Parvaneh A. Farid
I want to look at the city of Vahmestan (the city of illusions), the Past! >>>
Parvaneh A. Farid
In the midst chaos of being
the place we call life,
in the silence of the nature,
where sky meets the tree, >>>
Parvaneh A. Farid
She was a rose and yet she wasn’t>>>
Parvaneh A. Farid
07-Feb-2012 (2 comments)
Covered yet naked
she falls everywhere in pieces >>>
Parvaneh A. Farid
28-Jun-2011 (one comment)
few minutes of sharing thoughts. Take it or leave it! >>>
Parvaneh A. Farid
If your diet is according to the books and articles, you drink enough water, yet you suffer from constipation>>>
Parvaneh A. Farid
Those of you suffering from chronic dry or productive cough may want to try some natural treatment>>>
Parvaneh A. Farid
20-May-2011 (6 comments)
Reasons for headaches can be physical or emotional. Once you discover what is causing your headache you will definitely be able to treat and prevent it>>>
Parvaneh A. Farid
31-Oct-2010 (5 comments)
For the second time within 12 months the Hungarian Parliament raised its voice in defence to the human rights abuses committed against the Bahá'ís in Iran >>>
Parvaneh A. Farid
12-Apr-2010 (3 comments)
For the first time in the history of mankind the priority of education has been given to women >>>
Parvaneh A. Farid
09-Mar-2010 (2 comments)
I think both doctors and patients need to be more open towards different types of healing. Human brain works in an amazing way. The research in Neuroanatomy is proving that there is more to our brain than what we use in everyday life. >>>
Parvaneh A. Farid
11-Feb-2010 (4 comments)
Drawn in my own thoughts I heard two little Hungarian boys singing, “tike tike kardi del mano…” a song by Arash! The European radios play his songs a lot>>>
Parvaneh A. Farid
28-Jan-2010 (2 comments)
Conflict and strife are hardly rarities in this writhing world of ours. Within every border and beneath every roof an afflicted humanity cowers>>>
Parvaneh A. Farid
26-Jan-2010 (10 comments)
"Dost thou think thyself a puny form, when the universe in folded up within thee?" Would you say that you have real confidence and self esteem? >>>
Parvaneh A. Farid
22-Jan-2010 (4 comments)
I got inspired by JJ call for coming out of our shell and allowing our fantasies to take us to 500 years from now>>>