blog from Iran.......and then I recall that everyone who visits Iran says that IC is blocked over there.......so my speculation is that the 13% of visitors from Iran are pro-IRI bloggers, they are given the permission by IRI to access IC and debate other people. IRI can block IC to regular Iranians in Iran, IRI can also unblock IC for their cyber army officers.....Do we have 13% of pro-IRI bloggers on IC? it is about right......that is just my speculation.....it could be wrong! In terms of popularity, IC beats Payvand, but loses to balatarin.

Hi! Radius,

I visited Beijing as a tourist last August (2010), I was able to access Iranian.com freely in Beijing. I went to an Internet Cafe a couple of times and from there I wrote a couple of posts on Iranian.com. No blocking...... China blocks facebook and you-tube, but China does not block Iranian.com.

Darius Kadivar

French Rough Translation

by Darius Kadivar on

J'ai hâte de savoir où tu es et comment tu passes tes jours

A quelle heure te reveilles tu le matin ?


Quand est ce que tu arrive au travail?


Que Portes tu ?


Quand est ce que tu te laves ?


Est tu impatient ?


Trouves tu le temps trop chaud ou trop froid ?


Quand le temps est pollué ou poussiéreux le sents tu ?…


Je veux savoir comment tu te rends au bureau.


Je languis pour la lumière qui illumine les pas qui mènent à notre maison.



J’ai oublié, quel sont les couleurs des murs de notre appartement ?



J’ai hâte de savoir où tu dors.



Comment laves tu tes vêtements


Combiens de personnes a tu rencontrées que je ne connais pas ?


Avec qui tu t’es disputé que j’ignore ?


Que lis tu ?


Qu’écoutes tu


Restes tu éveillé jusqu’au petites heures du matin en surfant sur internet ? Je veux savoir comment tu es et ce que tu fais.


Je veux savoir ce que tu achètes


Manges tu des fruits ?


Est ce l’été ?


A tu mangés des pastèques, fraises,pruneaux verts, abricots ou des melons ?


Est ce que c’était bon ?


Ils t’ont plu



A quelle heure te réveilles tu le matin ?


Dois tu recharger ton mobile tout le temps ?


Oublie tu toujours de le prendre avec toi ?


Certains matins te laves tu les cheveux dans le lavabos ?


Manges tu du yaourt avec du pain sec ?

Tu t’es tu acheté un nouveau sac et une nouvelle chemise ?

J’ai hâte de savoir à quoi tu penses quand tu penses à moi ?

Que veux tu savoir ?

A quoi penses tu quand tu fais des achats pour moi ?

Que rappels tu de nôtre vie passée ?

Prêtes tu encore attention à nôtre anniversaire ?


Rappel tu quand tu m’a fait découvrir Ispahan pour la première fois le 25 et 26 juin 2002 ?

Te souviens tu quand nous nous promenions dans les rues ensemble ?

Te souviens tu encore de nos après midipassé au Parc Saati ?

Tu te souviens de Zav ?

Te rappel tu quand tu m’emmenais à Darband ?

Rappel tu que la dernière fois nous étions la bas avec Ahmad au printemps 2008 ?

Te rappel tu le goût de ma cuisine ?

Je ne me rappel plus …

Te rappel tu combiens de temps cela nous a pris d’acheter les meubles ?

Te rappel tu le nouvel an 2008 ?

Te rappel tu quand on est allé à la plage sur la Mer Caspienne ?

Ahmad était avec nous aussi …

Rappel toi quand tu m’a donné un ultimatum le 6 juin 2002 en me disant de continuer avec ma vie ?

Te rappel tu ma libération du Prison D’Evin en juin 2006 ?

Te Rappel tu l’après midi du 9 Mars 2007,où je fus libéré de Comité Central ?

Te rappel tu le 8 aout 2007, ou je fus libéré de prison ?

Sur les pas de la maison de mon père tu m’a dit, « attend encore un peu … »

Tu m’a dis, « En un mois j’ai réalisé que je ne peux vivre sans toi. »

Te rappel tu le 7 Mars ? Je sais que oui puisque j’avais 7 ans 1/2

Amin, tout me manques

absolument tout …

Chaque cellule de mon corps souffre de cette solitude …

Je suis fatiguée des petits rêves qui me prive de réspiration



Te ne peux pas imaginer ce que c’est de vivre enfermé dans une cage.

Et de voir trois personnes être enterrée devant nos yeux ?

Deux d’entre eux, particulièrement les derniers, étaient des anges au charactère exemplaire …


Tu ne peux t’imaginer ce qu’on ressens...

Je souhaites que tu n’auras jamais àvivre çà …


j'aimerais me blottir dans tes bras, contre ton cœur, .. 

Printemps au Prison D’Evin , le 9 Juin2011

Multiple Personality Disorder


by Multiple Personality Disorder on

About your questions, I can only answer to these;

The way you referenced me at the end of the "Poetic English" translation is just perfect.  At the end the translation there is a link to my blog and if anyone wants to find out more about me they can go from there.

Iraniandotcom is not accessible inside Iran, unless one has a "filtershekan".  Heck!  Even Loghat Nameh Dehkhoda (//www.loghatnaameh.com/) is blocked in the Islamic Republic of Iran.  Internet access to 50 years of hard work, to advance our language, is blocked because IRI doesn't like the way some of the words are defined!


Evin Rosetta Stone Progress

by radius-of-the-persian-cat on

Dear all, just to let you know that Bahareh Hedayat's letter from Evin prison has been translated now into english, english(poetic), german, danish, croatian, spanish, chinese(trad.), chinese(siml.) and all are available at the web-site. For Hindi and Swedish, people promised me something. I contacted friends/colleagues from Egypt, Belarus, Norway and Darius Kadivar for French. A fromer PhD student from Poland finally said "she is too busy".  As you can see, we should not stop our effort to attract more people to contribute. I only saw it once, that somebody read about us in the Internet (of Facebook/Twitter) and became pro-activ himself. Niels M., who did the Danish translation, worked very quickly, showing that if people are most productive if the motivation comes from their own heart.

I have a technical question to those of you who have contributed translations themself. You will see there is always a reference to you at the end of each translation. If you have individual preferences how to link to you, please write to evin-rosetta(at)persian-cat.de.

It does not has to be uniform, I will follow your individual wishes. Can be IC user names, initials, full-names, with or without profession, location, nationality, mail-address or link to privat blogs/websites.

About the two chinese versions (traditional and simple): my Taiwanese colleague told me today ".. now you can be 150% sure this site will be blocked by PRC watchdogs...". Does anybody of you know how to test this from abroad ?  How about accessibility from inside Iran ?  Is IC also blocked and only available via Proxy/VPN ?


Greetings    Radius




by yolanda on

Version of Simplified Chinese:

年,她又被逮捕,被送往艾文监狱,209牢房,这是第五次了。革命法庭28分庭判处她九年半徒刑。 她在监狱中写她信给她的丈夫,表达自己的想法,担忧,和对她丈夫,阿敏,的钦佩。阿敏-殿 是中央委员会促进团结办公室的成员。




我不记得! 你晚上在哪里睡觉?



还记得上一次我们与艾哈迈德一起去的,... ... ...





说,等会儿... ... ... ...“

我知道。 你一定也记得
怀念一切... ... ... ...
所有的一切... ... ... ...

遗憾... ... ... ...
遗憾... ... ... ...
你一定知道... ... ... ...

你不知那是什么样的感觉... ... ... ...

我的心渴望你的怀抱... ... ... ...

永永远远... ... ... ...






by Latina on

I had a friend of mine help me correct the formatting issues for my posted translation on the comment thread of this blog.

I also had my friend help me resolve the formatting issues I had with the translation blog. The following is the link to the latest updated version of the translation:

Yo Anhelo Tu Abrazo De Tranquilidad

Thank you


Evin Prison Letters

by radius-of-the-persian-cat on

Dear all Evin-Rosetta Stone Activists,

So nice to read from you how high you estimate this thread, in particular as, unlike myself, most of you are IC veterans from the very early days of this forum. I very much hope that the administrator sees it the same way.


Chinese will perhaps always remain a difficult issue. A colleague of mine (who is from Taiwan and actually classified Yolanda's text as "Traditional Chinese")  explained to me that "Modern Chinese" is more common in the peoples republic. For Taiwan/Hongkong cantoneese/mandarin would be a good option. She follows our initiative with great sympathy, but also told me "... Dont worry about the different chinese languages. This site will be blocked anyhow by the PRC brain police, if it is not done already..." But I would say: If you never ever try, you will never know. The problem with displaying chinese character sets is obviously a technical one. There is hardly anything I can do on this, cause it depends on the users computer system. Only thing I can do is to write a remark on top of the page saying it requires this or that Browser or computer system. Also could ask experienced chinese web people to help us making it more consistent.



I found today on the german Site Julia's Blog a couple of other reports/letters from inside Evin or Rajai Shahr (from journalist Saeed Pourheydar, political activists Abdollah Momeni and Saleh KOHANDEL). But this is only the peak of the iceberg, but already these few ones are so full of despair and frustration, it is really not always a pleasure to read. Sometimes, not always, one really feels hopeless. 


I have not received yet a corrected spanish version by e-mail or seen on the blog. However, some of the formating problems from your first version I removed already by hand. Maybe check how much remains to be done.



I recognised that it is quite common that if you ask people to contribute, they usually agree instantly. But than you wait and wait and don't know if you should send out the first reminder. I guess it is human, know it from myself at the job: things that don't come from own initiative but simply because you promised to someone, usually take a bit longer. So for the polish and swedish version I"m waiting already several days. Therefore as we discussed yesterday regarding MIIS, please don"t send people away only because somebody else has already promised the same translation. Ask the second person to stay in contact. Too often the first promise might never be fulfilled.


Best greetings to all of you







by yolanda on

According to Wikipedia:

 Balatarin has about 800,000 page views a day [9]. Alexa website shows 40 percent of Balatarin traffic comes from Iran [10]. Based on Wakoopa website which tracks the usage of different website through its community of members, Balatarin is the 31st most popular social network on the web among all languages[11].


So Iranians inside Iran can see the materials posted on Balatarin!

Thank you, MPD!

Hi Natalia,

    Thank you for translating the letter into Spanish. It is a very prominent language! So far, Farsi version of the letter is the hardest, I could only recognize a couple of numbers, like 85, 86, 16, 17....LOL! It is like a heavenly language. The Spanish version has the most recognizable words....so "Internet" is still "Internet", "Tranquilidad " is "calm", "Prisión" is "prison".....yeah!

Hi Nazy,

    You are too sweet! You lump me together with "loving" and "kind" people...I am so honored!

Hi Radius,

Yes, the older computer can't read Chinese, it will show some blank rectangles......I have 2 desk top computers at home, the newer one can read Chinese, the older one can't! My computer at work can't decipher Chinese either!

Multiple Personality Disorder

Wow! Someone has posted this blog on balatarin.com

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

Here is the address where it is posted:


Thank you whoever posted it.

Nazy Kaviani

Thank you for this project

by Nazy Kaviani on

Thank you all for pushing ahead and doing what now seems to be one of the best collaborative projects that ever came out of Iranian.com, all for a good cause. This spot, right here, is where it feels good to belong to this community, where everyone is loving and kind and caring. I am so proud of our community.



by Latina on

I have updated my translation comment and have fixed a few other minor errors, especially the part about Bahareh Hedayan's political activities, which was a major problem before I was told about it.  Please use my latest version in the Rosetta Stone website.

Thank you.  You are doing great!


This really gathers pace

by radius-of-the-persian-cat on

Dear Yolanda, Latina, Faramaz, Anahid, dear all 863 nameless readers and 63 facebook user who share this blog

Thanks for the continous contribution and for spreading the aim of this project around. Have to say, for me its the first time I understand what does this "Social Internet" really means. It is when people who have never seen each other in life meet because they have a common interest, and this gathers pace and it really can get powerful. So these damn bustards who think because they have the guns and the batons and keep the prison keys they are the masters over million peoples life, they should realize that the world is aware of what they are doing. They completely rely on the fact that in the past they could do many crimes and got away with it unnoticed. In the future they have to fear that within short time their crimes can be made public and spread around the world. I know (from a bit own experience) that in the sitiuation of being arrested for political activity they try to make you think that the world outside does not care about you. This is their strategy, they are cowards but not idiots. They understand enough psychology to use it as an instrument of mental torture. And the most awful, devastating feeling for somebody being arrest for political reason is the fear that life outside goes on and people have forgotten about you. This can really break any brave person. And this is why we are doing this initiative. 

The IRGC, pazdaran and basidj guijs should be aware that the voices of the people they are turturing, raping, killing will very quickly spread around the world and will be heard by millions. You know this would really gave me satisfaction, much more than seeing our blog project slowly approaching No.1 on ICs Most Discussed list.

Therefore, I think Bahareh's letter was just a beginning, and as Anahid proposed, translations of other personal letters/speeches should follow. And for this, dear friends, I think we should greet everybody who is offering a translation, even if the language was already done for Bahareh's letter. Please dont reject any offer from your friends/colleagues/relatives, who would like to contribute. Please ask them to stay ready for the next "job".

Regarding Yolandas idea to ask MIS for their service, I would rather follow Anahids feeling and prefer individual people who are offering their help because they share the idea. I think its perfect to send the project idea to MIS just to circulate it around their students and staff, no problem, but ask the potential writes to make their own personal decisions and contact us individually. I"m sure we will get a lot response from them, but I don"t want to publish translations that somebody did as an obligation or as a "deliverable" (awful word).

Than there is also a problem (in fact it is as we would call it a problem of luxuries):   How to proceed if we got several translation in the same language ?  publish them together ?  Might look weired. 

I could image we use Latinas approach, when she said "my spanish is still preliminary, and might need some later fine tuning". Since I don"t think perfection is crucial here but urgency, that we publish right away every new language and allow for later corrections. And if a writer comes with a 2nd version of an already existing translation, we might ask him to exchange thoughts with the first writer and then produce a consensus (virtually the Wikipedia idea).

Therefore I put latinas spanish translation on-line right away. Please check if it is o.k. I can always correct if you would like.

greetings    Radius

PS: I recognised on an elder computer at home, the chinese text is invisible. Does any of you has the same problem? Might have to do with an outdated computer software on my side. 



Thank you

by Latina on





by Faramarz on

Don't copy and paste directly from Word into the comment section. You will get all those things that indicate the formating.


Copy and paste from Word to Notepad (Start/Accessories/Notepad) and then copy and paste from Notepad to here. You can use Bold/Italic/Underline features that IC provides to modify your format.



by yolanda on

Hi Natalia,

    You just need to re-post it......click on pre-view......wait for a while, after everything is loaded on pre-view.....and then press "Post comment"........your post is long....it is why!



by Latina on

I don't know why the following appears on my translation posted comment. Perhaps JJ can have someone fix it, please.

 This is not part of the translation:




Spanish translation complete...........

by Latina on



Disclaimer: Please no one use my reply button to reply. I might have to make some minor changes to the translation in the future. As I am not perfect. I will also post this as a blog as requested by MPD.

The following is my humble translation:

Bahareh Hedayat, es una estudiante activista Iraní, activista sobre los derechos de la mujer y parte de la campaña de Un Millón de Firmas Para la Revocación de Leyes Discriminatorias, miembra del Consejo Central y portavoz de Daftar Tahkim Vahdat.  Ella fue arrestada el 9 de Julio del 2007. En el 9 de Agosto del 2007 ella fue puesta en libertad bajo fianza.  Ella fue otra vez arrestada y puesta de libertad en 2008.

En 2010, ella fue arrestada y encarcelada en Evin, Carcelero 209, por la quinta vez.  La sección 28 del tribunal revolucionario confirmo su sentencia de nueve y medio  años de prisión. 

En una carta escrita en prisión ella expreso sus pensamientos, preocupaciones, admiración y aprensiones a su marido, Amin Ahmadian, un activista politico y miembro del Consejo entral de la Oficina de Promoción de la Unidad.

Lo siguiente es mi adaptación en Español de la carta poética de ella (también pueden ver aquí otra traducción).

Yo Anhelo Tu Abrazo De Tranquilidad

Yo anhelo saber donde estas,
como van tus dias,
cuando despiertas,
cuando te bañas,
como te vistes,
cuando  vas al trabajo.

¿Estas aburrido, cansado, tienes sueño, o frio?
¿El aire esta contaminado,
puedes oler el polvo en el aire?
¿Cuándo vas al trabajo,
esta todavía oscuro?
¿Cómo es la luz en la escalera de nuestra casa?

No recuerdo,
Nuestro edificio,
¡Cuáles son los colores de las piedras!
Tú me recordastes una vez antes,
¡No puedo recordar!

¿Dónde duermes en la noche?
¿Cómo lavas tu ropa?
¿Desde mi cautiverio,
tienes nuevas amistades,
a quienes yo no conozco?
¿Con quién habras peleado,
que yo no sé de, todavía?
¿Qué es lo que lees, a quién escuchas?
¡Todavía te la pasas en el Internet hasta el amanecer!
Yo anhelo saber sobre tus dias,
donde y que es lo que compras.
¡Algunas verduras o frutas!
¡Es tiempo de verano, no es así!
¡Melón, albaricoque, fresa, ciruela verde, sandía!
¡Qué delicia!
Me gustan todas!

¡Todavía te duele la cabeza cuando el té esta tarde!
¡Tú teléfono celular esta descargado!
¡Se te olvidó otra vez!
¿Todavía te lavas el pelo en lavamanos?
¿Comes yogur con pan seco?
¿Te has comprado un maletín, una camisa nueva?

¿Yo anhelo saber,
de que piensas,
cuándo piensas en mí?
¿Qué deseas saber de mí,
cuando piensas en mí?

¿Cuándo vas de compras por mí,
qué es lo quė piensas?
¿Qué recuerdas de nuestros tiempos juntos?
¿Estas cauteloso de nuestros aniversarios?

Tú  recuerdas,
era en Junio,
cuando yo vine a Majideyeh, por la primera vez.
Y después, tú me enseñaste Isfahán,
por primera vez.

Tú  recuerdas,
en esos dias caminabamos por las calles solamente para estar juntos.
¿Tú  recuerdas,
la puesta del sol en el Parque de Saei?
¿Tú  recuerdas Zav,
los viejos tiempos cuando me llevaste a Darband?
¿Tú  recuerdas cuando fuimos con Ahmad, la última vez…
el verano del 2008?

¿Te  acuerdas de mi cocinar?
¡Ni siquiera lo recuerdo yo misma, nunca más!
¿Te acuerdas cómo,
pieza por pieza,
compramos nuestros propios muebles?
Tú te acuerdas,
del Año Nuevo del 2008,
fuimos al mar Caspia,
fuimos a la playa.
Ahmad está allí.

Tú te acuerdas,
del 6 de Junio del 2002,
tú me diste el ultimátum,
me dijeste que siguiera adelante con mi vida.

Tú recuerdas,
Junio del 2006,
la primera vez que fui liberada de la Prisión de Evin.

Tú recuerdas,
el 9 de Marzo del 2007,
Yo fui al Consejo Central por la primera vez.

Tú recuerdas,
el 8 de Agosto del 2007,
el día que,
a la puesta del sol,
Yo fui liberada de prisión.
En el rellano de las escaleras de la casa de mi padre,
Tú dijiste, “ Espera un segundo…”
Tú dijiste,
“En este último mes,
que no estabas aquí,
llegue a mis sentidos.”
“No puedo vivir sin ti,” continuaste.

¿El 7 de Marzo,
tú lo recuerdas?
Sí lo recuerdas,
Yo lo sé.
Hace siete y medio años.

Extraño todo…
Me duele todo mi ser,
por que te anhelo.

Estoy cansada de todos estos sueños que me están asfixiando.
¿Sabes tú lo qué es?
Yo se que tu lo sabes….
Tú no sabes cómo se siente estar detenida en esta mendiga jaula.
En el último año,
Yo seguí a tres personas,
que pasaron por delante de mis ojos a su fallecimiento,
debajo de la tierra,
dos que fueron,
especialmente la última,
de virtudes angélicales.

Tú no sabes cómo se siente…
Yo deseo que nunca sepas…

Mí corazón anhela tú abrazo de tranquilidad…

Para siempre…

Tú Bahar,

El 9 de Junio del 2011
Prisión de Evin



by yolanda on

Hi Anahid,

    I am flexible! It is OK!